Clayton Li Wins 2011 Mr. Hong Kong Title!

The 2011 Mr. Hong Kong Contest was held at TVB City yesterday.  Contestant # 10, Clayton Li (李晉強) won the title of 2011 Mr. Hong Kong, as well as the Best Stage Presence Award. After the swimming briefs section, Clayton received the top score of 318 votes to win the Best Stage Presence Award.

Twenty-four-year-old Clayton Li was 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighed 148 pounds. A college student, his interests included sports and drawing. His goal was to become an international actor. Elisabeth Zhang (張天愛) was the guest presenter who gave Clayton his award.

The first contestant to receive an award for the evening was #1 Edmond Siu (蕭家浩), who won the iMr Award. Twenty-five-year-old Edmond possessed a 6-feet frame and weighed 145 pounds.  He was a model and his interests included singing and make-up. His goal was to become an actor. Edmond received the iMr Award from Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲).

The contestants in the 2011 Mr. Hong Kong Contest used all possible ways to win awards for themselves.  Contestant #2, Honda Hui (許鴻達) performed opera singing and morphed into Warren Mok (莫華倫). Contestant #9 Aleyson Shu (舒宇表) performed martial arts and a flip jump. Contestant #3 Derek Wong (黃建東) won the Best Potential in Acting Award for his perform of a self-created song, in which he played the music and wrote his own lyrics. Derek’s goal was to become an artist in television, film and music industries and his award in the 2011 Mr. Hong Kong contest was his step towards a successful career.

In the Final Four round, Carol Cheng announced the scoring for the top four finalists: #1 Edmond Siu received 148 points; #6 Kit Fong (方世杰) received 82 points; #12 Hugo Lam (林志勇) got  69 points; and #10  Clayton Li  received the highest number of votes with 182 to beat other opponents in winning the 2011 Mr. Hong Kong title.


Jayne: Congratulations to Clayton Li! He’s good looking but his Chinese only appears mediocre as he used a lot of English in earlier promotional clips. I think his body won him a lot of points.

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  1. I just finish watching it and he was my pick from the beginning. His smile is really cute and bright. Clayton looks like he is Korean. Lol. I didn’t really like #3 because his solo performance was longer than other contestants and he was too much. We know you are very outstanding (I know I sounded mean but he wasn’t good-looking compare to the rest of the contestants). Even if he didn’t win, TVB will definitely sign him anyway. Hugo (#12) was not friendly and he kind of scared the s**** out of me toward the end. He sounds angry and looks bitter at the end when the audience didn’t really like him.

    1. I agree, he’s not even good looking. But he had one of the best looking body out of the other contestants 😐

    1. Not much choice. He’s the best of the bunch already if you are talking about the whole package.

  2. Thank you for the translation Jayne! Always good and refreshing to take a breather and read some other entertainment news besides the too-much-until-it’s-turning-revolting Gregory-Shirley and Nicholas-Cecilia news! 

    Which comes off as being ironic I know, since I’m the one that always translates those news, but I can’t seem to find other artistes’ news and even if I found other artistes’ news, it’s either uninteresting (very blahs) or the article is too short to translate.

    Anyway, congrats to the winner! He does come off as being rather tall at a height of 1.784m! Hmm…but something tells me his nose would gradually magically become sharper and thinner when he steps into the entertainment industry and only to deny it all later (*cough cough sounds familiar Raymond?*)

    Just wondering, is it necessary a good thing for them to pick a Mr HK winner based only on his hot bod? Shouldn’t they pick a winner not only based on his hot bod but also based on his charisma or onscreen presence?

    I understand that Mr HK is somewhat like the Manhunt competition but just look at Him Law, he first got recognition for his hot bod too but he is trying very hard to shed this image now and would rather gain credits for his acting skills. 

    Oh wow and what’s with the ugly wigs on their heads for the iMr HK award segment? Makes them look weird!

    Oohs and Koni Lui wore a damn revealing “W” neck dress, ( which seemed to be a little bit of too much cleavage but maybe I’m just more conservative. Well but at least she did give us some sort of warning beforehand, didn’t she? Lol! 

    1. Thanks for the link!

      I think Koni’s red dress from last year was more daring, not only because of the style (showing off the boobs), but because red is a bold and daring color that I wouldn’t be able to pull off.

      Nude seems to be a trend these days, but I didn’t find her gown particularly surprising. Perhaps it’s her second year doing this or maybe there were earlier news reporting about her what she’ll be wearing, and thus the lack of excitement and surprise. I remember being quite shocked last year! :O

      And on a side note, Sharon needs a better hair stylist! Her curls appears messily done and doesn’t quite match her dress.

      Normally, Carol Cheng has great fashion taste in her evening gowns. What happened this time? Maybe because I don’t like the shoulder part of her gown, but it makes her look older. I don’t remember if she usually does her hair, but it looks messy.

    2. Those news of Nic-Ceci and Shirley-Greg made me forget about MHK and MR HK.

      Congrats to the winner. He’s not that great looking but maybe he’s the best of this bunch. He’s only 24 so still young and has a lot of time for TVB to hone.

