Shirley Yeung Gives Birth to Second Child

After navigating her way through a very public and very messy breakup with actor Gregory Lee (李泳豪) nine years ago, Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) is now much more diligent about keeping her personal life and relationships under the radar. In October, the single mother announced that she was pregnant with her second child, and that she has married her “true love”. However, Shirley has remained tight-lipped about the identity of her husband and the child’s father, whom she merely refers to as Mr. R in public.

On February 12, the 41-year-old actress announced the birth of her second child. She shared that she and her child are doing fine, but she is feeling rather tired. Due to the coronavirus scare, Shirley will remain at home to rest and recover. She continues to keep a low profile about her personal life and has not disclosed the gender of the baby.

Despite her desire to keep a low profile, the public remains interested and curious about her husband. After sharing the good news of a second pregnancy and her unexpected marriage to Mr. R, Shirley expressed, “I am old now. It is very difficult to come across good romantic faith. I feel that I have won first prize this time. I am very happy.”

One thing Shirley has revealed is that her husband is not from the entertainment circle, which adds to the couple’s desire to keep things out of the spotlight. When describing her marriage, Shirley shared, “He treats me very well. He loves me whole-heartedly. We were compatible from the start. We have been dating for over half a year, but have been together for more than a year now. The most important thing is that two people love each other. Let me protect this relationship!”

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  1. I was surprised that her husband did not show up when her baby son was born. Even he is not in the entertainment circle, it is his pride to become a father.

    I just hope Shirley Yeung had not made a mistake again to become a single mother of another child.

    1. @orchid123
      Quite hard believe she would make the same mistake twice. First time she was young but 40yo no longer naive. I think she just wants to keep it low. Cecilia, people still has no idea who the father is and Jennifer tse too

    2. @orchid123
      How do you know it is a boy? It is sort of hard to tell when they are still babies. Don’t be shocked if she does make the same mistake twice. My cousin got married, had a baby and divorced. Now she got herself pregnant with another guy again but I do not know the outcome of it yet. She did not marry the guy though so he is free to leave anytime he likes.

  2. The baby looks like a boy with a big nose but then she wrapped it with a flowers blanket around it so it’s hard to tell too.

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