2012 Astro Awards: Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung Reign as TV King and Queen

Malaysia successfully held their Astro on Demand Awards at the Sunway Convention Center on the evening of December 2, 2012.

The biggest winner of the night, The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時> won eight awards, including My Favorite Drama, My Favorite Actor (Kenneth Ma 馬國明), My Favorite Actress (Tavia Yeung 楊怡), and My Favorite Supporting Actor (Him Law 羅仲謙).

Over 16 TVB artists attended the grand event, including first-time nominees Him Law, Mandy Wong (黃智雯), Oscar Leung (梁烈唯), and Koo Ming Wah (古明華).

This year, a total of 12 categories were presented. Each category, with the exception of My Favorite Promising Artist, My Favorite Character, My Favorite Theme Song, and My Favorite Most Improved Actor and Actress, had a total of 10 nominees, which were later reduced to five top nominees at the beginning of the ceremony.

This year was Him Law’s first year for getting a nomination at the Astro on Demand Awards. Him was nominated for My Favorite Couple (with Mandy Wong), My Favorite Character, and My Favorite Supporting Character for his role in The Hippocratic Crush. In the end, Him defeated strong competitors, Koo Ming Wah and Ben Wong (黃智賢), for My Favorite Supporting Character.

“I really did not want to accept this role,” cried Him, referring to his role as Dr. Yeung Pui Chung in The Hippocratic Crush, “Not only did this drama give me a great role, it also gave me something very important in my life.” Under the screams of the audience, Him finally cried, “Thank you, Tavia Yeung!” The crowd erupted into cheers.

Aside from winning My Favorite Leading Actor and My Favorite Leading Actress, Kenneth and Tavia also won the My Favourite On Screen Couple with Kenneth Ma for their roles in The Hippocratic Crush. The onscreen couple’s chemistry and real-life friendship have gained them many new fans worldwide, becoming one of TVB’s most popular couple year-to-date.

When Tavia was on stage for her individual acceptance speech, Kenneth surprised Tavia by suddenly appearing at the bottom of the stage in front of her. Kenneth loudly professed, “If there is ‘Yu Jai’ there will always be a ‘Yat Kin Tau.’ We are one!”

First-Time Winners

In a breathless speech, Mandy Wong, who won My Favorite Promising Actress for her role in L’Escargot <缺宅男女>, cried, “This is the first award I’ve won in my performance career. This award gives me such a great inspirational boost!”

Koo Ming Wah broke into tears after his name was announced for the Popularity King award. He cried, “For many, winning an award can be very difficult. But for someone like me, having the chance to even attend such events is difficult. I promise to bring out even better productions in the future for everyone!”

Oscar Leung nearly cried when he ran to the stage to accept his My Favorite Promising Actor award, “This is my first award since joining the industry over ten years ago. I once imagined myself winning an award, but I was afraid that this dream would not come true. Now, it has finally come!”

Check out the rest of the winners down below!

My Favorite Drama Series
The Hippocratic Crush

My Favorite Actor in a Leading Role
Kenneth Ma for The Hippocratic Crush

My Favorite Actress in a Leading Role
Tavia Yeung for The Hippocratic Crush

My Favorite Classic Role (5-Year Anniversary Special Award)
Michael Tse as Laughing Gor in E.U.

My Favorite Actor in a Supporting Role
Him Law for The Hippocratic Crush

My Favorite Actress in a Supporting Role
Nancy Wu for Gloves Come Off

My Favorite On Screen Couple
Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung in The Hippocratic Crush

My Favorite Promising Actor
Oscar Leung for L’Escargot

My Favorite Promising Actress
Mandy Wong for L’Escargot

My Favorite TV Theme Song
“End of Innocence” <幼稚完> by Raymond Lam
Highs and Lows ending theme

Top 15 My Favorite Characters
1. Him Law as Dr. Yeung Pui Chung om The Hippocratic Crush
2. Ron Ng as Ting Koon Fung in L’Escargot
3. Linda Chung as Hailey Kiu in Witness Insecurity
4. Kate Tsui as Pat Chan in Highs and Lows
5. Michael Tse as Gordon “A1” Lam in Sergeant Tabloid
6. Kenneth Ma as Dr. Cheung Yat Kin in The Hippocratic Crush
7. Roger Kwok as King Suen of Chai in Queens of Diamonds and Hearts
8. Tavia Yeung as Dr. Fan Tsz Yu in The Hippocratic Crush
9. Raymond Lam as Senior Inspector Wai Sai Lok (Happy Sir) in Highs and Lows
10. Wayne Lai as Li Lianying in The Confidant
11. Kevin Cheng as Tong Sap Yat in Gloves Come Off
12. Bosco Wong as Inspector Hui Wai Sam in Witness Insecurity
13. Myolie Wu as Kris Wong in Ghetto Justice II
14. Ruco Chan as Alex Mo in No Good Either Way
15. Moses Chan as Ivan Cheung in Master of Play

