“The Ahistoric Grandpa Cooking Show” star Steve Lee Announces Closing of Restaurant

TVB veteran artist Steve Lee Ka-ting (李家鼎) has shared that the Central location of his Chinese restaurant chain Ding’s Club (鼎會館) will be closing on November 22. 2019.

Around 15 million HKD was invested on Ding Club’s Central location, which was opened last September to great success and popularity.

However, due to recent political events that have been keeping Hong Kong at its toes, the Central location suffered greatly from the lack of business.

Nonetheless, Ding Club’s two other locations will continue to do business.

On the set of the new season of his cooking series, The Ahistoric Grandpa Cooking Show <阿爺廚房>, Steve Lee told the press that he felt the the restaurant’s imminent closing is “a pity.”

He said, “Our company has never let go of an employee, nor ever offered no-paid vacations. We all strive to make our employees comfortable. Many of the staff are also upset that the restaurant is closing. It’s not just about losing a job. It feels like losing a family.”

Steve Lee said the ongoing protests in and around Central could contribute to the restaurant’s failing business. “Nonetheless, I hope that we can start over again soon. Or maybe wait for a white knight to help us. We’ll be extremely thankful.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. That is a lot of money invested. Know a few restauranteurs, they say restaurants take a long time to recover investment. Given that it opened just bit over a year, most of the initial investment is likely lost.

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