2011 TVB Anniversary Awards Results; Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu Win 3 Awards Each!

The 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards was held last night. Following popular support, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) swept the awards categories. Kevin received the Best Actor and My Favorite Male Character Awards, while Myolie Wu won the Best Actress and My Favorite Female Character Award. In her acceptance speech, Myolie partially acknowledged her romance with Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), “I hope that we continue to support each other.” Michael Tse (謝天華) and Fala Chen (陳法拉), who were also favorites in the awards race, unfortunately returned home empty-handed. 

Best Actor: Kevin Cheng 
My Favorite Male Character: Kevin Cheng
TVB.com Popularity Award: Kevin Cheng

After receiving the TVB.com popularity award, Kevin Cheng received the My Favorite Male Character Award from guest presenter, Marianne Chan (陳妙瑛). Kevin joked that he hoped the receipt of the My Favorite Male Character Award did not signify that he would not be receiving the Best Actor Award. When it was announced that Kevin had received the Best Actor Award, he hugged once rumored flame, Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) and Michael Tse. Kevin thanked Catherine Tsang and Stephen Chan for their support and emphasized that he did not receive the award in exchange of a TVB contract extension.  

It was understood that leading up to the day of the Anniversary Awards, Michael Tse was pegged to win the Best Actor Award. However, after a management meeting held on the morning of the Anniversary Awards, TVB decided appease popular opinion and gave the award to Kevin Cheng.

The top five finalists for the Best Actor Award included Moses Chan (Yes Sir, Sorry Sir), Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice), Michael Tse (Lives of Omission), Bosco Wong (Lives of Omission) and Wayne Lai (Forensic Heroes 3).

Best Actress: Myolie Wu
My Favorite Female Character: Myolie Wu
Extraordinary Elegant Actress and Actor: Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong

When Myolie Wu received the My Favorite Female Character Award, she did not show one ounce of joy. Left almost speechless at the podium, Myolie looked at Kevin Cheng, “What can I do? I do not know what to say! I hope that I will have a chance to be able to say more later!” Afterward, Myolie indicated that she never considered that she would win the My Favorite Female Character Award. “I was only in third place in the online poll. I also wanted Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) to win the award.” (Do you hope to win two awards?) “Hopefully!” 

The top five finalists for the Best Actress Award included Liza Wang (Home Troopers), Linda Chung (Yes Sir, Sorry Sir), Fala Chen (Lives of Omission), Maggie Cheung (Forensic Heroes 3) and Myolie Wu (Curse of the Royal Harem). Guest presenters, Patrick Tse (謝賢) and Francis Ng (吳鎮宇), gave the Best Actress Award to Myolie Wu. 

Despite being the hot favorite to win the Best Actress Award, Myolie was still very emotional in her acceptance speech. She reminisced about crying tearfully in 2006 when she did not receive any awards that year. She thanked Stephen Chan, Catherine Tsang, Tommy Leung, and others in her acceptance speech. Although she did not specify Bosco Wong’s name explicitly in her speech, she proclaimed her love for him and received the applause of the entire audience. Holding back tears, Myolie said, “There is one more person. He has always been very strict towards me. When we were filming War of In-Laws, he cared very much for me. I do not know what to say…anyhow we had a little argument last night. He told reporters that when I receive the award tonight, he will go to the restroom! However, he did not go to the restroom. I know that I have many flaws and that I am difficult to get along with. But you (Bosco Wong) also have many flaws and you are difficult to get along with as well. I hope that we will continue to support each other!” 

Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu also won the Extraordinary Elegant Actor and Actress Award, which was created last minute for this year’s Anniversary. Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲) teased the couple, “The two of you need to come out; there is no other way! We are not asking you to get married; it is just to receive an award!” At this time, the artists sitting offstage shouted, “Propose to her!” and “Get married!” The requests scared Bosco, who immediately flashed stop signals to the artists. After Bosco and Myolie made their acceptance speeches, Carol teased the couple, “Each one of you received a cash prize of $20,000 HKD, so you can invite many people for a meal!” Carol’s joke made Bosco and Myolie feel very embarrassed. After the awards event, Bosco and Myolie hugged intimately onstage, perhaps their most public display of affection since dating.

Best Supporting Actor: Ben Wong 

Due to his portrayal of “Spicy Ginger” in Lives of Omission, Ben Wong (黃智賢) received the Best Supporting Actor Award. When his name was announced, Ben hugged Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) in excitement. The entire audience applauded when he went onstage. Ben indicated that he was a television series fan at a young age and quit his job in order to join TVB. He thanked Catherine Tsang in casting him as “Ah Hoi” in Kindred Spirit, establishing a good foundation in his acting career.

