Shirley Yeung is Dating Struggling Singer, Chan Hong Kin?

Since Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) gave birth to her daughter Krystal Yeung (楊卓穎)  in March 2012, the single mother has been busily working side jobs and had little time for romance. However, she was seen entering struggling singer Chan Hong Kin’s (陳康健) apartment, with her mother and daughter in tow. Known for her frugal nature, Shirley may have met her match in the equally frugal Hong Kin!

In 2011, Shirley’s life took a chaotic turn when she broke up with long-time boyfriend, Gregory Lee (李泳豪) after becoming pregnant with former diver Andy Ng’s (吴帅) baby. Despite marriage intentions, Shirley and Andy eventually broke up before the birth of their daughter. For more than a year, the 35-year-old actress remained single as she focused on earning income to raise baby Krystal, often traveling to mainland China for stage performances.

A Date with Chan Hong Kin

Several days ago, Shirley, her mother, and daughter were seen at the Kwun Tong Town Centre eating some cheap sushi with Chan Hong Kin, who is speculated to be Shirley’s new boyfriend. Hong Kin had participated in the first season of talent competition, The Voice <超级巨声> and signed with TVB afterward. The former Hotel Management graduate has been struggling in his music career ever since. He reportedly spends only $100 HKD per day, in which his daily expenses only include lunch money and driving his car about. Hong Kin was allegedly dumped by his ex-girlfriend because he was too poor.

Afterward, Shirley and her family went to the public housing apartment where Hong Kin lived. They remained inside the building until 5 p.m., before Shirley and her family left and headed to a beauty salon.

When contacted, Hong Kin denied that they are dating. Hong Kin said, “She just started taking singing lessons from me. She didn’t go up to my house; it’s my friend’s temporary vacant apartment which we are using for the lessons.”

Gregory Lee Gives Blessings

Shirley’s former boyfriend, Gregory Lee and his parents, Lee Ka Ding (李家鼎) and Sze Ming (施明), were also notified of Shirley’s budding romance. While all three initially expressed they did not know about the matter, they later sent their blessings to Shirley.

Gregory was extremely curious about the identity of the man and pressed the reporters to reveal. “In any case, if she can find a man who truly loves her, then I will also give her my blessings.” Gregory said that he no longer keeps in touch with Shirley, but wished her well.

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  1. wow Shirley has it bad. Whether or not she stayed with gregory. .it was the same.

    1. She is geting to be pathetic……..stooping to really really low standards now………sad case.

  2. Maybe love is without boundaries and all that but shouldn’t she learn her lesson the last 2 times? Shouldn’t she be more selective and choose someone who is more comfortable in terms of finances, as in secured, because now she has a daughter to think of?

    1. Maybe she couldn’t get anyone better; it’s not like 35 year old single moms are hot commodities on the dating scene

      1. Still.. Hong Kin??? I always thought he resembles a pig… Plus, she should probably focus on her daughter and her career.

      2. yeah, why didn’t she go after some rich old fart like the typical gold digger?

      3. @msxie… not sure if you’re being sarcastic, but I’m betting the rich old farts have zero interest in paying to raise some other man’s child in order to have access to the mother when they can get all the young childfree hotties they want. It’s an ugly world out there…

      4. Hate to say it, but Lee is right. It’s a cruel world out there. Rich old farts are rich therefore, they can be more picky. If they can choose a prettier celeb who doesn’t have a child burden, why would they end up choosing Shirley?

      5. .. because of true love. It does exist even with rich old farts. Hopefully that guy doesn’t need to be old though but I do feel Shirley sometimes let her heart control her mind and that may not be a good thing. It is not about being a gold digger but it is about dating someone who won’t eventually become a burden and this guy has the potential of becoming a burden.

      6. Agree. Sometimes we have to be more sensible and should not allow our hearts to control our minds, especially after making such a big mistake.

