2012 Miss Hong Kong Pageant: Carat Cheung Wins Crown!

The 2012 Miss Hong Kong Pageant took place on Sunday evening, August 26th in Hong Kong. Carat Cheung (張名雅) has been announced as the 2012 Miss Hong Kong winner! Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) was selected as the first runner-up, while Tracy Chu (朱千雪) was the second runner-up.

Carat Cheung is the niece of director Alfred Cheung (張堅庭).  As an early favorite in the pageant, Carat also won the Miss International Goodwill Award and Aviation Ambassador Award. With interests in singing and dancing, the 24-year-old student has indicated her aspiration in becoming an outstanding actress.

First runner-up, Jacqueline Wong, is a 23-year-old masters student, whose aspiration is to live a full and exciting life without any regrets.

Second runner-up, Tracy Chung, is a 24-year-old Administrative Assistant with an undergraduate degree. Tracy was a semi-popular candidate at the beginning of the pageant. However, she continued to lose weight and put forth a good performance on the evening of the pageant.

Jennifer Shum (岑杏賢) won the Miss Photogenic Award. The 23-year-old Masters student has expressed the desire to become a clinical psychologist.

TVB Servers Unable to Handle Large Volume of Live Votes

Due to the revised format of this year’s pageant, the judging panel selected the top 3 candidates, while live audience’s votes were to determine the actual winner. However, TVB experienced a technical glitch and was unable to handle the large volume of live votes, resulting in its servers crashing. Many frustrated voters were unable to place their votes.

As a result, the judges’ votes determined the outcome of the final pageant results. Online Hong Kong forums have since been flooded with disappointed remarks that they were unable to select the final winner.

This year’s Miss Hong Kong judging panel consisted of notable superstars, Andy Lau (劉德華), Carina Lau (劉嘉玲), and Angie Chiu (趙雅芝). Carina wore an eye-catching green gown with a plunging neckline, revealing her ample cleavage.

Hot Favorite Roxanne Tong Unable to Be Placed

Kent Tong’s (湯鎮業) niece, Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯), was the hot favorite to win the crown since the official candidates were announced. Along with Amy Cheung (張鈞美), and Jennifer Shum (岑杏賢), Roxanne Tong had survived numerous elimination rounds to remain as the final 6 candidates. However, the women were unable to advance further in the last hour of the pageant.

In the pageant finals, Roxanne had a question-and-answer exchange with Kay Tse. When Roxanne indicated that she enjoys listening to Kay’s music, Kay asked Roxanne to sing one of her songs. Roxanne sang one line to Kay’s signature song, Wedding Invitation Street <囍帖街> and was unable to continue.

Furthermore, it was uncertain whether Roxanne’s rumors throughout the pageant had affected her inability to place within the top 3 winners. Possessing flagrant negative rumors, Roxanne allegedly had colorful nightlife habits and also “bullied” another pageant contestant, Melanie McAndrew (李渼琦), while filming together in London.

Overseas Candidates’ Cantonese Weak

Overseas candidates, Amy Cheung and Melanie McAndrew’s (李渼琦) weak Cantonese may have undermined their performance on the pageant finals night. New York native, Amy Cheung, spoke in heavily accented Cantonese. Hailing from Australia, Melanie McAndrew was asked in the interview segment how many times she had dated in the past. She replied, “Three months.” Seeing the audience reaction and realizing that her response did not make any sense, Melanie asked the questions to be repeated and finally answered that she has not dated in the past.

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  1. I don’t like Roxanne Tong. Her face just gives me the impression she is a go getter that will stop at nothing which is a quality much needed to survive in the entertainment world but not such an obvious face. My favourite is out? Jacqueline Wong? Should be her and oh she’s in!

    1. Out of the bunch, I think Amy Cheung look the best. I don’t like Roxanne too.

      1. If you’re a judge, you want to choose someone with a winner’s look.

        None of them possesses a single portion of a winner’s look.