Best Supporting Actress: Sharon Chan

Sharon Chan (陳敏之) won the Best Supporting Actress Award for her performance in Ghetto Justice.  She cried tears of joy upon receiving the award, hugging godsister, Christine Ng, as well as Fala Chen, Tavia Yeung, and Myolie Wu. Felix Wong (黃日華) was the guest presenter who gave the award to Sharon and jokingly handed her a tissue to wipe her tears. Sharon removed her heels and continued to cry, “Many thanks to TVB for taking me in at one of the lowest points in my life…. I also have to thank my father who is now in Heaven. I will continue to work hard!”

Most Improved Actor: MC Jin

Each year, the winner of the Most Improved Actor Award was heavily promoted by TVB. MC Jin hugged Michael Tse upon the announcement of his name. Taking out a note card, he proceeded to thank the following people, “Thank you God, my wife, TVB, my family, and the audience….” Displaying his rap skills, MC Jin broke into a rap song, “Since I was a child, I watched TVB!” MC Jin indicated that his wife was currently in New York, USA and the local time was 8 AM but he called her to deliver the good news.

Most Improved Actress: Sire Ma

In her acceptance speech, Sire tearfully said that becoming an actress was her childhood dream.  She thanked Virginia Lok and was quite nervous in her speech. In an interview with reporters afterward, Sire denied that it was an upset win, “I was in first place for the online voting. I knew that Cilla Lok (樂瞳) was also another hot favorite, so I was a little suprised in receiving the award.”

Below are the complete results of the 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards:

Best Drama: Lives of Omission

Best Informative Program: Water of Life

Best Actor: Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice)

Best Actress: Myolie Wu (Curse of the Royal Harem)

Best Supporting Actor: Ben Wong (Lives of Omission)

Best Supporting Actress: Sharon Chan (Ghetto Justice)

My Favorite Male Character: Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice)

My Favorite Female Character: Myolie Wu (Ghetto Justice)

Most Improved Actor: MC Jin

Most Improved Actress: Sire Ma

Best Host: Grasshopper (All Star Glam Exam)

Best Variety Show: All Star Glam Exam

Extraordinary Elegant Actor and Actress: Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu

TVB.com Popularity Award: Kevin Cheng

Lifetime Acting Achievement Award: Lee Heung Kam


Jayne: The 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards finally came to an end! I am still shocked that TVB gave Kevin and Myolie 3 awards each this year. I thought Michael Tse and Fala Chen would get consolation prizes.

Would you have been happier with the results if the “pork were divided” more equally this year, recognizing more artists instead of primarily the cast of Ghetto Justice this year?

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  1. Not really happy with this year awards. I support Kevin and Myolie too but both of them getting so many awards is a bit too much. Recognition should be given to Fala, Linda,Tavia, Kate, Michael, Bosco, Sunny, Ruco and Chi Lam too. Also there are many other actors and actresses who deserve some recognition. TVB awards are really predictable. But the worst of all is when Aimee gets to be nominated in the top 5 in 2 categories. I nearly fell off from my chair out of shock. Really, she has a long way to go before even getting nominated. I think Laughing Gor is rather disappointed he didn’t get anything especially when Dodo Cheng keeps asking him about his chances. He might have thought he would get something but alas nothing. Anyway, as most people say, TVB gives awards to those who they want to promote and of course “yes man”.

    1. Recognition should be given to none of them. They are null to Ha Yu, Michelle Yim, Louisse Lee and Susanne Kwan. Small potatoes shouldn’t be given recognition. Worst year ever.

      1. So true, although i truly love all the new younger actresses and actors but i believe the veteran actresses should get recognition. I know people always say they’ve already had their fame and all, but seriously some of the new actors and actresses that tvb are promoting are not comparable to the veterans.But that’s my opinion…

  2. Ruco was a much better lawyer. As much I like Kevin’s character in GJ, he was not natural and I don’t it. And don’t get me started with Myolie’s win got COTRH…she wasn’t that good. There are more deserving performance. The award show this year is a joke. Btw, I like MC Jin but he doesn’t deserve the award he got. Jazz should won for that one.

  3. Myolie and KC’s winning is predictable and I’m ok with it. But feeling sorry for Fala and Michael as they were left empty-handed after their name being boosted so much for the heat of the award night.

  4. On Sire Ma. I don’t have a problem with her winning (although I was rooting for Mandy Wong) since she did improve and she has many output this year and many are quite meaty roles.