My Favorite Popularity King
Koo Ming Wah for Divas in Distress

Source: ihktv.com

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  1. CONGRATZ!! Tavia and Kenneth 2 thumbs up yayay!!!! esp proud of tavia way to goo gurl

  2. She fixed her nose. It looks better now!!! Hahaha Congrats, Ken & Tav.

    1. I tot that too when I watched the AOD ytd. It looks FIXED… hahhha

      1. How does she find time to fix her nose with all these filming and promotion, award ceremonies? Don’t these thing need time to heal

      2. I watched the extreme makeover show and I think it only take 2 weeks to heals. She had the time to make her nose big, I’m sure she can shrink it in no time. Hahaha Pls don’t fix something that is not broken.

    1. yeah congratz to tav and kenneth. I thinks that all these winners here are very deserving, but i guess to these artists it doesn’t mean as much as their TVB awards.
      bit disapointed that LF lost out, however his ‘childish ends’ theme song was absoulutely fabbbb!!!!

      since kenneth won this award here then LF should defo win it at TVB awards!!!!!

      1. Very hope Raymond will win the TV King in TVB…hopefully, Kenneth’s fans would be happy la since Kenneth won at AOD…Just make both side fans happy!!!

    2. also Him Law is so cuuuuute, seems like tav and Him are developing well

  3. Congrats to Tavia, my all-time idol! Always love her acting XD

  4. Congratulation to Kenneth and Tavia. Great acting and Great Drama. “On call 36 hrs” casts are the best

    also Congratulation to Ko Ming Wah. It is really hard for a green-leaf actor to get an award, but he made it.

  5. Really do hope OnCall gets recognition at the actual TVB anniversary awards. Really enjoyed the drama, left quite an impression for me amongst all the series of 2012. Meaningful and well-written script. Wish it all the best in the running for Best Drama of the year.

  6. Congrats to Kenneth Ma..& Tavia too. Now is more exciting approaching TVB awards soon.

  7. Surprised that Chan Kwok Pong was not even in the nomination lists. Was he not popular in Malaysia? Or The Confidant” was not popular there?

    1. it’s popular here. But i think it’s mainly because AOD fixed the nomination list even before TC is out and they didnt expect Power Chan’s role would be so outstanding

      1. Yea, I am from Malaysia and I love Power Chan. He is so cute in TC. But due to the awards nomination list came out b4 TC, so he was left out 🙁

  8. Glad that Koo Ming Wah got something. He deserved Best Support Actor more than Him Law. Him Law’s acting could not be compared with any support actors’at all. Oh well, he was the Favourite Support Actor only, not the Best Support Actor. Probably Malaysian people liked his handsome face more than his acting. Him does look handsome anyway.

    1. I don’t know. I like Him Law’s cute face but after watching several of his series: THC, Tiger Cubs, DID, I found that he’s using the same tricks throughout still lacking something onscreen. But the guy is an eye candy. Miss Yeung has a great view in her bedroom! 😀

    2. i think he got it because of publicity through travia, koo ming wah could have gotten the award if he is travia’s bf instead of him, who says only women can use men as a stepping stone? better change that mindset in this challenging world esp hongkong

    3. and after him got all the awards he thinks he deserves, famous and all, he would tell travia its stressful being with her.. ppl say he got fame through her etc, she needs to be smart, to overcome betrayal

      1. mandarin- agree with u completely. I’ve never trusted Him law.

      2. You should be a scriptwriter mandarin. Perfect imagination for writing up dramas..

  9. Power Chan not nominated because The Confidant was only about to air when AOD voting system actually commenced in Malaysia. Anyway, not about Him’s handsome look but even my hubby is saying this guy actually delivered his role very well. Of course there are many deserving veteran supporting actors i.e. Ram Chiang & Derek Kok. They never fail to deliver what it takes to the viewers. But what are the chances to give them the awards and how many would actually agree with what I just wrote? Him deserves the award because of his acting which was well accepted in Malaysia.

  10. Yeah at least Kenneth and Tavia won this award at Astro. Good to see Kenneth has won this as looks like he is not getting any at TVB (still hoping though). Very pleased with the result. Look forward to see them as couple again in future series.