        Carat was selected 99% because she knew how to impress the judges with some decent and heart-pleasing answers rather than based on her dull china-doll look.

        No wonder why every year Miss Hong Kong enters as a “big flop” in Miss Chinese International Contest.

      2. I also didn’t think Carat was very outstanding, smart, or witty in her answers. She didn’t stand out much during the competition, but was said to have background with her uncle. I think she was calm enough, but she gave very vague and forgettable replies every time she speaks. My favorite was Tracy among top ten (initially it was Hilary before she was ousted), but I think Carat has more of the winner’s look. Between, Jacqueline and Carat, I’m glad that Carat won since Jacqueline looks like the type of girl who will play a maid in TVB series though she possesses a fun and carefree personality it seems.

      3. I agree with Chriselle, My best choice was Tracy, she has a great natural smile which is so sweet and draws ur attention and not everyone can have such a natural smile.

      4. You’re absolutely right Nicole! It’s Tracy’s gummy smile that makes her come across as having a big mouth and is not very flattering because of it. Earlier I couldn’t quite place my tongue on what it was that I didn’t like about her smile and now I have finally come to realize that it’s her gum revealing smile.
        Sadly….I have that same flaw as her whenever I smile or laugh….I end up showing too much upper gums….*sigh*

    2. i dont like roxanne too. nothing outstanding. i prefer Tracy to be the winner coz i think she has a pure smile and good personality.

    3. I didn’t know winners were announced! In the past if Roxanne Tong is in top 10 I will say she is earmarked to be promoted. The 1st runner up will be immediately promoted to actress status whilst 1st place can waste 1 year doing something else.

      However these days not sure if TVB is of the same tactic.

      1. I heard 620 likes the second runner up as her MHK favourite choice.

      2. I don’t think TVB has the same tactic anymore as Rebecca Zhu (the winner of 2011) had already filmed movie and series before she passed on her crown. So it is hard to predict what TVB will do to the contestants and winners this year.

      3. @lol, did 620 really say that? Nice to hear since I like Tracy and she seems like a down-to-earth type of girl. 🙂 Not exceptionally beautiful, but would make a good supporting actress if she had the desire and skills.

      4. Most promoted MHK in the past are usually champion and 2nd runner ups.
        Champions usually get to act leading roles really soon, like Lee San San, Sonija and of course Rebecca. But usually they fade out because most do not do a good job.
        But 2nd runner ups usually end up as Best Actress. Ada, Charmaine and Myolie were all 2nd runner up. About whether TVB changed their tactics.. Well, Sire Ma was 2nd runner up, and she won Most improved actress award last year, maybe she will win best actress in about 10 years. haha
        so I’d say they will still promote those 2nd runner up they like.

    4. I dont like like Roxanne too. She is not that pretty imo and was not outstanding in general. Annoyed by Grasshopper who repeated voiced out so loudly for her!

  2. Jennifer Shum is Most Photogenic? Which one is her? She didn’t stand out

    1. 100s of judges and millions of ppl throughout the world picked Jenifer to be miss photogenic. No question about that!!!!

      1. Actually nobody voted except for the judges because the server crashed. The car that was up for awards were not even given out. lol fail at tvb

      2. well actually Miss Photogenic was picked out by 15 past Miss Hong Kongs winners/1st/2nd runnner up….

    2. I think Jennifer Shum was picked up for most photogenic is because audience thinks she has a genuine smile and not a forced one.

      Btw, I also don’t think she looks the prettiest there..

      1. Jennifer looks very mature and does not have the looks. So it is a joke that we won Miss Photogenic. I agree that women tend to vote for someone less threatening.

    3. Jennifer seems like a sincere girl, but I was surprised to see her as the Miss Photogenic recipient. She looks rather old to me when she smiles. Not the modern type of beautiful I would say.

  3. With these 3 pork chops to be in pole positions to be crowned as miss hong kong, I expect them to encounter another equally disastrous( flop ) year again in MCI next year.