      7. I believe true love still exists, even in the circle and it is sad if love is just about money only. First of all, if Shirley is raising her daughter on her own, then she should be independent enough that she should not need to hitch a rich old fart just for the sake of having more money. Why do people say that struggling guys are a burden? What about those greedy gold diggers that have absolutely and just try to look for a rich or well off guy so that they can have a free meal ticket? I find that too traditional thinking that it is always the guy that has to provide while the girl just freeloads. That is not fair.

      8. First it’s old farts and huge gaps between couples is not do-able. Then it’s gold digger. Now it’s burdens? Wtf. Anyone on this forum who found love or even experienced a tiny bit of it? If not, really do try it out or search or maybe wait till it hits with an open mind though. Without the bitterness.

  3. shirley should stay with gregory in the first place instead cheating on him

  4. Shirley is just taking singing lessons. End of story. Leave the woman alone.

    Seems like Lee Ka Ding is pushing/selling his son (Gregory Lee) into more TV dramas now that they (Lee Ka Ding, Sze Ming and family) can no longer take advantage of Shirley.

    1. I agree completely with your first part 🙂

      Shirley is a hardworking person whom is doing her best as a single mother. She doesn’t need all these rumors and her past dragged up again and again.

      1. Agreed, a young mother needs to stay mentally and emotionally healthy for the sake of her young and all these negative articles are despicable.

    2. I also think she is just taking singing lessons. I believe what Hong Kin said. Shirley got good feedback for her rendition of 我願意 (I’m Willing) in ‘Voice of Star’. Maybe she’s now trying to improve on this area for better opportunity later.

      1. Agreed, I saw her performance and thought she’s quite good. Too bad she didn’t enter the contest earlier (as one of the judges said).

      2. There are many that sing really well and have lots of talent but are not successful. I see that on AMerican Idol as well and that is sad, but not everyone can be successful and make big bucks.It takes much more than talent to survive in this industry.

      3. When I heard her sing, I was shocked. Her singing voice is so different from her actual speaking voice.

      4. I agree.

        Can’t possibly have a rendezvous with a kid and her mother in tow right?

      5. I did not hear Shirley Yeung sing. Is her voice good? Can she sing?

  5. It’s sad that reporters had to write that they are eating cheap sushi? Sigh, gosh they are just so damn harsh ahhaa…LOL..I mean she was never that famous to begin with but do have alot of roles but never like first leading lady material but still they have to dig up stuff and write like that. Reality really bites. I mean, she is one of those we can never understand why she stayed for 10 years w/the guy and w/the whole family and all of a sudden had a kid out of wedlock after dumping the longtime b/f. Weird n certainly not a good image but you can help but feel for her in a way.

    1. Other than Gregory, Shirley should have never agreed to live with the other family members, who obviously just wanted to take advantage of her. The greedy mother (Sze Ming) took all of Gregory’s earnings, which means Shirley has to pay for everything. Also, aside from her money, that family treated her like she is invisible. That family drove Shirley to cheat.

      1. Yes, I can never understand why any woman let alone a young one as her can lived w/the whole family. I mean, yes couples live together and it’s quite common these days but have their own little space you know NOT w/the whole damn family. OMG, she was weird in putting up w/that all these years. She was never popular but if they both work, can’t believe they never had their own space. Oh well, but that Gregory dude does look like a goody goody type so ppl feel for him. I think there are always 2 sides in every story so who knows who was really at fault.

      2. Shirley did say that she was happy when it was just her and Gregory living together in the beginning. Then later, the mother and brother wanted to live together too. That’s setting yourself up to be ganged up on.

      3. MW,
        hahah OH ok so that’s what happened. MY GOD, should have packed her bags then i/o of agreeing to such nonsense. haah oh well..

      4. Cheating is unacceptable regardless of the reason – she was free at any time to end her relationship in an honorable manner. I’m pretty sure no such excuses would be made if Shirley were a man.

      5. If Shirley was fed up with Gregory and family, she could have ended the relationship and moved on to a new one. Cheating on her boyfriend was just wrong. For that, she doesn’t have my sympathy. Same as Him Law who hit his ex-girlfriend. Any man who hits a woman, for whatever provoked reason, is a scum.