    1. I have a feeling if he won the TVB one, he would be seriously crying on stage.

      1. I hope some dark horse will win the Best Actress/Actor Award in TVB. That will be really interesting.

        Instead of Tavia, Michelle, Kate, what if the guest announcer calls out ‘Sheh Sze Man’? That would really be interesting.

      2. I don’t think the tvb executives will let Charmaine in the top 5 to avoid any “surprises”.
        They didn’t let her win 1 of the 15 fav character awards even though I’m pretty sure she has more fans for WHB than Ron for Lescargot..

      3. I don’t think any dark horse will win. My bet still goes to Raymond/Kenneth and Tavia/Kate.

      4. Agree. I don’t think TVB will let Charmaine Sheh be one of the top 5s in the Final. Charmaine has tons of fans in Hong Kong and overseas and her acting in WHB was way better than Tavia’s or Kate’s.

      5. “I don’t think the tvb executives will let Charmaine in the top 5 to avoid any “surprises”.”

        I thought viewers can vote for all 10 nominees and the top 5 is just the 5 who get the most votes? If it’s really 100% audience vote, TVB won’t be able to allow or disallow. If they have wanted to avoid any surprises, they would have left Charmaine out of the nominee list.

  11. So happy to see the 2 of them win the awards. Hope they continue to win for the TVB one. TY looks so pretty and elegant in the outfit. 🙂

    1. Her dress was the most outstanding that night imo. Very elegant and it really was flattering on her.

  12. For me, watching whoes grabing award at that night was not as interesting as hearing those artists speaks about their bitter sweet in the industries n watching Him Law thanked Tavia with he said he found most important thing in life. Saw those artists reaction make me feel fun n sweet. Beside Kenneth sudden appearence with his sweet speech was so enjoyable.

    1. I reckon it was the best Astro awards show thus far. It was truly an emotional, and memorable show for the majority of the artists’ and audience that were present. Hoping that TVB will have the same or similar results for its own award show!!!!

  13. Seems like the AOD awards are fairer than tvb anniversary awards. Very deserving winner for Kenneth ma.

  14. Congrats to all the winners! Pretty happy about the list of winners.

  15. Wonder after the AOD Awards will this effect TVB award as follow:-

    Kate fans vote Raymond for TVB BA and Raymond vote Kate for TVB BA

    1. Isn’t that a given though right from the very beginning when nominations were announced…lol.

  16. I was there. Kenneth was standing next to me just before he made his entrance 🙂 Wish Raymond had won though.

      1. No, I don’t work for TVB. I was at the awards show as I had tickets. I was seated at the end of the row which was next to the path that Kenneth was walking from. I was seated almost to the back of the hall and Kenneth had to wait for a bit while Tavia was giving the speech. I had a few seconds to take pictures of him 🙂

    1. or were you really lucky, how close weer you to him, did you take any pics with him??

      1. Nope, he was only standing next to me for a few seconds, then he had to go on stage to “surprise Tavia”.

    2. You’re so lucky!! The highlight of the event was most def his entrance. Did you also see the amount of people who stood up and cheered when he made his entrance? lol

      1. His entrance was very memorable indeed! He also presents himself to be a very humble, down to earth person from hearing a part of his speech in clips…wish him all the best for this year’s TV King!!

      2. HE is like the biggest star that night. Love him more now 🙂

  17. Congratulations to ALL winners! Still couldn’t believe i managed to win the tickets to attend the event. From what I observed yesterday, Myolie and Tavia looks WAAAAYY prettier in real life. Kate looks the same as when she’s on screen, still gorgeous though.

  18. Soooo happy for the cast of oncall! especially to the truly deserving winner Tavia and Kenneth!

    Hope they can go on to win the tvb awards together! <333

  19. There are already so many comments here, oww…can’t keep up and reply to many interesting comments here.

    I’ll just share my thoughts instead.

    Basically, I think most of the winners are quite fair and it’s not so controversial. So it’s as good as it can get. Since it’s also voting by the people, we can all see who the viewers like most eventhough it’s not to our preference 🙂

    I’m so happy for Koo Ming Wah. I thought he won for Top 15 Favourite Character, didnt know he actually got the Popularity King! That’s quite awesome, congrats!! His outfit was smashing too 😀

    Ron Ng seems to be unhappy to be there (but he looks like that all the time anyway). Not sure why his character got voted, I thought it was so-so only.

    Although I’m not a fan of Him Law, Mandy Wong and Oscar, but this Astro award is their first in acting career. So I’m happy they won regardless. And honestly, their roles’ portrayal in L’Escargot was great.

