Shirley Yeung Provides Update of Pregnancy and Relationship with New Husband

After Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) confirmed her pregnancy, she attracted curiosity and interest from public regarding the identity of the father. At a public event, Shirley wore a low cut dress and her protruding belly was noticeable. Speaking with reporters, Shirley shared details of her pregnancy and relationship with her new husband.

Tough Pregnancy

Shirley did not share how long she was pregnant for but confirmed that the baby will be born in the year of the rat if everything goes smoothly. According to Shirley, this pregnancy is harder than the last time, “I feel nauseous and want to faint. I also feel tired too.”  As for the baby’s gender, Shirley will announce it later.

While Shirley’s first daughter was born in the United States, she has not decided if she will give birth again overseas and would need to consider it.

Shirley’s Daughter’s Reaction

Shirley’s seven-year-old daughter Krystal will now be an older sister. Shirley said, “In the past, she would ask if I would have more children. Now she would come hug my stomach and say, ‘Little Baby, I’m a sister.’”

Shirley’s daughter calls her new husband by his name, but Shirley thinks that might change one day. When asked if Shirley would have another baby after, Shirley responded, “Finish this first. I got older and just won the lottery. I am focused on this [pregnancy] first.”

Protecting New Husband

Though Shirley declined commenting on her new husband’s name and occupation, she replied, “I found the ‘forest of love, and the most important thing is two people in love. Let me protect this relationship.” She also declined to answer if her husband was married before.

Already registering their marriage abroad, the couple has not decided if they will register again in Hong Kong. “I want it to be simple.”

Shirley shared that her finances are independent from her husband and since she is a workaholic, she will continue to work. When she was asked if her husband minds her sexy image, she shared that her husband is very open-minded and did not give her restrictions.

While information about Shirley’s new husband is scarce, she provided some details on their relationship, “He is very kind to me and loves me with his heart. We are a good match and dated for more than half a year. We knew each other for about a year.”

When reporters brought up if her husband knows about Shirley’s past, she responded, “He watched the news. It’s all in the past.”


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  1. I may be old fashioned, but why the hell would you get pregnant with a man you’ve been dating with for half a year and know for a year? In the last article, it said she is 4 months pregnant, so she got pregnant 2 months after dating. Given her previous experience, i would think she knows better than getting pregnant so soon.
    Perhaps her age plays a factor since she is already in her forties. Or she thinks that she cant get a better man because of her scandal and want to bind him with a baby. Anyway, very foolish

    1. @dreamer I don’t know but I remembered she cheated on Gregory with the swimmer guy and got pregnant right away, now this guy. So she’s known for jumping right on to bed with guys she date. She’s an open person huh, know for couples months, go to bed & got pregnant, I see no pity in this woman if she got dumped again

      1. @joyce If you consider the low probability of getting pregnant within one intercourse, it’s probably not “known for months >>> get f–ked”, but rather “know each other >>> keep f–king for months”.

  2. Oh please don’t tell me she’s traveling to the United States to give birth again I just don’t think it’s fair for them to do that especially the one said they love their own country very much.

  3. Short odds that this man is rich in his late forties or early fifties,previously divorced and not the most handsome…

  4. can someone tell me if this woman had been acting in anything for the past 5 years? why the hell are entertainment news still covering her? she’s known for her stupid life more than her career achievements.

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