Steve Lee Denies Being in Debt, to Sue Newspaper for Defamation

A few nights ago, Hong Kong tabloid newspaper Apple Daily reported that a group of men created a scene at Steve Lee Ka-ding’s (李家鼎) restaurant in Central on Mother’s Day, demanding the veteran actor-turned-television chef personality to pay back the money he had owed them. The men also brought along two paper dolls—a traditional Chinese funeral offering—to threaten Steve and his family.

Steve Lee and his son Gregory Lee (李泳豪) has denied the report and said they will be suing Apple Daily for defamation.

According to Gregory, only two men had caused a disturbance at the Causeway Bay location, and it wasn’t because Steve owed them money. Gregory also provided two CCTV clips, one from May 9th at 7:52 p.m. and another on 8:25 p.m. that same evening. In the first clip, the two men were seen leaving behind two paper dolls, which had the words “I wish you a prosperous business.” A waitress tried to stop them, but the two men only snapped pictures of the paper dolls and walked away.

The same situation was seen in the second clip, which occurred in the Central location. Two men, allegedly the same pair, left behind two more paper dolls at the front door. Two waiters confronted them. They exchanged a few words. The two men snapped photos of the paper dolls and left. There was no physical altercation.

Gregory clarified that the strange incident did not occur on Mother’s Day. His father and his business partner, Mr. Cheung, are not in debt; in fact, a few people are actually in debt to Cheung. He stated that they will be suing Apple Daily for defamation.

Steve Lee said the men’s gestures were “childish” and that “any kind of person can exist in this world.”

Cheung added that he had rejected a few interviews from reporters before because they refused to show their I.D. “They were very unprofessional about it. I didn’t know who they were, so of course we wouldn’t answer their questions! As for the incident with the paper dolls, we have already filed a police report.”


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