    Him Law – I didn’t expect him to win the Best Supporting Actor. I thought others are more deserving, hmm.

    Many of the other artistes are seasoned actors and actresses, so I’m fine with them winning as they’re all really good in what they do! I’m pleased that Nancy Wu got an award. As for Moses, I find it rather odd…doesn’t seem likely that he could get one with the magician role in such forgettable series. I believe that viewers tend to also vote for the usual heavyweights whether or not they like the characters, hehe 😛

    On to Wayne Lai, I’m disappointed he didn’t win more but I blame it on Astro for conducting the voting when The Confidant is not even out yet. People like Power Chan missed out, sucks. And Raymond Wong…he should have gotten something too, at least for Bottled Passion.

    The biggest winner for that night, On Call 36. Wow, I didn’t expect the series to win so many awards. But I’m supportive with it eventhough Tavia’s not my favourite. It’s simply cuz the series was good, and with Kenneth, they both make a good on-screen couple with great acting. Kenneth’s acting hasn’t changed much (facial expression always the same) but it fits perfectly for this doctor character, that’s why it worked perfectly. Guess the viewers didn’t forget the series as it was aired some few months ago.
    FYI, Kenneth Ma looked really dashing that night! Very different and alot more good looking. I wonder if we have been bored with his SSSS look or something, lol.

    Last but not least, the singers invited to sing the themesongs – they sucked.

    1. “…doesn’t seem likely that he could get one with the magician role in such forgettable series”

      I do’t see why he couldn’t get an award. He was very good in MOP. I’m quite impressed with his acting in it.

      1. yeap agreed! though the ratings were not impressive, but his portrayal as the magician has depth and I feel was one of the best this year!

  20. Agree on this one:
    Him Law – I didn’t expect him to win the Best Supporting Actor. I thought others are more deserving, hmm.
    I think you should only get one award, not two! Beside that…everything it quite normal…although i am not fans of Kenneth or Tavis…but they both work hard and deserve it.

    1. yeah. i didnt expect Him Law to get it as well. The hall had a moment of awkward silence when he was announced as the winner.

  21. I wish Tavia and Kenneth are a couple in real life. I like Tavia’s dress and Kenneth’s outfit the most in this event. Kevin is handsome in his white suit but the inside shirt looks weird and inappropriate with his white suit.

  22. Tavia’s dress is very pretty, fits her well.

    Its very nice to see both KM and Tavia received awards together. Astro rocks!

    1. LOVED Tavia’s dress that night. Her entire look from head to toe was perfect, she looked so beautiful.

      OnCall totally rocked the house at Astro lmao!!! Wooohoo.

  23. Congrats to the winners! Exciting night. Expecting the same kind of results for the TVB awards as Astro is normally there to give a heads up.

    Have a feeling the Pork awards this year will go to Raymond and Kate. Anyways love how Raymond is so sporting throughout, escorting the girls etc. Happy for Kenneth and Tavia. Sometimes it’s not just the winners but good to watch the losers. The one who gain my tremendous respect is Laughing. From his results last year with all the hype and empty handed he still goes on with lots of participation with tvb events. The one who lost my total respect is Myolie – how she was depressed 6 years ago when she lost the award to Charmaine and her win speech last year.

    Hope to see graciousness in all winners and losers hence there will be no losers, it’s hard to choose between Power and KMW for supporting and HIM and Oscar for Most Improve. Hope they all win internally.

    1. I like Kevin too but last year I seriously think Laughing’s character was harder and physically challenging to act. Similarly I think Raymond and Kate’s role is more challenging to act and I hope they do get some recognition.

    2. I felt that Myolie’s thankyou speech at astro was quite…saddening. Especially when she commented on Him’s touching, sweet speech and then linked it to her own life. Although she may have had the intension to make it as a joke, the audience all went “awwwwww…” lol.

  24. I don’t know who to pick in TVB’s awards, Koo Ming Wah or Power Chan!

  25. Malaysian fans really like “on call” more than other series. This is the only good medical drama recently.

  26. Looking back at the histoy, Tavia use to never receeived any nommination from astro until 2008 for Dicey Business. Before that, she never get into nomminaiton list(even the top 20 character list). Ron even got a nommination for best actor back in 2005. For Kenneth, its even less recgoniztion. Looking at this year, I feel so happy that both of them got best actor and actress. I think this award means a lot to Tavia and Kenneth because both of them worked hard since graduating from TVB acting class and be able to get the big awards.