  4. LOL, the voting system CRASHED! HAHAHAA and the ranking had to be picked by the judges. LOLOLOL

    1. What? Voting system crashed? Is this a joke or is this planned by TVB?

      1. After hyping the one person one vote, the system crashed. What failure.

    2. i laughed really hard when i heard the voting system crashed. Eric Tsang’s reaction was so funny. he did a great job with his daughter as emcees today

      1. Me too! I was laughing like mad, because they keep harping about one vote per person.

      2. @lol: yeaaa…i watched it last night. Finished at 2am in australia. I think carat deserved it. She looked the Prettiest out of Tracy and Jacqueline. However, i prefer jennifer to win

      3. @lol,

        I do think Carat deserved winning the MHK looking at how tracy and jacqueline bickering each other just bring down the standard level of MHk.. cARAt’s answers was the most approriate one.

    3. The top 3 were picked by panel judges, then only voted by public.

      1. No, the voting system crashed, so ended up with the ranking picked by the judges as well. TVB is so embarrassing. Gosh.

      2. Hey Jan…you can always try AEU. Then normally put it up.

    4. They should have see that coming. What a joke! TVB is managed by some bunch of morons

  5. why tvb alway choose the winner with made in china look….

      1. Carat looks so fake. Not natural at all.
        Tracy on the other hand, look very natural and I like her smile.

  6. Carat is quite ok to win. Better than letting Tracy Chu to win. Among Carat, Tracy and Jacqueline, Carat looks the best.

    1. Carat cheung is in similar quality as Toby Chan. She is a pork chop too that is made from China but she is the most deserving pork chop to win this MHK just like Toby .

      1. that’s why i say she has exactly 99% same quality (category) as Toby Chan as majority of chinese people would have perceived.

      2. I don’t think Toby is a pork chop….. but I do agree that Carat should not have won

      3. Carat is prettier than Toby Chan IMO. The biggest downfall with Toby’s looks is the way she smiles although it’s not her fault.

    2. I also dislike Tracy Chu for some reasons LOL.. probably because I think she’s not “genuine” enough and somehow looked forced out “fake”.

    3. Carat resembles Kelly Chen, she does have a bit of China girl look, but after I watched her conversation on dinner table, I think she deserves to win

      1. carat got quality in herself, hey why cythia is not in podium? she looks great

      2. For all you know since her uncle is director, the conversation has all been pre-planned. Remember that all these beauty contests are fixed even before the competition begins. Either the winner sleeps her way up or she is related to some high ups.

      3. very true. All these were fixed before the final. Carat was either linked to sb or slept (with sb) all her way to the final.

  7. I wanted Amy to win very promising and nice girl. Good luck to Carat but in those three, Tracy was my favorite.

  8. The server crash was hilarious and I LOLed! Between the top three I prefer Tracy, but Carat was an ok winner and prettier.

    1. She may be prettier than Tracy but she looks so fake! Bet she had done something to her face perhaps the chin. Something doesn’t look right..I mean not natural…..

  9. omfg TVBis so f*ucking hopeless. They know millions of honkers are gonna vote and they couldn’t even handle a simple IT operation. Tracy would have won by a huge margin if there wan’t a technical glitch. Even 620 said she voted for Tracy so that says everything………

      1. Jacqueline looks like she’s balding.
        Tracy only looked good after she lost like 15 lbs? She was so sorry looking when the first pictures were out.
        Carat’s connections win over Roxanne’s. LOL

      2. I think last year’s Miss HK Rebecca Zhu look prettier than all three.

      3. I find Tracy Chu’s pose is always the same. Her facial expression is null. The hairdo and makeup are the most outstanding in her.

        Pity that Christy Chung dun have any award. She is the best poser.

      4. Pity that Christy Chung dun have any award

        You mean Christy Chan?

      5. I disagree with Nicole. I already like Tracy when I saw her first picture (those audition photos). She looks very good with minimal make up.