    With her workload, I can see that TVB is trying to promote her. But, does anyone feel that she doesn’t have the lead actress feel yet? She looks sweet and her acting is pretty good. But, she always feel like a little sister to me. Not someone who can lead a series. Maybe it’s her petite frame.

    Anyone feel the same?

    But, I do hope to be proven wrong.

    I think Cilla Kung also deserve a mention. Compare to her performance in FH3 and The Four, she improved a lot. Her acting was pretty non-existent in The Four, but, she portrayed the autistic girl very well in FH3.

    1. Sire Ma has huge potential. Not many has the lucky “leading actress” feel at the go by Barbara Yung but with time and proper training, hopefully she won’t be like a bore like Tavia when she does lead. I think Sire MA is a deserved win for her category; she is heavily promoted in that sense and I feel I did see her improvement.

    2. Cilla Kung was the autistic girl in FH3??? No wonder she looked so familiar! I only remember her horrible performance in The Four but if that was her in FH3, yes she did improve a lot.

      I still remember her as the kiddy contestant in Beautiful Cooking.

      Never heard of Sire Ma until the awards ceremony. She looks a lot like Taiwanese actress Guey Lun-Mei.

  5. Elena didn’t even get in the top 5 for best supporting which was the most disappointing part for mine. Especially seeing as though it seemed like she was expected to – she was the first and only nominee who was interviewed by Vincent Wong…who read it off his scripted cue cards and didn’t seem to know who she was. She was also specifically praised by Felix Wong before he presented too!

    As for the rest, I’m too disillusioned to care.

  6. Just watch Kevin’s acceptance speech for Favourite Character award. The difference between his and Myolie’s acceptance speech is so big. He sincerely thanked all the people that matters (people that were involved in the production of GJ) and he’s a very good spot. I think it might be because Myolie has never gotten the Best Actress award before, while Kevin has already gotten one. So, he’s not as desperate.

  7. I like Myolie and Kevin. I felt TVB is a bit nut. At least one for Michael Tse which he had put in so much effort. The female I am not too sure who to give too, Linda, Fala. Sad TVB has no cow sense. I am
    not against. But stupid management. Now S’pore showing GJ . so what ..

    1. When TVB divides the pork, you all complained. Now when TVB didn’t divide the pork and gives to the people’s choice based on the 3 categories of voting, 30%, 40%, 30% I think, you all complained that TVB didn’t divide the pork.

      1. What’s with this divide the pork business? People are pissed because the awards are given to artists that don’t deserve them.

  8. Kevin did well in GJ but to swipe all awards are ridiculous. Michael acting is much better, I was hoping he will win at least my favourite character
    Congrats to myolie- so happy for her that her acting is being recognised.

    I’m shock that Moses and Aimee chan were in the top 5 best actor & actress. Aimee?? Dun think her role is that great in FH3 and Moses… Same silliness as can’t buy me love.

    1. Sorry to disagree. Michael was good before, but in LOO he wasn’t good enough. Laughing for favourite character isn’t necessary too since Law Ba is undeniably the best written role this year and Laughing is just a rehash from an overmilked character.

  9. Was Myolie really “ungracious” over her award for Favourite Actress? I really didn’t see that at all. I only saw that she was flabbergasted and at a loss for words and in desperation had to turn to Kevin for help as to what to say. He did say something which was inaudible to me. She did express hope that she would be able to say more later that night meaning she hoped to be awarded for the bigger prize. It allappeared quite straightforward to me.

    1. I believe if you watch again and you can see from her behaviour that

      1, she didn’t want this award because people always say you get this you won’t get that and she can’t help but feel disappointed. if she was grateful and all, she would have been crying like she did the 2nd time

      2. not to say ungracious but quite simply she was probably in shocked that she didn’t expect this since she expected that

      3. BUT I do agree she was a tad ungracious.

      Watch again and I am pretty sure you can see the signs.

    2. I for one hated her acceptance speech and reaction for Favourite Character (and I like Myolie). If you watch carefully, the very first thing she does and says when she accepts the award is she looks at Kevin and goes “sei la” (basically a polite way to say “sh-t”), in the sense of “oh no, I’ve won this one, there is no chance for me to win Best Actress” now. Reminds me a bit of Charmaine’s reaction when she won Favourite Character back then and couldn’t hide her disappointment, then burst into tears when her Best Actress win was announced. Ironically, that was the same year Myolie was a favourite for the win.

      1. It’s normal to be disappointed. Like Charmaine was.

        But it’s another to be downright ungracious and ungrateful about it. Which Myolie was. I might not like Linda or agree that she should have won, but I have no doubts that she would have been genuinely happy to receive the award.

