Steven Ma Films 3 Music Videos In 22 Hours

Currently filming his TVB comeback Property Protector <守業者>Steven Ma (馬浚偉) is also busy preparing for his new music album, set to be released in June. Originally debuting as a singer in 1993, Steven professed his love for music and is committed to continuing his singing career. Deeply involved in the new album, Steven even directed his own music videos. Earlier, Steven spoke about his directorial debut and shared his thoughts as he raced to complete three MVs within twenty-two hours.

Steven participated in all aspects of producing the three MVs and worked hard to ensure their quality. The three songs chosen were “‘For Mother: Weary” <給媽媽的倦>, “An Understanding” <心照>, and “Wish Come True” <如願>. “‘For Mother: Weary” is a song dedicated to Steven’s late mother, who passed away fourteen years ago. The title makes reference to Deanie Ip’s (葉德嫻) song “Weary” <倦>, which was one of Mrs. Ma’s favorites. The lyrics expressed Steven’s memories of his mother and ends with a promise to meet her once again in heaven. The music video was shot beautifully inside a quiet church. Although it was painful to lose his mother, the relaxing guitar and the glowing cross offered hope and comfort for Steven.

Speaking about his first directorial MV experience, Steven shared that it was very tiring and full of pressure. “It was my first time as a director. I felt like I had split myself up! It was tiring to have to think while I filmed, but I was very happy and it was really fun. For now I have completed filming and cutting three MVs. I hope I can film different MVs in the future.”

Steven also revealed that he may try his hands at filming mini movies. “We have several completed scripts ready to be filmed. I hope I will have time to do so. I will probably only direct this time. There may be technical issues if I direct and act at the same time. I am still considering the opportunity.”

“For Mother: Weary” MV

[vsw id=”FJMjQWvuhFQ” source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”375″ autoplay=”no”]

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. I like this song. well done. good job steven

  2. I love this song and the way he sang it – as a child to his mother, quietly and directly from his heart – and the whole mv mood feels like a very personal and genuine 4 minute or so tribute.
    Well done, Steven!

    2010 Jan news – Steven said: “What I’m most happy about is that TVB is gradually fulfilling its contractual promises to me. Such as the culinary show and the preparation of my new music album.

    What TVB did not do as promised in 2009 contract, Steven finally got to do it himself, assisted by a team of good friends in the industry. All this made possible because of an unnamed investor’s support and sponsorship, sparing no expenses to release not just a mere regular music album but a fa siu full album (HiFi – superior quality) at that. And the bonus is that Steven gets to compose and write 5 songs on his own. It helps too that the radio sector, especially CRHK and RTHK, has been pretty supportive of Steven, generously giving him ample air time to promote his new song.

    I can only imagine Steven’s sense of self-accomplishment and satisfaction, regardless out of sales outcome.

  3. steven, why are you so talented and perfect?

  4. i swear does this man age at all. so good looking and so talented

  5. I forgot about it but actually Steven has composed and written songs in the past way back when he was a singer. His very first song composed and written by him 无情雨 was recorded in his 3rd album 1995.

  6. Great job Steven!!! Your late mother would be soo proud of you! I hope he will do more nice MVs and songs in the future. Can’t wait to see him in more ancient series. Ada really missed out on a great guy but she married a good guy as well. Hope Steven will have his own family soon.


    An Understanding — (friendship song)

    Featuring friendship cast from his very own Hong Kong Li Ning Badminton Club.

    An ingenious touch for Steven to feature a group of real friends from his HK Li Ning Badminton Club having fun together, making the friendship mv very heartwarming, spontaneous and very real.

    In his radio interview Steven said that the tears on the woman’s face were spontaneous and real cos’ at that she was feeling sad at the recent passing of her (dad or mom, I forgot).

    I like how Steven made the mvs very personal but with distinct different moods. His “For Mother: Weary” mv is imbued with nostalgic remembrance of his late mother who though gone for some years is never forgotten.

    While “Mother” mv is a remembrance of yesterdays with his late mom, “Understanding” mv is a celebration of friendship in his present life.

    Not surprise at all that Steven used real friends in his mv, because even way back in his 2006 yahoo blog and onto his present weibo, he often posted appreciative entries of his tvb colleagues (both cast and crew), starting his 2006 yahoo blog introducing (w/pix) his group of tvb stunt doubles etc.

    1. NVM, forget what I wrote cos’ the youtube video has been removed by the user. oops!

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