      6. Personally, i dont think that Tracy looks pretty. Jacquline looks like a pork chop. Carat looks the prettiest out of the 3 finalist. I was surprised when jacquline got into the top 3! I thought jenifer will

      7. Tracy has perfect body and quite pretty, I thought she would be the winner or 1st runner up.. Jacqeline Wong was shining with confidence and wisdom, that totally convinced me

    1. i dont think tracy would win when it matters. All these pork chops had been picked/arranged b4 hand by TVB before this final event.

      whether there’s existence of any of this internet system for public voting in reality is beyond the realm of certainty. Not to imagine if the voting by these judges are actually being manipulated or what.

    2. Like what I commented it has all been fixed since TVB knows that Tracy will get most votes so they purposely come up with such ridiculous reason as this is not the first time TVB organise such event and their IT staff would have made preparation for it….

  10. Even though I have yet to watch the pageant, I really wanted Tracy to win since she seems more genuine and imo has a winner’s look. Last year’s results was probably the best in a long time and this year was a disappointing.

    1. Yes, I think the top 3 last year was the best for the recent 10+ years.

  11. I was watching live n my favourite is Jacqueline followed by Tracy. Carat has that typical china look. Christy made a big mistake in 1st round by saying she always cheat guys instead of the other way round from the question posed by Wayne Lai n later backfired that it was a lie if she is a winner.Melanie is like making a fool out of herself during the pageant with her poor cantonese.

    1. jacqueline wong is a very nice type of village looking gal which i like but if you compare to christine kuo or ocean zhu you wouldnt even need to have a second look at her.

    2. I’m proud of melanie. She tried her best and she shouls be proud that she made it to the top 10 even though her canto isnt the best. Everyone should be proud of her achievement

    3. Yea I was thinking similarly. I thought: “Why placing Melanie in the top 10?” poor girl she can’t even hear Canto.

    4. “Melanie is like making a fool out of herself during the pageant with her poor cantonese.”

      Haha, the fool part was a little harsh, but I agree. She was one of my least favorite contestants and it’s shocking to know that she advanced to top ten. She also didn’t have the posture and poise necessarily of a MHK and her walking/dancing was rather stiff.

  12. Overall the pageant program this year was great n interesting esp Cyril magic show performance with Andy Lau. Unlike those previous years was kinda boring with too much crying n emotions. Grasshopper Remus was funny during the time when he posed a question to Tracy,he was even more panic than her 😀

    1. mhk presentation&mkting = grade A
      mhk beauty/feminine quality = grade D

  13. i just reckon carat is damn lucky cause theres no way she would have won be there no technical glitch…….pretty much all the fadans and siu sans all voted for tracey even 620 …….and that one who came 2nd too…..she must be like thank god for andy lau and carina.

    1. Actually, Carat won the audience popularity award, and Jacqueline has been leading in the rankings on MHK website. So even if the system is working, doubt Tracy will win.

      1. the person ranking no.1 is actually Jacquline Wong on the internet and you can tell that tvb has frozen the poll on it as well. Plus I agree with Sushiroll that Carat is lucky and in the end Tracey was a black horse that popularity shot up if they system has not failed.

  14. How is Carat Cheung the winner? Out of all of them, I really do not see what makes her stand out. What a joke.

    1. it’s not a joke. If carat didnt win, it’s an insult to toby chan because they are the same type of people physically(appearance).

  15. Aand and it was so funny….that guy who sat next to 620 (can’t remember his name), they were passing the microphone to each other to say who they voted for, and he was like sh*t, can’t pass it to 620 cause she’s the big boss. Then Eric Tsang, him being so nosey was like “oh 620 who did you vote for?” rofl. and then she reluctantly says Tracey…..

  16. even though carat and jacqueline were leading online earlier, things change on the night when they all got dressed up. It was clear that Tracey was the stand out and had the best performance and makeup and styling.

  17. not a carat fan, but I expected the results to be disappointed. My fave was jacqueline, so glad she 2nd place! Then I also liked amy and melanie.

