2012 Miss Hong Kong Pageant Copies “Bride Wannabes,” Exposing the “Ugly” Side of Women?

TVB Reality TV dating show, Bride Wannabes <盛女愛作戰>, has been a cult hit since its broadcast earlier in April. The “leftover bachelorettes” on the show underwent intensive makeovers and personality coaching lessons, morphing into more “beautiful” women to successfully attract men and find love. TVB announced that the 2012 Miss Hong Kong Pageant will borrow the format of Bride Wannabe, in which the beauty contestants will be transformed from “ordinary women” to beauty queens right before the audience’s eyes!

Since Reality TV shows such as America’s Top Model became popular, endless permutations of such concepts offering “miraculous” transformations have given hope and laughter to audiences. Bride Wannabe was conceived by former TVB General Manager, Stephen Chan (陳志雲) and took 10 months to produce. Apparently, TVB wished to add more entertaining elements to its Miss Hong Kong Pageant, which has been criticized as being dull for many years!

TVB’s Director of Production, Sandy Yu (余詠珊) said, “This year’s Miss Hong Kong Pageant will borrow elements from Bride Wannabes. One of the selling points will be the transformative power of makeup!” Ms. Yu was asked if she was afraid that the new adopted format of the Miss Hong Kong Pageant will deter contestants from joining, due to its chances of exposing the “ugly” side of the women. Ms. Yu said, “There are no ugly women among 18-year-olds! The format will resemble America’s Top Model, where the contestants do not wear much makeup.”

The 2012 Miss Hong Kong Pageant will take place in August. Preparations were currently under way and consultants have been hired to single out contestants who have received plastic surgery. Ms. Yu said, “We will accept candidates who have received whitening or botox injections, but not breast implants or nose surgery!” Prohibition against plastic surgery will be strongly enforced in order to heighten the selling point of the 2012 Miss Hong Kong Pageant: how “packaging” can turn “ordinary” into “miraculous”!

“Bride Wannabes” Criticized As Superficial

Bride Wannabes has generated strong backlash in some instances, where critics complained that the show emphasized superficiality, while discouraging inner qualities. The show encouraged people to wear “masks”  to satisfy society’s standsards, rather than be their true selves.

Nevertheless, Bride Wannabes’ popularity resulted in hot buzz that a male version will be produced, where “ordinary” men will be “improved upon” in order to find love! Celebrities such as Joey Yung (容祖兒) and Samantha Ko (高海寧) were fans of the show, claiming that they will join the celebrity version of Bride Wannabes, if it were to be produced. Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) stated that she will not appear on the show should a celebrity version surface.

Source: Oriental Daily

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Jayne: I always remember the elegance of the Miss Hong Kong contestants from the 1990s! Is turning the Miss Hong Kong Pageant into a version of “American’s Top Model” a good thing? Sure ratings would go up. It would be a great advertising tool for the cosmetics brands. Why not use some slimming center sponsors and show us how to truly combat belly flab and thighs without starving ourselves?

This type of show format no doubt creates a lot of marketing noise for the Miss Hong Kong Pageant. But it will cheapen it. The show has already long lost its grace, when Cheng Dan Sui used to be a high quality host, while Eric Tsang is always making cheap wisecracks and leering at cleavage (as if staring will make the bikinis go transparent)!

Regarding “Bride Wannabes,” I have mixed feelings as to how much professional coaching we should get to change ourselves to suit other people. It really depends on the extremity of the transformation. Is looking for love the same as looking for a job? Sure it’s a competitive world out there, but how much are you willing to change yourself to satisfy “market demands”? Maybe I”m a little old-fashioned similar to the critics who are criticizing this “superficial” aspect of Bride Wannabes.

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  1. TVB should do a male version so these guys can shut up.

  2. Bride Waanabes was great show, The critics need to get a reality check and check out the real world instead of imposing their idealogy.

    If a girl is over 30 and not married, then she needs to do something to stand out from the crowd and present herself well to attract the guys, once you have the guys attention then its a matter of communication to show your inner self.