      6. Agree. Shirley should have ended her relationship with Gregory Lee before starting another relationship with Andy Ng (or any other guys). She was just messy and stupid.

      7. Shirley was not forced to stay with Gregory or live with his family. If she wanted a new relationship, she should have broke up with him first and then start a new one, not cheat on him.

        About men hitting women, it really depends. IF the women hit them first and they hit back in self defense then that is understandable. Don’t think just because you are a woman that you can freely hit a man and not get hit back.

      8. A true gentleman never lays a finger on a woman. If you are hit, you can always choose to walk away. Two wrongs don’t make a right.
        But of course, if you are like the idiot HK guy in the YouTube video who allowed the girl to continue slapping you in public, then you are really useless as a man.

      9. Actually, Shirley did not cheat according to …

        “None of the above. Andy is not my old classmate. We were friends before I entered the entertainment industry, before I even met Gregory. Andy and I were only acquaintances and never dated in the past. We lost contact with each other for many years until we met again last year. We were only friends until I broke up with Gregory and moved out of his house. Afterwards, Andy and I started dating slowly. I know clearly that I did not date two men at the same time. It is very unfair to call him a ‘third party.’”

      10. Self-defense is such a tricky thing. If a chick hits the guy but there is a time between the chick hitting the guy and the guy hitting back, how is that self-defense? Isn’t that retaliation?

      11. Why is it ok for a women to hit a man and not the other way around? I think men and women should not hit each other period. However, if a women hits a man then why should he just walk away? I think he has the right to hit her back.

      12. Fair enough HTS. Man and woman should not hit each other PERIOD.
        I was referring to Him Law and Fu Ying. And from her injuries, it seemed she was badly bruised. No injuries on Him. And Him himself admitted to hitting her. So for that, I despise Him.

      13. @MW

        if i don’t remember it wrong, thought she said she broke up with gregory because she did something really wrong, something a man cannot accept?

        well guess she meant getting pregnant with another man?

      14. Primrose,
        I agree about the part w/HIM Law and Teresa. I never like Him Law either I mean he’s cute and all thats for sure but too smooth in a way that’s untrustable. But can you imagine that ex Teresa was telling the truth and sort of being reprimanded and frozen by her label company or something so she had to hit the mainland too right since we hardly hear anything of her in HK. I don’t get HK press/media sometimes, she obviously look more like a victim yet they expected her to keep her mouth shut from the incident. Where is justice really?

    2. Nine months between her public break up in June to the birth of her daughter in March. Nine months is about the time from conception to birth. So she dated Andy SLOWLY after she broke up with Gregory. I guess we can all choose to believe what we want to believe. She also said the reason she broke up with Gregory was because she was carrying another man’s baby.

  6. I wish to see her in drama/film more. Waiting…

    Her private life is not my business, so I don’t care.

    1. Agreed, I would like to see her more in drama/film as well. Hopefully, Lee Ka Ding and family is not pulling their weight/strings and getting in the way of her career.

    1. There is no need to say that. Shirley did have a messy personal life, but it does not mean that “she could end up doing porn ….”

  7. Hong Kin resembles Andy Ng. Shirley has terrible taste in men. This miss Hong Kong is a no-brainer.

    1. Some people’s fates are like that in terms of love life. Typical examples are: Shirley Yeung, Sonia Kwok, etc. Both of them are very pretty and Miss Hong Kong; they should be able to find good and well-off (if not rich) husband. Perhaps they are more emotional than sensible.

      1. Agree. It’s yuen fun .? Never heard of the four pillars aka the 8 characters? At times in life apparently it may not look fitting for the pretty females to end up with…. However, the way it goes. (I try to be open minded..,! )

    2. She dates a rich man, you call her gold-digger. She dates a man she likes, you call him a pig and her a no-brainer. Wat’s up to you?

      1. I guess some can never be satisfied.Also, who knows if she is dating him or not?? She can be telling the truth that she is just taking lessons from him. If they were dating, it would be a bit strange for her to bring her daughter and mother along. Wouldn’t she want to go alone???