    1. melanie was a big flop during the pageant. she was paired with king kong during the dinner and was suppose to ask him a question. she asked king kong how she can improve her chinese (I assumed she meant cantonese). king kong doesn’t even speak good cantonese. what a disaster. she’s the most undeserved top 10 finalist.

      1. in my opinion, melanie has always been a weak contender from the beginning. the only thing she has is her caucasian looks. the way she speaks (due to her weak command of cantonese) is just so unconvincing. She can be a model, but never a miss HK. I am surprised she made it to the top 10

  18. The sequined qipaos and evening gowns look nice. The technical glitch is a big embarrassment for TVB though.

      1. It’s really embarassing. How can this failure happened? I feel sorry for Andy Lau who has to headline this embarrassing pageant.

      2. clamine:
        Thanks for posting the link.

        I just finished watching the results on the video clip. As per video clip, Carat Cheung was the prettiest one, then Tracy and Jacqueline. Jacqueline (1st runner up) was not pretty at all. She looked terrible with that kind of hair-do.

        In fact, none of them was very pretty for Miss Hong Kong.

    1. The qipaos looked so familiar! Did TvB reuse its
      Own resources? Pretty sure they used it last year

  19. i didn’t watch the pageant until the very end, when they were announcing the winners. couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw the three of them; they all looked so plain! tracy chu probably stood out most but she only got 2nd runner up.
    the winner looks like one of those generic mainland actresses with her small, pointy face and tall nose. i didn’t know she was alfred cheung’s niece until i read this article. was her win rigged? alfred cheung is albert yeung’s son-in-law. albert yeung is the founder and chairman of eeg. eeg and tvb have good relations…. smells like toby chan all over again…

    1. I just noticed Carat’s connection story above. She’s connected to Albert Yeung?

      1. not directly.. but she *is* albert yeung’s son-in-law’s niece so there is a connection of some kind. i didn’t watch the rest of the pageant so i don’t know how well she performed. maybe she won based on her interview skills. i don’t know…

    2. ” alfred cheung is albert yeung’s son-in-law. ”

      Thanks for the info. There has always been rumors about Carat’s connections in the industry, but didn’t exactly know who she was connected to. Is it me or does the connections seem rather useless… son-in-law, then neice… kinda forced.

      I think the fact that Carat had former pageant experience might have helped her. Unfortunately, Hilary didn’t carry the same luck.

    1. Same here! my top three. plus Jennifer I think she is very attractive.

  20. Gosh, Carat really does have the mainland china girls’ look. What type of name is Carat? How many carat does the jewel weighs? Jokes aside, the girl at right of the first photo have too wide of a smile.

    1. The weight can also be estimated from her status as the niece of director Alfred Cheung who is the son in law of EEG director Albert Yeung.

      1. Alfred Cheung surname is Cheung, Albert Yeung’s surname is Yeung.

        Beside being a film director, Alfred Cheung was also a scriptwriter and actor.

        If Alfred Cheung is Albert Yeung’s son, Albert would be a father at age 12.

      2. Son in law. Alfred Cheung’s wife is Cindy Yeung the daughter of Alfred Yeung

      3. wow, no wonder carat won!such strong background, i am amazed no one talked about it beforehand, just roxanne who got a lot of publicity that she is Kent Tong’s niece.

        Carat said her name has the meaning of a shining diamond. probably thats the reason why the english name is carat.

      4. Roxanne was just a smoke screen for carat, so the media will focus on her and ignore the one with the real background (relations to executives) LOL

      5. Oops, sorry, lol. I was sleepy when I made that comment. Miss out the ‘in law’.

  21. What else can be better than the voting system crashed? Or else Roxanne would have won, which is a nightmare.

    1. Well, top 3 ladies are the only choices to vote… except the voting system went kaput.

  22. The server crashed? Wonder if it’s planned carefully by TVB, LOL

    What’s the point with a voting system when it’s not fair anyway. Want to be fair then the contestants should’ve been handpicked by the audience in the first place.

    The only good thing is that this embarrasing pageant is finally over.

