Shirley Yeung Finally Admits Breakup With Andy Ng: “We Have No More Ties!”

Single mother, Shirley Yeung (楊思琦), resumed work and made her first public appearance at a promotional event since returning to Hong Kong on March 22nd. Denying earlier claims that she was suffering from postpartum depression, Shirley appeared bright and cheerful. As for questions involving her daughter’s father, Andy Ng (吳帥), Shirley admitted that their relationship was over, “We do not have any more ties!”

Yesterday, Shirley wore a lemon-colored dress with a modest neckline. Due to recent child birth, her breasts appeared to be full of milk and more voluptuous than before. Shirley was currently breastfeeding and bottle feeding baby Krystal. Shirley’s mother helped with changing diapers and bathing the baby.

Smiling widely when greeting the media, Shirley denied that she was suffering from postpartum depression, contrary to what TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲) had noted earlier. Returning from Los Angeles, USA three weeks ago, Shirley was affected by jet lag and the recent weather, which gave Ms. Lok the impression that she was not well. “Perhaps Ms. Lok said that because she was concerned about me!”

Shirley Yeung and Andy Ng Broke Up

The public’s most pressing concern was the current relationship status between Shirley and Andy Ng. It was asked whether her daughter’s birth certificate bore Andy Ng’s name as the father. Asked whether she was in contact with Andy, Shirley replied, “We do not have any more ties!”

Asked if Andy was married to another woman, Shirley said, “I will not respond or comment! My first priority is my daughter right now!” Shirley deflected the question of what if Andy wished to see Krystal, “We do not have any more ties!” Shirley’s response indicated that she and Andy have indeed broken up, although the reasons were not explained.

Quelling fears that she was suffering from depression, Shirley maintained that her emotional state was fine. “What are you saying? I have always been a cheerful and happy person, especially after having a child. I will not let things affect my daughter. I will strive to have a positive impact on her!” Shirley realized that being a single mother was difficult, but will try her best in raising her daughter alone.

Putting aside her romantic grievances, Shirley was motivated to focus on work once again. “Everyone knows that I have worked hard for many years. I am well known as ‘Frugal Sister’ in the past.” She felt fortunate that she had always worked for her own money and did not have to rely on anyone for financial support. It was rumored that Shirley’s appearance fee at yesterday’s promotional event was $120,000 HKD. Apparently recent negative rumors only increased her exposure and commercial value!

Will Not Trouble Gregory Lee

Motherhood and romantic heartbreak hit Shirley at the same time, not allowing her to slow down. However, she was determined to not look back, especially when asked about her ex-boyfriend of 9 years, Gregory Lee (李泳豪). Shirley stated that she had no contact with Gregory. “The past is over! I do not want my problems to affect others.” If the pair happened to film for the same drama, Shirley will not mind such an arrangement.

Watch Video Clip of Shirley Yeung Discussing Breakup

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Sources:, Oriental Daily

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Jayne: The Hong Kong paparazzi is amazing. One month ago, even before Shirley returned to Hong Kong, they already received word that Andy Ng had broken up with Shirley. The rumors turned out to be true. 

Good luck to Shirley and may she find strength and support in being a good mother.

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  1. Shirley, that it the way you should be. Be a brave woman and mother.

  2. Put the past behind you and work hard for your daughter. She is still young and she depends on you.

    1. I think Shirley looks good as a mother with a new-born baby. She has not gained much weight. She looks great.

  3. how the f*** is this goldigger going to afford the cost of rising her daughter now since both those 2 sh*tfaces dumped her a$$?

      1. Jessie,
        “Frugal Sister” may be an apt nickname for Shirley Yeung. It appears that although Andy Ng cheated her heart, he did not take any of her money.

      2. How do we no that??? Every1 thought she was this sweet n innocent girl, which now the truths out n she’s nufing but a liar n cheater!!!

      3. From Gregory- someone who eat ‘soft rice’? get real. If Shirley was a gold digger, she wouldn’t have wasted 9 years of her life with a jobless penniless background 1,2,3 person!

        @LoveTavia- and there are people who have never told a lie? youself included?

      4. @snoopy: Ditto!

        If Shirley was a goldigger, then she would have hooked up with a wealthy man a long time ago. As a matter of fact, she would have dumped Gregory for a wealthier man. But, no. She spent 9 years in a relationship with Gregory, who was a kelefe at TVB.

        You may call her cheater, liar, etc., but she’s def not a goldigger.

  4. After she announced to media on the broke up with Gregory, Andy said he pursued her years and will take care of Shirley. Hey, the bast**d is only a sperm donor. Shame on you, Andy the big lier with thick lips

    1. haha sperm donor….. should’ve got it from Gregory… at least he was better looking than Andy Ng. I saw photos of the baby, looks soooo much like Andy!!! ARghh

      1. if Gregory can be consider ‘better looking’ every guy on the street can be Mr Hong Kong!

