Gregory Lee No Longer Talks to Twin Brother, Augustine Lee

Drama continues to spew from actor Lee Ka Ding’s (李家鼎) family. His ex-wife had an accident recently and had to undergo head surgery. Many assumed that the incident would bring the family closer together. However, their son Gregory Lee (李泳豪) revealed that he is no longer on speaking terms with his twin brother, Augustine Lee (李泳漢).

In October, Gregory got married against his mother’s wishes. She and Augustine both did not attend Gregory’s wedding.  It was said that she disapproved of the marriage because Agnes would likely be unable to conceive a child because she is already 42 years old.

The family’s divided loyalties and issues have been worsening in recent months. The Lee family’s tensions are high while Francis is hospitalized post-surgery. Augustine accused Gregory of happily continuing on with his married life and attending events and functions despite their mother’s condition.

To this, Gregory expressed, “He can say whatever he wants. I don’t need to contact him. He has not contacted me either. The only thing I can do is urge him not to talk so much!”

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Gregory Lee Gets Married Against His Mother’s Wishes

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  1. not taking sides, but it’s stupid to not attend your own children’s wedding b/c of an age issue. it’s not like the wife is a vicious vile person who would bring the family to doom…. the fact that gregory is no spring chicken, he’s just marrying someone his own age. so why so discriminating?

  2. The mother & brother seem like a drama people… i m not surprise that they is not to attend Gregory wedding… Anyway, Wish Gregory to have a wonderful life with new wife

  3. It’s really controlling, emotionally abusive and selfish of his mom to not go to his wedding because he doesn’t approve of his wife. Especially over something as trivial as her age. It is HE who has to spend the rest of his life with her. Not the mother or the brother. Unless the wife did something horrible or has an extremely bad heart and nasty personality and clashes with the mom, otherwise there should be no reason whatsoever to choose not to attend her son’s wedding. And for his brother to side with her. That may be manipulative behavior. Like I said, unless there are other reasons we do not know about, if not, his mom is really something else. I wish her speedy recovery regardless. And boy, his brother put on a lot of weight. I use to think his brother was the better looking of the two but the weight doesn’t flatter his face anymore. Oh well. Who am I to judge? We all get old and lose our looks at some point. Just a matter of when.

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