  23. melanie’s cantonese was just horrible, how did she even get into top 10? Carats face looks soo wierd, she has big nostrils and her smile is so fake…

    1. melanie really dont understand chinese! She could have ask english before.

  24. noticed most of the artists + 626 liked tracy.

    isn’t carat from vancouver or something?

  25. Just finished watching the Miss HK 2012 pageant. Honestly, I have to say, it seemed totally rigged that Carat Cheung won – I mean in terms of a popularity contest (viewer’s choice) it totally would have been either Tracy Chu or Jacqueline Wong. Jacqueline was killing the online polls so there’s no doubt she would have won. It even seemed forced when they were like “the server is down.” What BS – I mean shouldn’t you have been able to predict the server overload? I mean Carat Cheung is deserving and she “performed” really well – probably the best overall, but the fact is I don’t feel like she is genuine – everything she says seems rehearsed and scripted, and she has this air of arrogance about her. I mean should the Miss Hong Kong winner just be this scripted perfect contestant who says and does the right things or do we want someone who is genuine and someone people can relate to? I would have much preferred Tracy Chu as she actually seemed real and gracious.

    I’m so glad that Roxanne Tong didn’t win, I mean the way she presented herself was just so conceited and egotistical like “look at how good I am.” The Miss Hong Kong winner should be a humble and gracious individual. Jennifer Shum was also well deserving of the Miss Photogenic award as she really has a great camera presence!

  26. So pissed off with the results. It is so obvious that Tracy would have won and not Carat. What pissed me off is that throughout the show, they kept going on about how the public decides but in the end it is the judge that decides. They should add extra time and let the audience in the show vote instead!

    1. Can’t agree with u more! RIDICULOUS!!!!! Maybe tvb just didn’t want to give out the car lol

      1. They want to give it to their own employees like raymond lam xD
        Did raymond lam leave halfway! His seat was empty

    2. Its not the extra time to vote. Its the cheapass servers that TVB relies on so stupid that it can not handle the volume load.

      10 minutes is really enough time. TVB drops a ball, big time.

      1. They could have better plan B if the servers down, switch to an offsite server. Then to the judges vote if it really doesnt work out.

  27. carat is very spontanious and smart, she have a high class aura too, a good choise of the jury.

    1. “Carat has a high class aura”?

      You wordings are excellent but INCOMPLETE.

      It should be read like that “Carat has a high class aura of a PIG” She was undeniably the most deserving to win this pork chop award among all the final 3 contestants.

      Carat has the same attributes as Toby Chan. So, why not she deserves it?

  28. I bet TVB probably planned to “rig” it all along by purposely having a server that couldn’t hold the volume. I mean come on, that’s ridiculous. I would have preferred to have waited until tomorrow for the results so they could “fix the server,” and people could cast their votes. Plain and simple, Carat Cheung got lucky

  29. Yes, I agree that Melanie’s cantonese is terrible, but I felt like TVB is horrible by making her out to be some sort of fool just for laughs – pairing her up with King Kong and saying things like “we don’t have english translation, so I’ll translate.” Shame on your TVB

    1. Yes, I think TVB was rude to Melane. They could easily have paired her with Jason Chan, who knows English so it would have made everything less awkward for her.

      1. I notice LF keeps looking at Jason.. I wonder LF was thinking that night?

      2. they are good friends , they acted together in shaw bros’ movie-“perfect wedding”Kam kong impressed me the most when he self admitting he is one of tvb’s top five siu sang….cannot stop laughing!!!!!haahahahahahahahaha..lol

    2. I never think Melanie is a pretty girl, except she is a mixed. She may have pretty eyes for being a mixed.

      It is a big disadvantage if a contestant cannot speak fluent Cantonese as the main language/dialect in Hong Kong is Cantonese. How can sh represent Hong Kong in other international beauty pageant shows if she cannot speak fluent Cantonese?