      2. Disappointed, both Charm and Myolie were. But Myolie was outright crude and crass. “Sh!t!”

        The audience was stunned of her first words for a good while before they responded. LOL

        It would’ve been better if Linda won. She would have been a good sport. =/

      3. Moreover, the first word out of Myolie’s mouth was ‘sei’ (die). Though Myolie’s “sei lo” was a spontaneous interjection of dismay/confusion, but still on such an auspicious occasion, this unexpected gloom and doom utterance totally marred the festive atmosphere, I think. Especially for the older audience with traditional Chinese mentality. And yes, sounding crude and crass and on a global centerstage no less.

      4. Come on the awards is over. Why are people criticizing Myolie over a natural unexpected reaction? She was just shocked and it’s not just Myolie who thinks ‘Oh no’ when she was announced Most Favourite Character, a lot of others are also afraid that Fala will get the Best Actress award which will be a disaster of the award history. Thankfully Myolie still get Best Actress.

      5. totally agree with bridget on this. i was thinking, what the heck, u get an award, that is better than left empty handed, which she already experienced before. so she should be grateful that she even get one. i am not a myolie hater as i support charmaine all along, but i think myolie only wins because there wasnt many strong contenders this yr, only fala.

        But i do think Kevin is a deserving winner of the best actor award because he brought the Law Ba character to life. As for Michael, i think he deserves at least an award.

      6. @ lol, since the Anniversary Awards is over, it is time for people to discuss about it. Why can’t people do that? I already feel that this year’s anniversary is a disaster because Myolie won 3 awards. I feel like it’s an insult to a lot of actresses and the audience.

      7. I already feel that this year’s anniversary is a disaster because Myolie won 3 awards. I feel like it’s an insult to a lot of actresses and the audience.

        If that Kevin’s triple awards is also an insult to a lot of actors and the audience, the same way.

  10. If Kevin seemed rude towards Linda for ignoring a hug from her I’m quite sure it was unintentional, just an oversight and Linda should understand.

  11. LOL Seriously, I think Felix is the only few who can blast tvb and STILL be invited as a guest presenter.

    Can some kind soul out there translate what he said about Nancy? I love that he supports her. The girl has potential. TVB, open your eyes!!

    1. That’s because Felix genuinely loves TVB.

      I think he said to Nancy that in his heart she was the best? Something like that. Also, just before reading the winner, he said 3gor our/your plan failed – perhaps in reference to them campaigning for Nancy.

    2. Well TVB has many issues with artists, but the good thing is they are able to get past it and work together again. This is not the first time…

    3. Felix is just made of awesome. Notice how he was helping the girl (who is supposed to escort him) walk to the stage? He did the exact same thing at last year’s awards. His comments were funny and also honest.

      He said that Nancy is the best in his heart. He’s got taste – I like Nancy too.

  12. Myolie, Kevin and Michael Tse will expand their career to mainland immediately after this.

    1. Myolie: will film a mainland series in December after GJ2

      Kevin: will film a mainland series in January with Michael tse after GJ2 and Niki’s cop series. After that will film a grand production sequel of BTROC in mid 2012 as a collaboration between TVB and CCTV.

      Michael: will film a mainland series with Kevin in January after cop series

    2. Kevin already has…. I heard that Micheal got offers but hasn’t gotten the chance to yet. He will eventually and I think Myolie has acted in some non TVB productions already…

  13. I’m shocked that Linda did not win My Favourite Actress; not sure if it’s just me but I find Myolie’s character in Ghetto Justice not likeable. I felt she was over doing it and was rather annoying.

    I wished that Myolie Best Actress wasn’t from the one she won because the series wasn’t that good and no one excel in acting and the rating reflect on it.

    I do like Myolie in her role with Chilam though, very natural and fun.

    I’m not convinced that Sharon Chan is worthy of having Supporting Actress Award. But as you can see from the top 5 candidates, TVB really wanted to give it to her. Personally, I would’ve given her Most Improved.

    Felt bad that Alex Lam didn’t won Most Improved because he was superb in Ghetto Justice. He is more worthy than MC Jin but I understand because of he popularity.

    Sire Ma?? Really?? I thought Cilla Kung had it. Her acting in Forensic Heroes out-shines Sire any day.

    Too bad that Ruco Chan is new to TVB because his performance from the Truth is an award winner any day (compare to this year performances)

    Congratz to Kevin Cheng and especially Ben Wong!