    3. Ah K,
      LOL, all these scandals did overshadow the Mr. HK competition this year. I also have to admit that the quality of men in this year’s Mr. HK is mediocre and prior to the competition night, it was truly difficult to pick out who might have been the winner!

      I don’t know what the ugly wigs were for either. The wigs didn’t make them look very manly.

      Koni only wore the beige evening gown for press photos. Allegedly, during the actual television broadcast, she covered up more of her chest in a white-flowered dress, to avoid repeat of audience complaints about her attire. I think this is smart move. She got her press coverage and kept the audience happy.

      I understand what you mean by the other entertainment news coming across as less interesting compared to the scandals.

  3. congrat to the winners, he look like korean star really handsome.

  4. Wasn’t he the one that had the bruised lip when he was at the second round of interviews? Koni looks very nice. I call that dress style a halter style, never heard of “w” neck.

    1. Lola,
      Good memory! Clayton Li did get his lip bruised, which appeared as if he got into a fight. However, Clayton’s response for the lip injury was that he didn’t watch where he was going when he was crossing the street.

      1. I can’t believe he told people he PK’d. What an explanation!

    1. BORNINHK,
      Clayton was born in HK and raised in Canada. I think his Cantonese is still a little lacking, as he spoke half in English in the promotional clips.

      Wonder how his speech skills will influence his development at TVB.

  5. Clayton may not be extremely handsome, but I think he has a cute and youthful vibe. How old is he?

    And congratulations! 😀

    1. Chriselle,
      Agree, Clayton has a certain attraction to him. If you break down his facial features one by one, they do not meet the standard ideal of what people regard as good looking, such as his “sleepy eyes” versus the round, big eyes that most artists possess.

      However, Clayton can pass for a Korean idol and if packaged properly, he might find his own niche.

  6. why bother to have a mr hong kong contest..franklyi think it is a bit sissy how can girls respect a man who enter such contest..yakky

    1. @gwen, Lol, but I gotta agree with you. In general, I like most of the winners of the contest (solely because of their looks), but I don’t enjoy watching the show much.

      1. Actually I think Mr. HK shows are quite good. I liked that they added body art on the guys and had them do pull-ups during the swimsuit segment. The opening introductions with ugly wigs and the slow-mo headshots of them getting punched, was bizarre though.

        For women, Mr hk is definitely more entertaining than miss hk. Which is why I think they should switch it back to ladies night. Like what the heck did we need “the voice” guys there for?

  7. I still say Mr. HK 2008 was the best year. Missed Michael Tsu and Alan Wan etc… 😀 that was the only year where i thot a few guys were yummy! William Chak last year was cute too, but he was the only one; i guess clayton is the best among this grp, but the quality isnt so great this year! i wish they’d stop worrying about the complaints, it was so much more fun watching everyone go crazy!

  8. in closer inspection his body isn’t that good. #6 has better body. Clayton’s skinny and need more muscles and meat.

    Is HK that much into skinny boys and girls??

  9. That’s a very decent and well proportioned body figure even though he’s thin. He’s good looking in that likable attractive sort of way. He looks like a nice guy haha

    1. He’s thin. He need to eat more. Past winners such as William Chak and Francois have fitter bodies and more muscles.

  10. but he always stumbled when he spoke
    and when he was doing the debate carol was like ” i can’t even understand you…”

    he looks cute when smiling, but his communication speech skills need some work!

  11. Who is the best Mr.HK winner to you guys so far?

    2005 Matthew Ko
    2006 Francois Huynh
    2007 Benjamin Yuen
    2008 Michael Wilson Tsu
    2009 Jack Hui
    2010 William Chak
    2011 Clayton Li

    1. Kidd,
      “Who is the best Mr.HK winner to you guys so far?”

      Personally, I was quite impressed with Matthew Ko’s piano playing skills. I think he possesses a good complete package.

      Benjamin Yuen had a very muscular body when he competed in the 2007 Mr. Hong Kong Contest. Nowadays, his muscle tone is not as defined due to lack of weight lifting opportunity. Bodywise, Benjamin Yuen’s figure was the most memorable among the winners.

      I find William Chak to be the most handsome and possess onscreen charisma. I hope to see him in larger roles soon!

      Francois Huynh and Clayton Li are a little too boyish, more like college guys rather than “grown men” hehe.

      1. Matthew Ko’s piano playing indeed captured a lot of hearts. 😀 But, I personally think that he didn’t do that well in other parts like the Q&A and swimwear (he’s on the thin side compared to others). But, his piano playing and good looks already enough for him to win. Actually, I felt that he rode on his gentleman image and piano playing to the end.

        For me, I really can’t decide the best Mr.HK myself. But the memorable ones are

        Matthew Ko
        Michael Tsu
        William Chak

        I also like Jack Hui. Am I the only one who remembers him?