    As for Miss HK, the standard and the grace of the contestants has come down since the 1990’s

  3. i think its stupid to ban people has done plastics from the beauty pageant. isn’t wearing make up essentially the same thing? that is still not their natural beauty. plus, isn’t the pageant “supposedly” about the whole package, including their smarts and wits. by banning those with plastic surgery, their also denying those who are smart enough, but weren’t confident enough in the first place to participate. i don’t know.. all in all… i think the pageant is becoming more shallow than it is (if possible).

    and in reply to the comment above, just because a woman is over 30 and not married doesn’t mean that she needs to do something. first of all, it may not be the her fault that she can’t find anyone. most people are taught to have standards. second, if the flaw is in her personality, going on this stupid reality show wouldn’t help because you might be able to attract a guy with your face initially but if you’re boring as hell, its not like the relationship will last. and this show probably kills off any later prospects for them because i certainly wouldn’t want to date someone who announces to to the whole hk population that they are “leftovers”.

    1. Plastic should definitely be banned from all pageants. Isn’t the idea to find true beauty? ANYONE can look like a beautiful girl given enough money. Why should someone who is naturally beautiful have to go up against someone who was sculpted into something pretty? It’s cheating essentially.

      1. hmm…. well, plastics can definitely make someone prettier and give them the edge, but i always feel that natural beauty can still win man’s artificial work. thats why im not so against letting them participate- especially if the competition is supposed to be about their entire package and not the face. i guess for me, i wouldn’t do it, but i dont see anything wrong with other people doing it- in fact, korean stars do it all the time. and since hk pageant is a way for people to enter the entertainment industry, i guess i just think it’d give the people with plastics a chance. i mean, its not like they don’t pay a price for what they do- im sure it hurts like **** to go under the knife.

      2. I’ll have to agree with C on this one. As long as they’ve got the guts to admit to their surgery then I’ve got no problems. They really shouldn’t be judged and deemed less of a person because of it.

        Of course I’d rather people be natural and comfortable in their own skin, but it’s difficult when you’ve got others judging you for your every “imperfection.” Just because you’re a natural doesn’t necessarily make you less vain/superficial/a better person than those who chose surgical enhancements either. It’s even more hypocritical if you choose to mask yourself behind makeup anyway. I’d rather have “plastic” but a kind heart than “natural” but a total b*tch.

        Let’s just draw out the same old line again: the most important thing is for the INNER beauty to shine through. Now that is true beauty. (But good looks don’t hurt either and there’s nothing wrong with people who take care of their appearance – just don’t let it swallow you up^^)

      3. Then what is your take on the Miss Universe controversy in Canada? They had a male who had a sex change to become a female. For all biological reason now, he is a she… but should “she” be allowed to compete with other women? After all, all he did was have surgery to make himself look better just like other girls no?

        Sorry, if it isn’t real, then it shouldn’t be in the pageant. Anyone (male OR female) can be made to look the ideal image given enough money… I have no interest in seeing that. Give me something REAL.

      4. I agree with TVBFanatic and that was how it was in the past. But sadly, these days they seem to allow pretty much anything as long as it “looks” good in their eyes even if it is fake. I still remember Chingmy Yao withdrawing just because of a rumour that she fixed her chin. I really miss the old days when people were more natual beauties instead of all of the fake and plastic beauties of today that all look like the typical plastic doll look. That is getting boring and people are losing the uniqueness that each person used to possess.

      5. @TVBFanatic: Well, my reply was formed in response to the view on plastic surgery, in general, and not just pageants. I find the idea of finding “true beauty” from such money making machines as pageants a complete joke anyway. Unless we’re only looking at the outside.

        How is someone who piles on the makeup and looks COMPLETELY different from his/her bare face any better? Sure, it’s a less drastic measure to look good, but it’s still cheating.

        As for the sex change: well, like you said, she IS biologically female. But most importantly, she counts herself mentally as a woman. I’m sure she’s gotten enough stick from society imposing their prejudice on her already – why should she carry on the rest of her life with other people judging her past, impeding her every move. Why should she be penalized for trying to find her own happiness?