    Overall, I find that this year the Male Artists just crushed the Female Artists in performance. Hope next year will be better

    1. “Too bad that Ruco Chan is new to TVB because his performance from The Other Truth is an award winner any day (compare to this year performances)”

      Can’t agree more but that’s how the hierarchy of TVB works..

      1. What happen to Ruco Chan’s popularity in Hong Kong? It went South since “The Other Truth” or even crappier “Forensic Heroes 3” airings?

      2. But I don’t think Ruco can do good crying scene. HIs crying is still pretty fake to me imo.

    2. Ruco Chan is an award winner any day in dream.
      But I don’t think Ruco can do good crying scene. HIs crying is still pretty fake to me imo. —–> I can’t agree more.

  14. Let’s put it this way.

    If Myolie DIDN’T felt entitled to win Best Actress in 2006 why would she get depressed over not winning? To the degree that she even thought about leaving acting? At that time she was what? In her mid-20s? She suffered ONE loss. How does that even compare to the many, many veterans who wait decades before MAYBE receiving acknowledgement? Ha Yu? Wayne Lai? Ben Wong? Sheren?

    Myolie’s behaviour during the awards tells me several things about her character:

    She’s feels VERY entitled. She’s rude as hell. She has low self-esteem. Only such a person would get depressed over not winning instead of moving on and becoming more determined to win next time. I liked Linda’s attitude when she was interviewed. She said she would try for next time and hoped her fans would stop being sad about her not winning. I might not like her acting, but I respect the person.

    1. She didn’t feel entitled. You guys are obviously reading too much into this. Myolie said in many interviews that it was because of the pressure and the negative feedback and she would not have deserved that award anyways.

    2. I agree with your first paragraph but not sure if she felt entitled. I just think that she needs to not place too much importance on awards, especially TVB ones since they are not as meaningful as they used to be in the distant past. I feel that as long as you enjoy what you are doing and try your best, getting recognized through awards or not should not be important.

      1. That is why I said she has low self-esteem.

        But I do believe she feels both entitled and thought she deserved the award in 2006.

    3. That’s the same impression I got. Seriously, she makes me nervous when she talks. Very unlikable and not very bright.

      1. Although Myolie’s acceptance speech leaves a lot to be desired, a lot of harsh judgment has been placed upon her for her 3 minute speech. I do think the judgment was a little too harsh on what she actually said. The audience did not react any better either; I saw a lot of fidgeting and “long” blinking from Liza Wang and even Kenneth Ma.

        Every time an artist wins a hyped award, the audience and peers expect a shattering, emotional speech. At least Myolie cried in her speech and gave the necessary tears. I do suspect she had intended to say more about her acting tribulations, however, it came out as a mumble jumble and lots of forehead grasping in the beginning. Did her argument with Bosco Wong the night before shake her up?

        I think it is a little harsh to judge Myolie so critically for her 3 minute speech, a mere moment in time that will shatter the reputation she has established for many years?

      2. Btw, I wonder if Myolie’s squabble with Bosco had anything to do with her acting abilities?

        In the past, Bosco mentioned that Myolie gave herself a lot of pressure and that she possessed very high expectations of herself. I do think Myolie, along with too many lead TVB artists, measure their success by “report card results” of getting an actual award. Her win is controversial this year, as long-time fans rejoice while some viewers are still a bit critical about her acting delivery. I think Myolie also realizes this, but she is somewhat eager to assuage her confidence as an actress and has set some benchmarks to achieve for herself.

        Sometimes a stellar acting performance may not win awards. Sometimes a flawed performance will win awards. Suffice to say that we each have our winners in our own hearts. If an artist manages to engage our emotions and leave a memorable performance years after a series was released, then that performance is already very worthy.

      3. Jayne,

        Sometimes 3 min is enough to show the true colours of someone. I do believe her 2nd speech as in the one she wanted was genuine because she really wanted that, she thought she lost her chance and so when she won she was relieved, grateful and in flood of tears. Unfortunately the silly speech for the 1st award was at best half hearted, at worst, the criticisms as said by netizens here and everywhere else. Should her reputation be destroyed by that 3 min clip? I doubt it would be. People judge what you do, how you do, when you do. I am sure she is aware of that. I never had the impression she is not eloquent but I feel when she won the 1st she was completely flustered so she messed up. And it was a genuine messing up and so genuine we see truly how half hearted she was at her non existent thanks.

        And I don’t know why she must thanks Liza anyway. It is her right to thank whoever she wants. My problem with her is she is so obvious in wanting to win that 2nd award that the 1st award meant zero for her.

