2011 Hong Kong Film Awards: Promotional Posters Revealed

Earlier, nominees for the 30th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards were gathered to shoot promotional posters for the upcoming event, which will be held on April, 17, 2011. This year’s Hong Kong Film Awards has generated much excitement due to the big stars nominated in the event.

In the Best Actor category, Chow Yun Fat was nominated for Confucius <孔子:決戰春秋>, Jacky Cheung for Crossing Hennessy < 月滿軒尼詩>, Tony Leung Ka Fai for Bruce Lee, My Brother < 李小龍>, Nick Cheung Ka Fai for The Stool Pigeon < 綫人>, and Nicholas Tse for The Stool Pigeon < 綫人>.

In the Best Actress category, Fiona Sit was nominated for Break Up Club < 分手說愛你>, Tang Wei for Crossing Hennessy <月滿軒尼詩>, Miriam Yeung for Love in a Puff < 志明與春嬌>, Carina Lau for Detective Dee And The Mystery Of The Phantom Flame < 狄仁傑之通天帝國> and Josie Ho for Dream House < 維多利亞一號>.

At the promotional poster shoot for the 30th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards, Carina Lau appeared in an elegant retro gold dress, antique gold bracelet watch and matching accessories, displaying an enchanting style. She skillfully posed before the camera, appearing elegantly gorgeous. Nominated for the sixth time as Best Actress in the Hong Kong Film Awards, Carina was asked whether she had confidence to defeat the other four candidates. Carina said, “I am facing the event normally. Currently, I look forward to portraying new roles which I have not tried before. For example, the androgynous character played by Brigitte Lin in Swordsman possessed male and female characteristics and superior martial arts skills. In reality, sometimes my personality is quite masculine and other times, I am quite feminine. So I would like to play these androgynous characters.”

In the Best Actor, Nick Cheung was nominated for his role in The Stool Pigeon. Nick won seven Best Actor Awards for his performance in Beast Stalker <證人>, including the 2008 Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor. In the promotional poster photo shoot, Nick wore a black tuxedo, displaying his unique, mature charm. Was Nick confident in defeating his rivals and winning the Best Actor award again? Nick said, “I am already happy to be nominated, especially alongside such heavy-weight actors. I am facing the awards race with a one-fifth chance of winning; this mood has already made me satisfied. On the other hand, Director Dante Lam is quite nervous, so I hope he can get the Best Director Award. In addition, without the work of all the production crew involved, the film’s success was not possible. For all the staff members who were nominated, I wish them good results.”

The competition in this year’s Hong Kong Film Awards will be fierce. On the day of the promotional poster shoot, old friends, Nick Cheung, Chow Yun Fat, and Jacky Cheung met at the studio. The trio shared jokes, discussed films and the poster shoot. The atmosphere was relaxed and harmonious. Among the Best Actor Nominees, Nic Tse was the youngest. To match with the theme of the poster shoot, Nic’s distinct style was portrayed.


Excerpt from QQ.com

Jayne: This year’s Hong Kong Film Awards is indeed exciting, as there are a lot of superstars in the running. Does Chow Yun Fat’s nomination automatically give him an edge over other actors? Among the Best Actress nominees, the press seems to be focusing on Carina Lau, perhaps it was the sixth time she has been nominated for the award.

Is the HKFA trying to bring back old 1980s glamor to the event? Will the star status of the nominees affect the award results?

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  1. Wow, Chow Yun Fat looks amazing for someone who’s nearing 60. Watching some of his old movies, it’s kind of shame he didn’t have kids. Look at those amazing genes! Who knows, maybe if he did have a few kids, they might have been in the running for the hkfa awards as a father. 🙂

    Carina Lau looks amazing as usual. I’ve seen her in that cross dressing movie with Leslie Cheung, and my god, she was amazing. So womanly, so natural, what an actress!

    Heard Tang Wei is a good actress. But is that the same Fiona Sit from The Academy Days? If my memory serves me correct, she wasn’t a really good actress imo. I found her acting quite childish and awkward…

    1. Fiona Sit can be good when she gets her type of roles, and this is what enables her to enter the nominees.

      She has a unique charm too.

  2. Don’t know why, but whenever there’s movie awards in HK, it always seems to be those few same people in there. Non of them are really great actors/actresses but the press always seems to make a big deal out of it. I mean guys like Nick Cheung, Nic Tse or gals like Carina or Miriam can in someways act but are they really deserving of any acting awards? I think that in HK, the quality of actors and actresses are so low that it really isn’t worthwhile to make such a big fuss about these awards. Until one day that this group of entertainers reach international status, I really think that such local yocal events and its entertainers don’t really deserve that much attention………….

    1. @yuaida It’s a big deal to the actors and actresses themselves because they, like everyone else, would like their hard work to be appreciated by the audience and would like to be accomplished individuals. It’s a big deal to the HK entertainment industry because that’s the highest they can achieve in terms of being an HK celebrity. It’s equivalent to America’s Oscar. Plus, it’s always nice to see who wins and all the gossips that goes around. That’s why there are topics to discuss in this blog here.

      However, having been following HK celebrities for so many years, it can get boring for there are only so many while the U.S. has much more to offer. It’s always the same artistes being nominated for the awards and the names sound all too familiar. It can be somewhat tedious…

      1. It wasn’t that big a deal before. Some even left the award on a plate of half eaten food. It is not prestigious as in Oscars and even Oscars some may dispute on its pretigiousness. But at least HK is trying to make it into a star studded event and find some credibility. Just stop nominating Sammi Cheng in 3 of the 5 spots in the same category will definitely help.

    2. In my opinion actors like Nick Cheung and Nicholas Tse can truly act, they are versatile actors who have developed their acting skills throughout their careers. Also, Hong Kong has quite a few really good actors and awards should exist and be given out. Performances like Nicholas Tse’s in “Stool Pigeon” and Chow Yun Fat in “Confucius” should be appreciated.

  3. I don’t watch the HK Film Awards, but I’ve seen Fiona in Break Up Club. Personally, I didn’t enjoy the movie and thought her character was rather annoying to watch. Therefore, I’m quite surprised that she’s nominated for Best Actress.

    1. I am not surprised actually. Because it may be some art film? Or lack of female performances to nominate?

  4. I haven’t seen a lot of HK movies this year (I’m more of a TV than movie person in terms of asian movies) so I can’t say who deserve the award for what. These posters, however, are pretty well produced. I like the effect that come out of them, especially for the male actors!

    They could have chosen a better picture for Josie Ho though. It’s not very flattering and I can barely tell it’s her.

  5. I love Jacky’s pose. so handsome and fun to look at.

  6. The problem with HK film awards (and most other Chinese film awards) is the lack of a truly riveting lead female acting role. It may not be because the female actresses can’t act, but their roles are quite limited. Especially when the new wave of hk/mainland cinema prefers to select youth and beauty over experience and talent. This makes the awards for lead actress and best supporting actress rather dry. There’s usually only one or two that really shine in the year; or sometimes none shine. Write better roles!

    I can’t remember a movie where either one of the following starred with another of the following: Nick Cheung, Tony Leung, Jacky Cheung and Chow Yun Fat. Such a shame. However I can’t see Chow Yun Fat in any movie with another male lead; his screen presence in HK movies usually dominates the whole movie.

    1. @SDS,

      How can you not recall Tony Leung KF and Chow Yun Fat in 监狱风云 (Prison on Fire)!!!

      Oh, they were also in God of Gamblers II.

  7. jacky Cheung should win…his performance in crossing hennesy is convincingly played…though my personal choice should be Chow Yuen Fatt!

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