        Again, my views aren’t formulated with beauty pageants in mind. I do understand what you’re saying though; it does cheapen everything when everyone can simply obtain “beauty” from money, but does that ONLY encompass surgery and not other forms of aesthetic enhancements such as makeup? I feel like I’m running in circles here, but: I WOULD rather see more natural beauties; I WOULD like to see them promote the idea that beauty can’t be bought and that having good character is essential. I’m actually opposed to the act of plastic surgery ITSELF. At the same time, all I’m saying is some of those who went down the path of surgery probably lacked confidence in the beginning, so they certainly don’t need us pointing fingers and knocking their self-esteem even further.

        If banning “plastics” from pageants is a sure-fire way to tell people natural is the way to go and that people should embrace it, I’m definitely with you on that. However, how can we be sure someone’s not trying to cheat the system and, on the other end of the spectrum, what if someone REALLY is natural, but as we’ve seen on the internet already, people are up in arms to accuse you of being fake? It’s vicious, but we’re all humans and I suppose we do take peoples’ opinions to heart.

      6. I agree with you in regard plastic. I really find it unnecessary BUT if a women chooses to have work done (and it’s obvious) please don’t try to pass it off as nothing has been done.

        I don’t mind when you have a “natural” beauty on the stage, and then you use makeup, hairstyling, and clothing to enhance that beauty… all the girls are still competing with the same benefits available to them. But when one girl has had surgery at $$$$$ dollars done, it cheapens the event. it’s like a sports athlete who is on steroids against one who is not.

        And don’t get me wrong. While I know the pageant is called “Ms Hong Kong” I sorely doubt that it contains the prettiest girls in the country 🙂 I’m sure that there are much prettier girls walking around town (some years I’m positive of that!!!) But purely in terms of competition, I’d rather see a level playing field from the start with no false augmentation. 🙂

  4. Jayne – I truly love your unique interpretations of Wannabe Bride elements in Miss Hong Kong. I finished the whole series of Wannabe Bride and I’ll admit, there’s truly a reason why someone is single. The show was great but Miss Hong Kong need not to be such a cheap show.

    I miss the 90s of Miss Hong Kong a lot.

    1. Pandamao,
      Did you find the relationship experts’ insights on “Bride Wannabes” to be truly insightful?

      What happened to the women who couldn’t find love on such Reality TV dating shows? Does it mean that all the packaging, repackaging, and refinement in communication doesn’t essentially change who you are inside? That is the real source of the problem?

      1. I wasn’t a fan of Santino’s mind games but at the same token agreed with his analysis.

        The women who couldn’t find love had to re-think what the reality is and maybe change their standards a little.. My favorite from the show had to be MeiLing. She’s got a very good insight on the market and spoke the truth to the girls.

        I am not sure if the repackaging helped the girls much but the show gave them courage to go outside of their comfort zone to seek for the other half. Physical change would be the only thing that’s helpful for them. Few of them even listened to what the experts had to say.

        It was a good show, not sure why they had so many complaints. No one belittle the women, it was merely a realization that it’s time to start moving and find that guy.

      2. Pandamao,
        “I am not sure if the repackaging helped the girls much but the show gave them courage to go outside of their comfort zone to seek for the other half. Physical change would be the only thing that’s helpful for them. Few of them even listened to what the experts had to say.”

        Thanks for your insight! I think most people are focusing on the physical transformation and coaching side, which tends to emphasize superficiality. Those tend to the loudest complaints towards the show.

        The Standard newspaper published an insightful article regarding the further controversy towards the show:


  5. I’m not sure I like the idea on incorporating the show into the pageant. I think it cheapens it a bit… but I guess they do what they have to do draw viewers. I always thought the girls should be the star of the show, not the elements surrounding them.

    As to the Wannabe Bride show… finding someone compatible is always challenging. It’s not easy, and in almost any relationship there is going to be some give and take and some change. Growth of character and experience from past relationships help mold a person for future experiences.

    Having a life coach help them really won’t do much. There is an old saying that you can only change those people who wish to be changed. My guess is that all the fake attitudes and styling will soon disappear as they return to their own selves once again.