  27. Also, astro use to be a year behind in terms of the series that they award. For 2006award ceremony, its the series the year before that gets awards. It changed in 2010 when the series were on track with hong kong j2 channel. This year, even TC gets nomminations when it didnt even air yet. So this is not a good predicition of TVB’s results in general. Before 2010, astro is awarded after TVB’s anniversary awards. I see astro as another award ceremony that TVB artists and veiwers should look forward to every year.

  28. I still cant beleive Kenneth won best actor. If you tink about it, he got it before Bosco and Ron despite the fact that these two were ahead of him in terms of popularity and position in TVB. Just thinking the fact that his name made it to the best actor list along with the past winners like Moses, Raymond, Roger.. is quite amazing. Im still shocked, but very very happy for him.

    1. Ron Ng’s popularity has decreased a lot in Hong Kong in the last 2 years. First, his acting has not improved much; secondly, he had too many scandals in the last two years; thirdly, his roles have become lighter and lighter. He is more a support actor now than a siu sang in TVB. TVB does not promote him much due to all the above reasons.

      1. As much as I want to like Ron as his fan, all his roles in the past year or two haven’t been significant. He also seems to be lacking in energy even off screen. Putting his scandals aside and out of the discussion, he doesn’t really seem to be very passionate in acting anymore imo. He stood out in TITS, that was the series that I really began to notice and follow his performance from then. But his roles are so similar now..the aggressive, tough and thick headed guy.

      2. There are rumours that Bosco will leave TVB for mainland dramas and low profile hk movies. Maybe that’s why TVB don’t promote him anymore and he himself is always absent from tvb events and awards except the anniversary. What a pity because he look like he’s serious in acting. I think HK mainstream entertainment bothers him with too much gossips.

        As for Ron, I heard he will leave TVB too. Ron might need this for him to find his acting passion again. I think he’s losing it.

      3. Bosco’s contract if im not wrong will not end before 2017 so he still has a long way to go with TVB.

    2. FYI, Raymond Lam won as Best Actor – Twin of Brothers in 2005; and – Moonlight Resonance in 2009

  29. Michael Tse was virtually ignored previously for his awesome and riveting portrayal of ‘Laughing Gor’ in E.U.
    His indomitable screen presence and larger than life performance, formally acknowledged by TVB & AOD with the 2012 AOD award, My Favourite Classic Role (5-Year Anniversary Special Award) finally did him justice, albeit a bit belated.
    Congratulations to him! It is good that the voice of the public is finally heard.

  30. Since Kenneth already win Astro Malaysia award, I hope Ray can win TVB award. That way nobody is left out. Kenneth can’t win TVB King before Ray.

    1. ASTRO is fan voted. TVB is executive voted. Different category.

      1. I thought TVB has changed this year into voting by fans only. No?

      2. The TVKing and TvQueen of TVB is voted by FANS. Not the executives this year. But hey, who knows what happens behind closed doors. I hope they will truly leave it up to the fans if that’s what they planned for and not twist the results.

      3. And why can’t Kenneth win TVB King before Ray?? Extremely bias much lol

      4. “That way nobody is left out.”

        What’s the point of it being called ‘Best Actor/Actress’ award if the award should or needs to be shared around to make it supposedly equal/balanced so that nobody is ‘left out’ lol

        A lot of people did get left out this year, as they didn’t even make it to the nominations lol.

      5. The numbers of votes WILL NOT BE DISCLOSED, as per TVB’s announcement. Will it be a fair one?!

  31. Hooray, Malaysia, for voting The Hippocratic Oath, Kenneth & Tavia. After reading the HK Award & the tussles, Msia’s award win just come out right. Amongst all, I think they deserve the win. The Hippocratic Oath remains the best despite the many other commended series.

    1. Yup completely agree with u! The whole team of T H C did a great job! Both Tavia & Kenneth made the series alive despite being with a team of new artists. Congrats.!!! Love this series most 😀

      1. The part where KM proposed TY on someone’s wedding was the most memorable part. Very romantic if compare to LF and Kate chemistry…..

      2. I thought the part where KM proposed to TY at their friends’ wedding was horrible. What a way to hijack someone else’s special day! Oh well … just a drama. Don’t think people are so tactless in real life.

  32. I like all of them: Kenneth, Raymond, Bosco, Ron, and Sammuel. It’s perfectly fine that Kenneth receives Best Actor Award before Raymond, Bosco or Ron when he deserves it, which he did.

  33. Realistically, it is not a good idea to propose at a friend’s wedding, but the words that Kenneth’s character said to Tavia’s character is touching, meaningful, and romantic.

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