Shirley Yeung Willing to Take on Motherly Roles

After becoming a single mother in March, Shirley Yeung’s (楊思琦) name continues to be linked to TVB actor and ex-boyfriend of 8 years, Gregory Lee (李泳豪). Shirley’s sudden breakup with her daughter’s biological father, ex-Olympic diver, Andy Ng (吳帥), left the public recoiling in shock earlier this year. Recent tabloids claimed that Shirley was once again caught in a love triangle with the two men, in which she denied the rumors.

Since giving birth to Krystal in California, USA, 33-year-old Shirley Yeung has made her daughter her priority in life. Shirley wished to earn more money to provide a comfortable environment for Krystal to grow up under. Although resuming her work at TVB, Shirley has been relegated to hosting variety programs, apparently demoted from her former leading lady status.

Although TVB is currently lacking fadans to lead series, resorting to court former ATV actresses such as Joey Meng (萬綺雯) and Alice Chan (陳煒), Shirley Yeung has completely disappeared from TVB series recently. TVB has not invited Shirley to film any dramas this year to-date. Flexing her acting range and willing to take on more mature roles, Shirley indicated that she did not mind playing motherly roles.

However, it was Shirley’s love life that continued to interest the public. Tabloid reports claimed that she has sent text messages to ex-boyfriend, Gregory Lee, while also suggesting that Shirley did not break up with her baby’s father, Andy Ng. Shirley responded tersely, “There is no such thing! I have already explained all that needs to be said. I did not send any text messages to Gregory Lee and will not get back together with him!”

Shirley did not directly comment on her current relationship status with Andy Ng. Pushing aside her own love life for the moment, Shirley said she will only focus on her daughter and work.

Gregory Lee was also contacted regarding reunification rumors with Shirley. He said that he has not been in contact with Shirley for a lengthy period of time.


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  1. Reporter need to leave her alone. She is moving on with her life with her new baby and do not need people following her around. I hope to see her in TVB drama again as I think she’s a fine actress. Best of luck Shirley.

  2. i don’t think she’s a good actor. better if she just stick to hosting

    1. If I had to choose between Shirley vs Christine Kuo/JJ… hands down I’d pick Shirley.

      1. I’m not a fan of Shirley but I will def pick her over Christine and JJ. Shirley can act.

  3. I thought that she just wasn’t filming series because the schedule would be too demanding for a new mom?

    Even before her scandal, she didn’t really have any lead roles though. She was more 2nd lead. Her last big series was A Fistful of Stances (I think) and Selena Li and Natalie had bigger roles than her.

    1. She is on that “Dog” show that she is hosting still.

  4. messy messy messy. She does need the work to stay afloat and also to keep her mind occupied.

  5. well said shirley.. your child should be main priority…hopefully wll get to c u in series soon.. tvb should promote ppl like shirley,nancy wu.. thy deserve to be 1st leads… she looks good by the way

    1. Unfortunately TVB is only interested in promoting actresses with young and pretty faces, not actresses with good acting skills. They would rather promote those actresses who cannot speak decent Cantonese.

      Shirley Yeung’s acting is not fantastic, but not bad at all. She has improved quite a bit over the years. TVB should give her chances to excel in more drama series.

      Nancy Wu is another unfortunate actress. Her acting is so much better than many top fadans’, but she has never given a decent 1st lead role (except the one in a new 5-episode drama series) and she is not paired up with a 1st line actor.

      1. i know.. u got to agree tht nancy n shirley is better than christie kuo,aimee… thy hve the experience.. not to mention looks… am baffled by tvb.. clearly the new actresses has a long road to go befre being lead actress..

    2. I think that is the struggle for being a mother, especially a single mother. If you don’t work, then where is the income to raise your child?? But if you work, then who will take care of your kids?? I think her mom will take care of her daughter while she works to make milk money. It is hard even for 2 parents, but for a single parent it is way harder…

      1. Childcare/live-in nanny is inexpensive in HK, unlike Canada where a live-in nanny is on average from $1200-1400 plus tax a month, it’s only $400 a month in HK…so it’s not that bad unless she’s living beyond her means.

  6. I like to see her acting, compare with recent one you know who. Tvb keep promoting wierd actor and actress. Like jason chan?

    1. oh gosh jason… i dont jnw wht thy were thnking.. stll nt as bad as christine kuo.. i cant even understand her canto.. i got to read subtitles whn shes talking.

      1. I watched eps 7 of GJ yesterday, the scene where she stand on the top of the mountain shouting about being a doctor etc.. i couldn’t understand a word she said.

  7. Well, at her stage, she needs to take whatever is offered to her since I don’t think she qualifies to be picky… You are allowed to be picky if you are famous and popular enough, however, at her current state, I don’t think that is the case.

  8. All I see is Shirley being asked and interviewed. Where is Andy? Is he being bothered by this at all?

  9. ok so she got cheated, inpregnated, dumped and what else? Overall, she’s a dumb blonde but a brunette for Asian.

  10. Shirley was an unfortunate woman in her love life, but it should not affect her work. If she acts well, she should deserve to act more drama series. Hopefully people in Hong Kong (and overseas) will forget about her poor image and accept her acting again. Her acting was not that bad!

    1. Her acting is not that bad…but also not that good. Actress like her are a dime a dozen, it’s gonna be tough for her to get good roles & even tougher as she gets older that’s reality. If I were her I would just do something else with my life while I’m still young. All the best.

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