    That said… it’s always better to be true to yourself, because ending up in a relationship by acting like someone you are not is just a recipe for disaster and unhappiness. How long can you keep up the charade?

    1. TVBFanatic,
      “That said… it’s always better to be true to yourself, because ending up in a relationship by acting like someone you are not is just a recipe for disaster and unhappiness. How long can you keep up the charade?”

      I guess the perspective of the show is to treat the pursuit of love as finding a job. You must represent yourself better to impress in that initial meeting.

      However, impressions are only what you have on the outside. What you have on the inside still closes the deal, gets the job done, and makes the relationship last in the long run.

      I think such quick coaching fixes tend to be quite calculative as well. That if you do this, such results should occur. Based on trends, based on statistics, based on market demand. It’s great for getting noticed, but like what you said, what happens after that is still dependent upon what is inside you in the long run.

      The makeovers, better style sense etc. tend to be good changes. What about the micro-surgery (botox injections) suggested? I believe one of the candidates was advised to get such injections, because a youthful appearance attracts more men.

      Shows such as “Bride Wannabe,” where the pseudo-experts claim that they know it all and can help people fix their most urgent problems, offer a packaged solution to get noticeable results fast. Don’t they tend to force recommendations that are usually at the opposite spectrum of what people’s normal habits are?

  6. I’m been watching the show myself and my thinking is that it doesn’t matter what makeover you have or what the experts say, it’s most important to be comfortable and confident with yourself. If you clearly are not comfortable with your transformation or needing to act a certain way, it will show, and when the whole program is done, then the girls might just go back to their same old self.
    The girls aren’t really bad looking per se. Sure, they’re not as young and pretty as a lot of girls out there and not MHK or model material, but they don’t look that bad that they need to lack so much self-confidence. I think the best makeover was for Bonnie. She looked a lot better, and with looking better, she was much more confident in herself when guys approached her. And then there’s the really annoying Florence who, at her age of 39 is still so naive and unrealistic with what she wants. She’s stubborn and resistant to change. I appreciate the fact that she wanted to be herself, but she drove that Mei-Ling crazy and me crazy as well! I don’t know why! I can’t empathize with her as I would for the other girls, maybe because she was so stubborn and cocky? You have to be confident and positive, but also need to be realistic. Because the higher the hope, the bigger the disappointment when you don’t get it.
    If the makeover will help a person feel better about themselves, then I support it. It’s okay to make yourself look better and give a good impression. After all, it’s not like any of them did any plastic surgery. I think botox injections are acceptable. But I don’t agree that they should act fake or not be themselves just to pick up men. Because that will not last. I think being comfortable with yourself and being genuine is important and there will be someone out there that will appreciate you for who you are.

    1. Also, I don’t like the idea of turning a MHK pageant into a reality TV show. The pageant itself already lost the grace and prestige its had in the past, and like most people said, I think it would cheapen the pageant and will be degrading to the contestants. Already during the first and second round of interviews, we already see the very plain looking side of a lot of contestants, because they don’t have the sense of style, or have lack of makeup. Already the media is quite cruel to them. It really will hinder a lot of girls from participating because of all the public attention and criticism they would be getting during the whole course of the process.
      But if they do that, I’m sure many girls will be like, ” Oh, well if she can enter the pageant with those plain looks, then I can do it too!” Perhaps they think that more people can relate to the girls, knowing that they are ordinary without makeup too.


  7. I think Ms HK in the 80s have the participants doing some short sketch.. but seems that there’s no more this type of programmes in Ms HK pageant anymore

  8. Frankly I don’t find the Miss Hks smashingly beautiful, most of them got transformed during pageant and as years go by (as they get thinner and thinner and thinner) so frankly this isn’t a new concept, except now it is in the open. Why not try to find an overweight chubby girl looking rather ordinary and transform her, if not nothing special anyway. taiwanese variety shows have been showing for along time how slim butt ugly girls can all look like Lin Chi Ling with make up, fake eyelashes, contact lenses and hair extensions.

    1. Funn,
      “taiwanese variety shows have been showing for along time how slim butt ugly girls can all look like Lin Chi Ling with make up, fake eyelashes, contact lenses and hair extensions.”