      4. Jayne,

        Myolie mentioned in her interview with Cha Siu Yan that they are polar opposites. Myolie is uptight and serious, while Bosco is relaxed and less serious.

        These traits sort of showed when Myolie admitted she felt bitter at Bosco’s hard-joke of going to the washroom during the Best Actress award, while on the other hand; Bosco had taken all of Myolie’s hard-black-joke in a joking manner.

        **From my POV based on their exclusive interviews that I managed to read, Myolie strives towards the awards and I personally think she really wants to achieve it as a high point in her career, especially after she feel accepted since TRB. She might set the award as the benchmark that she must reach.

        **Bosco on the other hand puts less emphasize in the awards and uses his progress and acceptance as his KPI. In my POV(based on interviews as well), he’s more towards long term progress: branching to not just TV dramas(to films), saving enough money to raise kids, growing businesses and investments.

        Whether they’re going to get married soon, or not, is their business and right as any other person 🙂

      5. @ Masaharu

        From your description, Bosco seems to have a good head on his shoulder. Outwardly joking and playful, but, has a good long term plan in his mind.

      6. @ Funn

        “And it was a genuine messing up and so genuine we see truly how half hearted she was at her non existent thanks.”

        She even asked if the time is up. She has nothing to say after the half hearted thank you and was waiting for the speaking time to be up. Lol

      7. @Funn “My problem with her is she is so obvious in wanting to win that 2nd award that the 1st award meant zero for her.”

        ROFL I notice this too and it make her look desperate for the Best Actress. She might be taken by surprise and worry at the same time of not getting the Best Actress LOL.

    4. Myolie is a very HK style woman who has sharp tongue so her unplanned real behaviour and speech at the Most Favourite award not surprising. ROFL don’t expect her to come out all polite and ladylike the way mainland plastics Viann and Mavis are ROFL

    5. I don’t think she felt entitled necessarily but I agree that Myolie strikes me as a perfectionist, someone who takes herself way too seriously which can lead to major bouts of low self-esteem and insecurity, hence her desire for awards. I also feel that in a way, out of all the leading fadans she has the least ‘audience fate’, not a big fanbase, so in the absence of that awards are like the only measure that she can use for her success. I understand why that would be. Some people who don’t care too much about awards are either 1) very popular with huge fanbase (Ray) or 2) such good actors and they know TVB awards really mean nothing anyway (too many to name here).

      I don’t think she’s rude, either. In fact she strikes me as someone who is very respectful of others, but doesn’t know how to express her feelings. Not the same thing. She also doesn’t think well on her feet (hence her acceptance speech) and her whole view of awards (I worked hard therefore I want an award) is a little twisted. Gaining a lot of weight for Fei Tin was yes, a sacrifice, but doesn’t default to a good acting performance. I think all the hype back then gave her a lot of pressure, on top of her own perfectionist expectations, which added to the disappointment in her loss.

  15. Whether you believe Myolie or not, this is what she said on VIP Today.

    She stated even she felt she didn’t have what it takes to win the award in 2006. She also said it wasn’t that she didn’t get an award that made her unhappy. It was because she was unable to make a breakthrough or gain audience’s support for the characters she portrayed the following years. That was how she lost confidence. She also said that if she really couldn’t win the award this year, then just continue to work hard next year.

    1. Hmm, what to believe?

      Her first natural responses to the awards or her secondary planned responses?

      1. Nobody twisted her words. The words came out of her own mouth.

      2. My first post, also come from her own mouth.

        But superficial people see superficial things. People believe whatever they want.

      3. People believe whatever they want to believe?


        People living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

      4. She didn’t directly say that “I became depressed because I did not win an award”. Or “I deserved the award in 2006”.

        But she did clearly say that she WASN’T depressed over losing the award. And she DIDN’T think she had what it takes to win the award.

        People who believe the first, what she did not even say, believe only their biased judgment and personal interpretation. The second is her actual words.

        So yeah, people believe what they choose to.

      5. Yes, and her reactions to the awards were her natural and instinctual responses while interviews are constructed and rehearsed.

        So yeah, people believe what they choose to

      6. Natural and instinctive responses where she DIDN’T directly say, “I was unhappy because I lost the award” or “I deserved the award in 2006”.

  16. The results were quite disappointing but I guess TVB had not a lot of choices. I like Kevin but he lacks personality. As for myolie, I don’t think she deserves it yet, she was just there at the right time and at the right place when TVB has no other good quality fadans. But to give them both 3 awards each, it’s actually making a mockery out of the other actors/actresses. It looks like Stephen chan chose one to win and 620 chose the other to show their power and division. No wonder charmaine left and I won’t be surprised tavia will follow soon, she was completely ignored even though she was practically on tv the whole year round.

