2009 Mr. Hong Kong Candidates Revealed!

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Caption: #8 Kim Li and #10 Ng Wan Fu are earlier favorites in the 2009 Mr. Hong Kong contest.

The 2009 Mr. Hong Kong contestants met with the press at a fitness center in Mongkok earlier in the week. Under the guidance of fitness instructors, the 12 contestants demonstrated on a variety of fitness equipment to show off their big muscles. This year’s “Youth” group had only four contestants, while the “Mature” group contained eight people. The general quality of the participants was mediocre; most of the men were on the short and thin side. Wong Yi Hing look-a-like, Kim Li Wai Kin and “Pitman look-a-like”, Ng Wan Fu were the popular contestants. Both men admitted that they had girlfriends already.

The 12 contestants wore sportswear outfits at the press conference yesterday, with each person displaying their muscles. As the MC at the event, Sharon Chan Man Chi noted that Kim Li and Ng Wan Fu had the most potential. Sharon has served as a judge in the Mr. Hong Kong contest each year. She felt that the quality of this year’s contestants was quite good. Aside from appearance, it was also important for the contestant to possess talent. Regarding the short stature of this year’s participants, Sharon explained that some of the “Youth” contestants were still young. Height was not the most critical factor, it was important to consider internal qualities as well.

Ng Wan Fu Unafraid of Past Being Exposed

Ng Wan Fu was happy in being identified by Sharon Chan as one of the more promising candidates. He said he was so nervous, he smiled until his lips were stiff. Several days ago, the media reported that he had a “rude” attitude. Ng noted that he did not realize the presence of reporters on that day. Although he admitted to saying too much, but by no means was he “rude” to the reporters. He was concerned confessed fear will affect their image.

Recently, many people have sent in personal information about Ng Wan Fu to the tabloids, exposing his past. Ng Wan Fu felt helpless over the matter, but there was nothing unrespectable about his past that can not be revealed. This may be one way for the audience to get to know him better. Did he have complicated love history? Ng Wan Fu said no.

When reporters asked whether Ng Wan Fu had a girlfriend, at first he did not to talk about it, but later admitted to seeing someone. (Did his girlfriend support him in joining the contest?) “My family and friends all support me.” (Will your girlfriend support you in wearing swimming trunks [before the public]?) “I don’t know, but I am a bit shy myself.” Also, Ng Wan Fu mentioned he was a little nervous about the talent section of the contest, since he did not play musical instruments or possess dancing skills. He may sing a song during the segment instead.

When the press pointed out to Kim Li that he resembled Wong Yi Hing, he was receptive to the comparison, since Wong was a handsome man. However, Kim Li did not see the resemblance himself. Was Kim Li afraid that his past will be exposed by the tabloids? “No, everyone can rest assured; there is nothing [indecent] to expose.” When asked whether he had a girlfriend, Kim Li turned rigid and said with an embarrassed smile, “Excuse me.” When asked the same question by reporters again, he finally admitted to having a girlfriend. (Did his girlfriend have opinions regarding his participation in the Mr. Hong Kong contest?) “I only have to ask my family about the matter.”

One of the Mr. Hong Kong participants, Cheng Hung Ming, worked as a flight attendant. Coincidentally, he was colleagues with this year’s heavily-rumored Miss Hong Kong participant, Tsang Xi Ning. Was Cheng Hung Ming familiar with Tsang Xi Ning’s rumors? Since each flight attendant had to adhere to their own schedules and each flight assigned different staff, he was not too familiar with Tsang Xi Ning’s rumors, aside from reading about them in the newspaper.

This year’s Mr. Hong Kong contest only had 4 contestants in the “Youth” division. The show’s producer, Ho Siu Wai, explained that the planning commission did not Wan Fut to select sub-standard contestants in order to fill in the spaces in the “Youth” division. Will this increase the “Youth” group participants in winning an award? Due to the scoring mechanism, Ho Siu Wai felt that each contestant’s chances of winning was equal and fair.

From left to right: #1 Chan Wai Hung, #2 Kwok Hung Ming, #3 Chan Chi Yan, #4 Cheng Chi Kin

From left to right: #5 Tin Hok Wai, #6 Cheng Chi Yeung, #7 Hui Ka Kit, #8 Kim Li Wai Kin

From left to right: #9 Lam Kin Bong, #10 Ng Wan Fu, #11 Kwok Tin Jun, #12 Lui Ting Fung

Article Source: Takungpao

Image Source: Tvb.com

Jayne: All the guys look like they’re fresh out of high school and the reporters were right, they’re all quite short! Kim Li Wai Kin does stand out with one of the biggest muscles and darkest tans. Ng Wan Fu has a nice smile, but looks effeminate in some photos, due to his all-too perfect teeth.

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