  8. So Shirley is frugal and had cheap sushi. Now she has a cheap boyfriend. Hmmm so everything revolves around being cheap with Shirley.

    1. I wonder… is sushi ever “cheap”? Even supermarket sushis are quite NOT cheap.

      1. Some sushi is more expensive than other types, however, sushi in general is pretty expensive.

      2. Well, there are some cheaper sushi that’s ready-made in supermarkets now? Perhaps to thos HKers, if they are NOT sitting down in a nice little restaurant then to them it’s more undergraded? I find some of them can be very judgemental or else they wouldn’t be so rude as to point out where and what they eat. haha… So it’s cheaper like it’s a crime? haha LOL..

  9. “Hong Kin had participated in the first season of talent competition, The Voice ‘超级巨声’ and signed with TVB afterward.”

    No wonder Hong Kin looks so familiar. He appeared in one episode of ‘Voice of Stars’ dueting with ‘Aaryn Cheung’. The guy really can sing.

    1. There were many talented singers from Singapore that sung well and all, but only released a few albums and then that was it. It is sad that their fame seemed so short lived. But hey, in the circle, you need to have much more than just talent in order to be successful.

  10. Did he act in No Good Either Way as one of A4 cos he looks familiar?

  11. wish her luck whether this is true or not. Hope she finds happiness regardless of who her partner is.

    1. Why should she find a rich guy to shut the media up? The media needs to piss off.

  12. The media behaves like gossipy, low class witches at times. What I wrong with eating cheap sushi?. why they ad to mention it. Not every celeb is extravagant.

    Look at Any Lau, Chow Yun Fat and Jackie Cheung, three of the richest men in Asian entertainment, and they have simple food taste. I admire that. Media need to stop being so petty

    @HTS, agree with what you said n all your comments above. insightful comments

  13. Oh lord what have Shirley done left young skinny and okay looking Gregory for a fat and struggling singer.

  14. Has it ever occurred to anyone that this man is not financially dependent on Shirley dispite not being rich. Has it ever occurred to anyone that he is an honest, independent decent man?

    There are man skinny, beautiful and handsome guys and girls out there who are rich and they treat their partners like crap.
    Haa anyone though that Maybe Shirley gets to have an opnion and it is respected by this man, he makes her laugh, he makes her feel happy and carefree. He loves her and makes her feel like she matters, that she is worthwhile?.

    Happiness is not about how fat someon’s bank account is, or how beautiful or handsome they are. Asians and chinese especially need to get real about the status and looks nonsense is what someone needs to make them feel truly happy. The mentality has grown pathetic and out of generation.

  15. From the picture, the guy looks pretty well fed to me and does not look starving.

  16. Whatever. The media should get a life.

    How they hound everyone like such news is a huge sensational deal.

    Even if she is dating … so what? GOOD FOR HER!

    So people make mistakes. She’s bravely done an admirable job trying to survive, and to be a hardworking super mom for her baby/her own mother.
    It can’t be easy stoicly facing the music (and the gossip that probably is present even among her colleagues) thus far.

    IF anyone suicides because of whatever ….. of course the media will feel they have NO part whatsoever in driving an already struggling depressed person right to the brink …. no, they were holier-than-thou innocent and NOT part of the whole package.

    It’s NOT a huge stone but all the little pebbles accumulated that one day drives an already exhausted person over the edge.

    @ Trini … words that make sense. It’s unbelievable how materialistic society has become.

    A yacht as present is applauded and everyone exclaims how lucky, but genuine sincerity and happiness in simply quality time together is NOT regarded as precious.

    It’s the little sincere thoughtful gestures and details that make up happiness … NOT the big grand gestures (that’s easy = just ask a personal assistant or secretary to arrange it).

  17. I could not have said it better @Nomad 822.

    As for telling me my words make sense, I do take that as a compliment. Maybe the wisdom of others like yourself, HeTieShou, Crystal, Siying, Sandcherry and a few others are rubbing off on me.

    Please keep me smart to handle the sometling that is an ignorant, aggressive, ignorant illiterate, backward bully who associates with Dumb Donkey to make trouble, lar.

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