    1. I doubt Charmaine left because of that. She was the most promoted TVB actress of all time. Linda can only be called #2.

      1. Sorry if people think I’m hating on Charmaine, actually I find her pretty ok now, just hated her for the 10+ years TVB forced me to watch her in every production.

      2. very odd reason to hate someone much? then you should hate most of the siu sangs and fadans these past decade then? since most, if not all, had been serving tvb. Tavia alone was in 4/5 series this past year…

        charm is not the only heavily promoted one since 3/4 years already. Linda and Tavia are…as a matter of fact, Linda has similar ladder-climbing to charm. both got leading roles almost instantly.

  17. if you don’t hate her why do you keep bringing her name up with these negative connotations. For example, in your previous post of calling her fake.

    1. I already said I hated her for 10+ years, but now I find her quite ok, especially in you are hired and CBML as she’s rather good in comedy, or when heaven burns isn’t bad. Just old habits die hard.
      if they talk about Myolie’s double win being undeserved, Charmaine’s double win was more undeserved, as she actually won over Sheren in La Femme.

      1. Of course it’s undeserved according to you… Not everyone would agree with you though. Again, another negative connotation. You’re trying to make Myolie look better by bashing Charmaine. Give it a rest sister.

      2. Actually, most people agree that Myolie won due to the weak playing field. Like I said multiple times, she won’t have won if Sheren was in town. I’m not trying to make Myolie look better. Sheren won tons of praise for her acting in La Femme and the previous year for War and Beauty, for Charmaine to go home with TWO awards in an Award Ceremony when THERE IS stiff competition, is unreasonable, compared to when Myolie won, there’s no one around to compete with her. That’s the state of TVB, nothing to do with whether I like Myolie or Sheren or Charmaine.

  18. I thought Forensic Heroes has the best ratings and was a big drama of the year, why didn’t it win anything? Baffles me…

  19. Someone mentioned earlier that Charmaine woth over Sheren (La Femme Desperado) back in year 2006. Hearing Sheren mention ‘Jerk Man’, I suddenly realised Michael also lost to Kevin that year. So, he lost twice to Kevin. I was hoping Michael would win something at that time.

    1. I dun rmb that Jerk Man is in top 5 this year or not. However, Jerk Man is one of Michael’s best role. He shined with this one. I’ve the feeling that TVB was tried very hard to ignore La Femme Desperado. Such as high rating series will have sequel or being pushed highly, but not LFD.

      1. Agreed, Michael should have won something for LFD, his performance there was phenomenal. Was that the year Kevin won for Under the Canopy of Love? I still pretend the 2006 awards never happened, btw. 😉

      2. He wasnt in Top 5 that year. That year top 5 was Kevin, Joe Ma, Moses, Steven Ma and LF. The award was given by Liza Wong. Well, actually the following year Sheren and Michael paired in another series that have high rating too (The Family Link) but it was completely ignored, I see this like a sequel of LFD.

  20. Helen Ma should have won for Best Supporting Actress. Period. Why was Natalie Tong and even Aimee Chan nominated? The TVB awards are a huge joke. And Myolie was only merely good and not great.

  21. omg Jessica perf. is way better than molie, she’s should’ve won. I like Bosco character in lfd, I think he should’ve win fav. character, and nancy wu in cotrh shouldve win fav. chr. doesnt matter if they win or not .. tvb awards has no value.

  22. Does it mean that TVB and CCTV are combining to produce a sequel for BTROC? wILL that mean that Charmaine and Kevin would be paired up again? That should be nice. Now that he is in the forefront I hope Kevin will be given really worthy series to act in and not some of the crappy ones he’s been alloted with. Just imagine, TVB nearly lost him for GJ as he was 4th choice (Bowie, Felix and who was the 3rd person who rejected the part?). The producer finally decided on him (after scraping the barrel?) and voila, the miracle happened, Law Ba was born and the rest is history.

    1. Huh? CCTV and TVB? Don’t think so. Imagine TVB will push their leading ladies and men and China also. There is a rule China production must have at least 1 lead from China. Frankly Bowie would make an awesome Law Ba. No offense.

      1. I don’t think that that is true that a China production has to have at least 1 lead from China…. I have not noticed that with many of the CHina series that I have seen..

    2. It’s true. CCTV and TVB will combine to make a Shanghai period drama of BTROC2, so it means the story will take place many years after BTROC timeline. I think someone post a link in the shoutbox to the news. Kevin will be the main lead but the other cast are unknown. The production will take place next year after Kevin is done with his mainland series “Hero” with Michael Tse.