      1. That’s completely besides the point. I never said I think she deserved to win. I think that it’s TVB’s fault they let her so far into the competition knowing very well she didn’t speak cantonese fluently. Instead, it seemed like TVB purposely let her into this competition just to create a story and to make her a laughing stock. I think this is totally inappropriate, so shame on TVB!

      2. The problem her I think she cant even speak fluent English. She is half baked and doesn’t have good posture. they should get these contestants to polish up on their cantonese and not make a fool out of themselves

      3. Again, it doesn’t matter if she can’t speak fluent english or whether she’s deaf/mute and can only use sign language. The issue here is that TVB knew this all along, and STILL miraculously let her through to the finals. Why did they do this? For a story, and to make her out to be some kind of idiot in front of millions of viewers. That is just inappropriate and shameless on TVB’s part.

  30. I didn’t really follow MHK but glad Roxanne didn’t win

  31. I just finished watching the pageant and the top 3 probably had the best answers and kept their composure for the most part. Tracy looks like Sarah Song to me. The hairstylist must really hate Jacqueline because they accentuated her high forehead! Otherwise, she’s really cute. Carat gives off an elegant quality.

    I think Christy looked beautiful, but she screwed up her first answer by saying she always cheated guys which probably left a bad impression. Melanie was awful. It wasn’t only her cantonese, since her posture was not good and she just did not have a natural smile.

    1. Tracy looks okie but the differences are still like a heaven and a sky when comparing to Sarah Song.

    2. The hairstylist must really hate Jacqueline because they accentuated her high forehead!
      Agree. I don’t think she is pretty at all!

      1. Alison- Jacqueline did not win Miss Photogenic. Jennifer Shum did.

  32. So.. a girl related to someone on the show won? Would never happen in the West, mostly because family members of people involved with a contest cannot enter or partake in those contests.

  33. Well to take everything completely off course, I’m gonna go ahead and say Wingto Lam was soooo pretty, I must have a weird taste in women, and have no clue about miss hong kong material or something as no one else on this page has even mentioned her.

    Since I only watched the final I can’t really comment on her character, but in terms of looks and first impression I quite liked her.

    Anywho I didn’t expect her to win or anything but I was really hoping for miss photogenic going to her.

  34. I guessed them all right. I am not trying to brag, but you kinda have an idea every year who will win. Don’t be subjective. The results are pretty fair in my opinion. I don’t especially like these three, but they are the strongest contestants. Jennifer Shum got sidelined with major awards instead of “pork meat” awards. It is a beauty pageant. Carat is more beautiful than Jennifer physically and YOUNGER.

    1. She may be younger in age but she looks very mature. She looks like early thirties.

      1. Frankly both Carat and Jennifer looks old. Carat looks really fake wherelse Jennifer looks like plain jane.

  35. Also, Roxanne had no chance. She really didn’t. She was winning lots of awards that weren’t than meaningful.

    1. Don’t worry. Even Roxanne Tong did not win, she will be surely recruited by TVB as one of her newbies through her uncle’s connections.

      1. At least she won something and even if she did not have her uncle’s connections, she would still manage to make it in to the circle. Just wonder if she can handle not being able to sleep a lot?? I do not think that not getting the crown is a big deal because if their goal is to enter the industry, just making it as far as she did is already enough. I have noticed that many of the non winners at times seem to be more successful than the actual winners but it of course varies..

      2. Winning or not, Roxanne already got her limelight from her rumours. That’s what she wanted isn’t it, getting her minutes of fame.

      3. She looks really worn out probably not sleeping well. Thank god she didn’t win

  36. What a funny MHK show! The audience booed when they announced the server crash!

  37. I am a bit shocked that Carat won, but congrats to her and all other winners!! I am not sure if the language problem was what prevented some of the contestants to lose unless TVB’s tactics have changed. I remember back in 1994 Theresa Lee and the 1st runner up both had weak Cantonese too, but ended up as 1st and 2nd runner up.

