Shirley Yeung’s Husband is “Mr. R”

Actress Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) recently dropped two bombs with her pregnancy and marriage announcement. Not only is the 41-year-old more than three months pregnant, but she also registered for marriage with her secret boyfriend abroad over the summer. Though her husband’s identity remains a mystery, Shirley shared more information about her new love in two recent interviews.

Call Him “Mr. R”

Although her husband’s name and occupation are kept a secret, she said he could be referred to as “Mr. R.” Mr. R is Chinese and not in the entertainment industry, and unlike the rumors, he is also not a businessman. Shirley divulged, “He is very low-key, so he still doesn’t understand my line of work at the moment. It might take him some time to get used to it.”

She met Mr. R at a gathering through a friend’s deliberate arrangement. Shirley knew her friends wanted to match make them, but she was initially a bit resistant since she is a public figure, and she didn’t know anything about the other party. Moreover, she hasn’t had the desire to meet someone for a long time. Still, she thought she’d just go to the gathering for dinner, but Mr. R began to pursue her afterward, and they hit it off immediately.

However, it was not easy for Shirley to accept this new relationship, as the single mom was worried about the reaction of her seven-year-old daughter Krystal Yeung (楊卓穎). “My daughter didn’t have a dad in her life since she was young, so she doesn’t have the concept of ‘dad.’ It wasn’t until she grew up in recent years that she once asked me, ‘Mummy, will I have a father?’ I knew she eavesdropped on us talking on the phone, haha!” Shirley said.

Thankfully, Krystal was very well behaved when she met Mr. R for the first time, albeit a little shy. “He dotes on my daughter and buys toys for her to play with,” Shirley gushed. “He treats me really well. I could feel that he loves me with his heart.”

The Proposal

After knowing each other for nearly a year and dating for more than half a year, Mr. R took their relationship to the next level by popping the question. He booked a place in advance and decorated the venue with flowers. “I was quite surprised,” Shirley expressed. “To be honest, I hesitated at that moment. I didn’t agree immediately. I thought it over for one night before saying yes. I had too many things to consider and too many things to worry about, but fortunately, my daughter encouraged me to go for it.”

She added, “The most important thing is we both love each other and protect the relationship!”

However, she revealed she hasn’t thought about having a wedding, but suggested that it’s not a big deal since she experienced it in dramas before. “Everything will be kept simple,” Shirley stated.

Second Pregnancy

Though Shirley did not disclose whether she’s pregnant with a boy or girl, she said the baby would most likely be born next year unless the baby arrives prematurely. She also shared this pregnancy is more difficult than her first one, as she’s often dizzy, nauseous, and tired.

As for the rumors that Mr. R will give her ten million dollars as a reward for giving birth, Shirley said she is offended. “If it was that easy, I wouldn’t have to work so hard. I am independent of my husband’s finances, and I will keep working.”

Source: MingPao Weekly

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