        Honorable mention: Stephen Huynh. Everyone thinks he’s Mr.HK but he actually didn’t win the title. 😛

      2. I remember Benjamin said he visited the gym everyday to prepare for the competition.

        He was quite skinny in Drink Drank Drunk (a kelefeh role).

    2. I don’t have an overall favorite, but these are my thoughts.

      If all these Mr. HK winners lined up before me, Matthew Ko would give me the best first impression in terms of looks. I think I had a crush on him back in To Grow With Love when I first saw him. That is, until I realize that his acting sucks. I didn’t crush on any of the winners. LOL. 😀

      I prefer Stephen over Francois even though Stephen wasn’t a winner. His looks are more natural and I like watching him in minor roles in TVB series. In terms of acting, I prefer Stephen over Matthew.

      I use to think Benjamin was cute until his performance as a ‘block of wood’ in Relic of an Emissary.

      2008 was the first year I watched the Mr. HK show. (I went back to watch the rest of them later.) So Michael was naturally became the most charming ON STAGE for me.

      I can’t recall how Jack Hui looks like.

      I believe William Chak has the overall package, perhaps because he had prior experience with ATV. He looks very handsome, but kind of reserved?

      I’ve only seem photos of Clayton and haven’t watched the show, but many are saying that he doesn’t speak fluent Canto, which is a turnoff although it’s the case for most Mr. HK contestants.

      In terms of winner, I think I’ll choose Matthew. I’m looking forward to see William in TVB series, but until then I don’t have too much to say about him.

      If I can choose from all contestants, Stephen Huynh would be my overall favorite now.

      1. Lol, thanks Kidd. 😀

        He looks like someone I would cast in a semi-villain role probably. Not as pleasing to look at compared to the others.

      2. He looks familiar. If I’m not mistaken he’s one of the “detectives” in Every Move You Make(Bowie and Bosco’s teammate). Probably his first acting job, but he didn’t look particularly attractive in that drama in my POV. Thanks for the photos Kidd 🙂

      3. I notice quite a number of Mr.HK win because of the talent show. The following won because of their performance.

        Matthew Ko – piano
        Francois Huynh – dance
        Benjamin – singer with guitar
        Jack Hui – latin dance

        Jack was not outstanding until he perform his latin dance. He gain a lot of point and attention after that. Matthew Ko rode on his piano performance until the end.

      4. @kidd: then you’ll probably be disappointed at this year’s “killer talent”. He did a cheesy magic skit.
        His best quality is his nice smile.

      5. Just watched the part where they asked the ex-Mr.HK’s opinion on contestants after the swinwear session. Jack Hui’s actually carried himself most like a gentleman and culture person.

    3. Best? I guess William Chak who has a complete package (eloquent, good looking, can sing and dance).

      But my favorite winner is Michael Tsu. Such a cutie 🙂

    4. William Chak is the most photogenic and most comfortable on cameras in my POV.

  12. I will still watch this year for comedy value though. So far, no one can beat Indonesian Prince yet. LOL…

    1. Who is Indonesian Prince? I only remember a the Malaysian guy singing ‘Bangawan Solo’. 😀

      1. Marcus Kwok, or formally known as Dr Marcus Kwok in Mr Hong Kong 2009. He gave up his medical practice to become a host and actor in TVB.

        He worked as ER doctor in Australia before. He was born in Indonesia.

      2. Dr. Indonesian prince wore a orange blazer w/ a big black flower attached to it to this year’s show. Go figure.

        He was one of hosts of “entertainment news” for a while. Now, I keep seeing him playing the bit doctors roles in series.

      3. Sehseh,
        I remember Marcus Kwok and how Miriam Yeung was so giggly over him the entire night.

        I think it is a pity that he gave up medical practice to play little cameo roles for TVB. Likely money was not an issue for him. However, he worked many years to become a doctor and to go the entertainment route seems to be a waste. Being a doctor would likely allow him to impact more lives.

      4. @ Jayne

        I don’t agree that it’s a waste. As long as he’s happy doing something he likes and is not harming anyone, I don’t see why not.

        Maybe he’s more happy being host and visiting places then looking at blood and wound all the time? He worked in ER, I remember.

        How many 10 years does one have?

  13. Watch a bit of Mr.HK. What with the ‘boxing the face’ scenes? So, out there.

    But, it’s kinda amusing and wacky in a fun way. Whoever thought of this really has a great sense of humour.

    1. The debate is one big mess.

      No1’s point is weak and not persuasive. Clayton is unintelligible. No6 is off topic. The last guy has some point but his action is so over. He looks like the other team has killed his father. And then, No6 and last guy started arguing, No1 can’t get much of a word in while Clayton is still struggling with his Canto.

      Even school children debate better than them.

      I feel that team No1 and No6 has it more difficult because they need to support the stand that ‘MrHK should not have men audience/judges on the set’.

      From their performance during the debate, the person I want to the least to win is the last guy. He’s too over in everything. I would rather No6 win than him. But, my top 2 among the 4 is No1 and Clayton. Clayton actually won by quite a small margin only.

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