Gregory Lee Gets Married Against His Mother’s Wishes

After a messy breakup with Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) when she became pregnant with another man’s baby in 2011, actor Gregory Lee (李泳豪) finally found love again. Meeting his Taiwanese girlfriend, Agnes Lam (林妤謙) in 2020, they got engaged two years later. On October 20, the couple tied the knot in a small, intimate wedding with close friends and family.

The Come Home Love: Lo and Behold < 愛·回家之開心速遞> actor vowed, “I’ll take care of her for the rest of my life. I’ll treat her well with all my heart, and become more attentive than her in the future and take care of her well. She is 200 percent in my eyes. I appreciate that she is so caring of me. Regardless of whether I am leaving for work or coming home from work, she’ll always make sure to prepare meals for me.” The couple expressed their hope to have two children in the future.

Family is Divided Over the Bride

Many were happy to see Gregory finally find his happiness. Gregory’s father, Steve Lee (李家鼎), had expressed his approval of Agnes early  in the couple’s relationship and was seen by Gregory’s side throughout the wedding.

However, Gregory’s mother, Frances Si (施明), and twin brother, Augustine Lee (李泳漢), were not in attendance. Although Frances initially approved of Agnes, she felt it would be difficult for Agnes to conceive children as she is already 42 years old. It was rumored that Frances was unhappy and advised Gregory to observe for a while longer before making any hasty decisions.

Known to be dedicated and loyal in love, Gregory ignored his mother’s concerns and moved forward with marrying Agnes, eliciting his mother’s disapproval and disappointment. Since then, the Lees’ family relationship has been strained, with Gregory allegedly not even notifying his mother of the wedding date Frances only became aware of the wedding after reading the news. When contacted for response, Frances and Augustine both refused to make any comments.

Steve, who was happily in attendance and seen by his son’s side the entire day, expressed, “I hope my son will give me grandchildren soon. I may be a little biased. I prefer a granddaughter over a grandson!” On why his ex-wife, Frances, was not in attendance, Steve expressed, “Frances’ mother is not in good health. She is already over 90, and not very mobile, so Frances has to take care of her. The rumors are false. There’s no such thing.”

Gregory’s ex-girlfriend, Shirley, was also reached for comments. She expressed, “I am currently in China for work, so I have not been paying attention to the news. Congratulations to them!”


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  1. If this is true, it’s good that he is clear and decisive about his own choice. He should be at least 40 now so his family should let him make his own life choices and strive for own happiness. Whether or not the couple can or will have children is their own choice and should not be made public as it creates unnecessary pressure to their relationship.
    He really has a bunch of scary family members who must think they own him and most woman will be wary of them.

  2. I am very happy for him. I watched him on TV as a kid. I support him in his marriage whether and I wish him and Agnes many happy moments to come. I think it is better to marry someone you love and not have kids then marry someone you don’t love just to have kids. His mum will get over it soon.

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