      2. come on snoopy,
        gregory is A LOT better looking than that so called rumored father of course hahaa…

      3. I dont like Gregory’s look. Anyway glad they are really over!

  5. She seems like a strong woman, I’m sure she will do the best for her child.
    I didn’t notice her much before all these scandal but i admire her for facing reality
    and not shying away from her problems.

    1. She did tho, by goin to the US secretly 2 have a baby!

      1. Some might call it shying away, but with the intense media pressure, going abroad was probably one of her best options for the sake of a healthy pregnancy..

  6. Agree. It is pretty hard for woman to do it …. admitting that she had cheated on her former boyfriend and now being cheated by her baby daughter’s father. Lots of actresses would just run away and hide themselves overseas for a few years until everyone forgets about this incident. I admire her courage to admit her mistake.

    1. Such irony! It sucks for her though… the twists of life. I think the tests of life may make her a stronger person.

  7. good luck Shirley .
    Dont worry . Life is about future .

  8. I had a feeling that her break up with Andy Ng is true..Time has told the truth and being a single mother is hard, but Shirley is still lucky to have her family’s support. Good luck to her!

  9. She looks better with some weight but I don’t think she looks as cheerful as she said she is. Her eyes is very telling. Whatever it may be she now has an extra mouth to feed so maybe that will make her focus more on her work, and maybe, just maybe the new cynicism of the world and the heartbreak she felt will force her into a better actress.

  10. Foolish women!!! Her mum never liked Gregory coz he was poor!!! that cute n innocent image of her was a lie from the start! Like Gregory dad sed, she fooled every1 .

    1. She stayed with Gregory in 9 years even her mum dun like him, so what does it mean?

    2. if looks is all people see, there must be something wrong with our education system…

  11. bless her, it must be hard for her.. but she has got to be strong for her daughter.
    add oil and do your best in life…

  12. good for her.. get rid of bad apple.. focus on work n raising baby.past is past. everyone mkes mistakes

  13. She looks a lot better than before. She might be married to the baby forever.

  14. Good luck to her and Krystal. Now she should focus on Krystal because the little girl is everything to her now. Like it when she comments on Gregory. It pasted.

  15. Well she knew that Gregory guy was down to the sh*ts so she hooks up with this Andy guy thinking he’s all rich and then she’ll be set for life a la Cathy Tsui, Gigi Lai etc. Ha! Turns out he’s even more sh*tter class quality than Gregory and ends up getting knocked up. She ends up driving herself into a ditch and taking her daughter along with her. Expect her p*mping out nappies and whatnot soon.

  16. Sticking to my assumptions, the child belongs to a married rich business man, hence Shirley appears to be stress free and looks very content.

  17. just a question, did Shirley forget to use protection? She used it for 9 years with Gregory, but she didn’t for the few months she had with Andy?

    1. I agree, that does seem quite odd. Believe me, women don’t just ‘forget’ about things like this. I would assume that she would be especially careful, given her occupation.

      Perhaps the poster above is correct then, and that there is a secret, wealthy baby daddy behind the scenes!

    2. i’m pretty sure Gregory can pull it out on time….Andy is just too lazy to do that….

  18. You can’t change the past, but you can affect your future.

    Here’s hoping she maintains a positive attitude, a healthy work ethic, and works hard to bring her daughter up well.

    Wishing her the best and to keep looking forward! Let everyone else live in the past!

  19. It is good for a woman to be independent and I guess SHirley has learned that the hard way. It can be a good thing down the line. Good luck to her!

  20. Although she has done the past to herself which bring her to the consequences of today, i still hope that she will recover from all the hurts and meet a true lover again. Wishing her the best and things got better.

  21. Like i said, she deliberately did not use contraception cause she was prob like “oh f*** this, once i get knocked up wiht this fa8 s***, i’m set for life. No more f****** TVS*** no more playing sweet and innocence pancake face. LV, Gucci, Dior here i come!).

  22. All the best to her. Maybe, the baby Father was not both guy. Epic.

  23. Apparently Andy Ng implied on weibo that her mother was hard to please. Anyone have a link to his weibo page that can translate what he wrote? That would be much appreciated. No doubt Mrs. Yeung had a lot to do with her daughter finally breaking off with Gregory. From what I’ve gathered, she seems like a very materialistic and difficult lady. She should stop meddling in her daughter’s affairs so much or else she’ll ruin Shirley’s chance of finding a true partner.

  24. I Still think Greg and Shirley will reconcile. It’s just a matter of time.

      1. I hope not too. She’s not good enough for him.

      2. Yeap, but greg will be a wonderful father for krystal. I wish he can assume her god father position. Pity little baby. of cos i wont back up this idea if i am greg’s friends and families….krystal looks so much like her father. Sigh

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