      1. Shanghai period ala the bund? Sorry lar Kevin, I just don’t see him as the main lead. See the other cast first.

      2. I bet BTROC2 won’t be a sequel but a new series entirely just borrow the name ROFL

      3. GJ movie will need a movie actor. Hmm… Hope for no GJ movie 2, GJ series 3, etc.

      4. no serious movie star would consider a movie called Law Ba produced by TVB, hehe

  23. By the way, I liked the way Sheren patted Kevin’s face while or after giving him his award. Thought that was sweet of her and that she must know him pretty well for doing so. I do like her too. Any boy friend? Kevin could go for someone as classy as she.

    1. I don’t think she has any. Probably happy being single. Or maybe she is still in love with Kong Wah??

      1. huh? Sheren used to like Kong Wah? I only read about her and Alex Man. But Kong Wah is very charismatic.

  24. Can’t understand how she won. I used to hate her over exaggerating acting last time. Ppl said she improved . So I watched her recent series. Still the same and I find it so irritating . She doesn’t deserve the award at all.

    1. One word: TVB

      Based on acting she isn’t even worth mentioning. The worst is that now she will think she is all that great and continue her over exaggerating acting (gwing), LOL

      1. Then I prefer her continue in GJ alike characters. After watching her at the anniversary that character suit her the most: Someone who’s eager to win and win.

        She’s like Tavia now, I’m afraid they think they’re too good after winning award and continue how they act.

      2. Based on acting , I would say that Fala and Tavia’s is definitely MUCH better than hers . I used to dislike Linda’s acting , but she improved . And now I find her acting also better than Myolie. Damn TVB , please stop promoting Myolie. Her acting is ….

        I hope she will stop thinking that she is really the best now and continue with her disgusting exgeratating acting.

      3. Tavia is not like Myolie at all. Shes happy to win any awards like how she became emotional when wnning female character ans supporting and other small awards. Unlike Myolie who shows that she truly does not want the female character by wasting her time on stage when giving her acceptance speech. Im setting myolie to the same standards as sheren, liza, and michlle now…shes tv queen right? I expect her acting from now on to be flawless.

      4. @ Fybttrforever, if I say the same thing on your favourite, will you get mad? I can basically replace Myolie’s name with other(s) and it still can be quite true :).

        @joh: Your avatar is the same as Lee and Beff last time :P.

      5. @Fox , you know who is my favorite ? 😛 I like many, and few of them are not the lead lead actor/actress :D.

      6. I dun care. Whoever I can replace with Myolie’s name and it will still sound quite true :P.

      7. Sorry for interrupting.

        @ Fybttrforever, what does Fybttr stand for? I’m just curious.

  25. I dont think GJ 2 will be a big hit because they are milking the character, Law Ba.

    1. They were milking Laughing, but it ended up to be a big hit. There’s even going to be another movie!

      1. Talking about lives of omission? That sereis was due to Bosco’s character and not laughing. The movie is going to suck, but theres Janice Man who can act so im going to watch it just for her. JM is oging to outshine Kate.

  26. I totally support kevin.BUT.I think that ny favourite male char should be given to laughing gor.3AwardS.==Ummm.==Come’mon.U cant denide the fact that linda , fala ,tavia was also very good at portraying their roles.Linda was the hot fav for my fav female char.Haix.Sad with this year results.D:
    The Older actor and actress like ha yu michelle yim louise lee and susanna kwan should get the awards.XP.ANDDDD.OMG.AIMEE???TOP 5==”Zzz.

  27. Fala didn’t really leave empty handed.. LoO won Best Drama which she was a part of..

    *evil laughs@Linda empty handed! XD

  28. Myolie lucked out this year becasue there was no one to compete with her. I think she is really really lucky becasue things will turn out differently if her three series were boracasted next year or 2010 when CBML and NO regrest were aired.There is no way that she can win over sheren and charmaine. Looking at Myolie’s sereis for 2012, all of her sereis are comedy like Wish and Switch, ancient series with bobby and linda, GJ II with the excpetion of TTHS 2. In THH2, she is just one of the leads so i dont think her role will shine much

      1. I think Joh has multiple personality disorder
        Quotes –
        “Im a Tavia fan”
        “I dont favor any actress”

    1. BTW, if next year Myolie wins again, I’ll see how mad you’ve got :P.

  29. myolie has a squeaky voice which totally doesn`t fit the character in gj.
    tvb has a knack for promoting the actress who doesnt fit the role, hence spoiling he whole show.

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