    I thought the crowns would have a special design to commemorate the 40th anniversary like they did for the 20th and 30th anniversary and a special prize. In 1992 for the 20th anniversary, Emily Lo got in addition to the crown and staff a pin that was worth over 800,000 Hk dollars. I guess TVB is getting either poor or cheap.

      1. I can be and boy you love to pick on me… I can say that as long you are here… Zai Jian to this place since I cannot stand evil people like you and some who just like to start fights and bully others for no good reason!!!! Continue doing that while you can!!

      2. LOL, HTS I think you got a stalker who is obsessed with you.

        Can’t find any other logical explaination, poor you hehe…

      3. How is HeTieShou naive? Maybe it’s your ignorant closemindedness that’s naive.

    1. In 1994, the 1st runner up with weak english was really pretty plus she had a shining personality.
      I just think (Melanie?) didn’t shine in the show. Other girls did a lot better job then her and she seems scared and lost abit of confidence.

      TVB just doesn’t want to spend too much and tried to cut their cost.

    2. HeTieShou
      Hong Kong was still a British Colony in 1994. Probably speaking Cantonese or not was not as critical. However, Hong Kong is part of China now, and Miss Hong Kong needs to speak fluent Cantonese to represent Hong Kong in other beauty pageant shows.

  38. i think carat deserved the crown. i personally really like amy though…

    1. There is no such thing that she deserves to win. Other contestants fair well too. The difference between her and the others are she has background. Period.

  39. Roxanne was such a suck up when answering Kay’s question. She was so dishonest about listening to Kay’s songs. Come on, seriously. For that reason alone, I’m glad she didn’t win!

  40. Obviously TVB rigged the contest results. They have been heavily promoting the “1 person, 1 vote” tactic, but of course pulled a “oops the server crashed” excuse so the judges could vote. It was SO FAKE. Even Eric Tsang had to pretend like he didn’t know the server would crash and act all embarassed. I can’t believe TVB would pull off such a shady stint.

    And for the winner..I thought Tracy did well and had a lot of confidence. Unfort Carat won for her looks..but does anyone else think she looks like she’s from China? I’m surprised her Cantonese was very fluent (I guess I’ll take anyone who can speak better Cantonese than Christine Kuo).

    I also loved the magic performance with Cyril and Andy Lau. So entertaining!

    1. and some of the segments were absolutely CRINGE-WORTHY! like when the contestants had to eat with the male TVB stars and have a conversation with them.

    2. Carat won for her looks? I think a few of the contestants was prettier then her. Tracy was prettier and elegant then her. If you watched the live show you saw her standing at the side Tracey in the middle and Jacqueline at the other side. That is what it should have been. Tracy winner. Carat 1st runner-up and jacqueline 2st runner up.

  41. If she likes Kay’s song, she could have at least sang few phrases. so fake! lol! Even though she will be recruited by TVB, her looks will most probably be suitable to play villain.

  42. BTW, Ken Tong is based in China I think since he married mainland chinese. So Roxanne can make her bucks in China.

  43. Melanie looks pretty but the fact is her poor english … And if you look at her, she is more european’s look than asian : that’s her weakness ! But what are her origins ?

    1. I don’t know her exact origins but I think that she has chinese origins on one side because to be contestant you need a hk identity card ! For the rest , I also think that not speak fluent cantonese in HK nowdays is a big disavantage !

      1. I thought during the pageant where they talked abuot the origin of their chinese name she said that her mother named her (her mother is chinese), and I’m pretty sure her father is Australian, makes sense that her father is caucasian since her last name is McAndrew.

      2. I agree, but I say shame on TVB for letting her through knowing she didn’t speak fluent cantonese. They just purposely let her through to make her look like a fool for laughs – especially pairing her with King Kong. Terrible!

    2. You mean she is poor in Cantonese not English. Anyway MHK needs to speak good English when they compete in Miss World/ Universe.

      1. I think Melanie will have better chance if she attempts Miss Chinese International. In fact, there is a lot of Eurasian who are more pretty than her but she isn’t ugly !

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