Shirley Yeung Never Considered Giving Up On Her Daughter

(Above) The former TVB actress with her son Kody.

Announcing the birth of her daughter Krystal (楊卓穎) in 2012 and son Kody in 2020, former Miss Hong Kong and TVB actress Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) opened up on her experience as a single mum recently, and said she “never once considered giving up on Krystal”!

Remained Tight-lipped to Prevent Things from Getting Even Murkier

Interviewed on a recent Chinese variety show Lily Talk <麗人麗語>, the 44-year-old described how she had to face the media linelight then when pregnant with her first child, Krystal, allegedly the daughter of diver Andy Ng (吳帥). She later left him to raise her child on her own and gave birth to Krystal in the States.

“How to go about facing the media after giving birth, I felt a great deal of pressure at that time,” She also shared how the negative press made her feel helpless.“Relationships aren’t always smooth-sailing, but (because) I am an artiste, the media magnified (what happened) to me and blew up every small detail to do up their reports,”

What the World Thought Did Not Matter

Explaining how she chose not to clarify things in case she “dug a deeper hole for herself”, she said, “I was the one who was clearest about the truth, what the world thought of me didn’t really matter, this was my fate,” As someone who adored kids, she also added that despite her situation, “I couldn’t do away with the baby, I think that would be impossible. That thought has never once crossed my mind,” Thanking her mother for her steady support, she recalled, “She told me very calmly, “What issue is there? You have the ability (to raise the child), our family is behind you,””

Things Can Only Get Better After the Worst
Despite this, it was difficult to face wagging tongues, as Shirley recalls, “It was the first time in my life I was publicly reviled, but having survived it, being an actor is just a job but my kids are the ones who will accompany me to the end of life. Why should I let a little criticism get me down?” In 2019, Shirley announced her pregnancy with her second child, and that she was married to a man from outside of showbiz. She welcomed her son in February 2020.

Having gone down the path of a single mother, Shirley thinks there was no need to mind what others thought. “Now everyone’s living standards have increased, women are financially secured, and would rather find a partner to grow old with…there is great deal of competition. As a result you might not find someone compatible, it’s not that I chose to be a single mum…life is not only about finding a partner, you still gotta go on even if you can’t find that someone, in this world there isn’t anyone whom you can’t do, no one should (think) that way.”

Source: HK01

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