      I’ve watched youtube videos where makeup gurus show how to transform a naked face into something smashing. Eye makeup itself is extremely hard to do. Makeup skills are a talent. If you have such skills, you can indeed make yourself look much more beautiful.

      Haha I have tried to follow such makeup guidance and it’s beyond my abilities. Never bothered with fake eyelashes or even contact lenses. My personal style if comfort first, with minimal effort.

      I like Kenneth’s motto: neat and clean. If there is a special occasion, I’ll dress up. As with most women, I can probably look better. But everything is a matter of time and money driving the results. It’s how much you wish to put in to achieve such results.

    2. Funn,
      Btw, Charmaine said in an earlier interview that before she had joined Miss HK, she never wore makeup and didn’t know how to do it herself. Allegedly, it took her one hour in the beginning to just apply eyeliner.

      Makeup takes years of practice. Working with makeup experts for years, you learn which are the best features to highlight and how. Or which camera angles look best.

      1. Which is another reason why I don’t wear make up. My parents have always been anti make up and claim that it is bad for your skin and all… One of my buddies wear make up but never does her eyes, except for special occasions. I think doing the eyes are the hardest. I recently saw a photo of an asian women that had half of her face made up and half of it with no makeup. WOW, big difference… I think it is a bit sad when someone looks like a totally different person without make up. It’s like you have become so dependent on make up that you can’t live without it. What if you ran into financial problems and could not buy it?? I really wonder…

      2. @HTS,

        Well they could always borrow money from parents, borrow make-up from friends, the bfs would also likely pay for it since they can’t stand their gfs without it after getting used to it, LOL.

        Last resort is to pretend to be buying the stuff and do the make-up at the shop or pull a Winona Ryder 🙂

      3. @Exiodus,
        I find it sad that you have to borrow money to buy make up. It feels as if make up is food or something and that you will die if you don’t have it. Sorry but it is not a good idea to share make up or any cosmetic products since those kinds of things should be only used by one person. Make up contains bacteria when being used and all and can spread if you share it with others. I have never had a boyfriend but even if I did and used make up, I would not make him pay for it. If I don’t have money for it, then I would have to live with it. I think it is sad that girls have to make their boyfriends pay for things and buy them this and that…

        Oh yea, there are some people that pretend that they are buying and have their make up done at a shop. I have seen that a couple of times when walking around in the mall…

      4. @HTS: Not all the time girls have to make up like they are going to the stage. Light makeup is existing. It isn’t a matter if someone wanna look more bright thank to cosmetic productions.

      5. @Fox,
        I know that but in many cases, when people wear make up, they really wear a lot of it. However, I must say that they really know how to put it on so that it looks like light make up when it really isn’t. But anyways, people wear or do what they like… I guess I am influenced by my parents who are anti make up on a daily basis. of course using it whenever you need it is not a bad thing at all.

      6. Of course, using the suitable stuffs on suitable occasions.

    3. I am ashamed to admit that I am a lover of make up. During university days one really doesn’t need much make up because the skin is clear and firm and everything looks good. But on classes you see other girls piling on fake eyelashes or heavy eyeliner to make a statement and you think maybe it’s cool to look like that even though you don’t need it.

      On my very first day of working life, my boss pulled me aside. I was actually wearing light make up, a foundation and lip gloss but she asked me to put on thicker make up, to look more professional.

      I put on most make up when I was a young working class girl because my bosses and colleagues love to party, and you go into the clubs and you see girls with thick thick make up under the lights and in the girls’ washroom everyone is busy touching up their faces.

      Now I try to cut back on make up, because I don’t want to spoil my skin. A light foundation and lip gloss to look professional during work days and no make up during weekends unless I am going out. I also try to stick with organic products.

      I don’t know how to stick the fake eyelashes too. Looks difficult and I am afraid that I would mess up, one side would drop off mid way or something. But I see lots of women use it regularly for work.

      I don’t like the anime make up look that is the trend right now. Too much transformation of your original looks.

      I think make up should help to enhance your natural looks but not to disguise or change it. That is too creepy! Like Painted Skin…

      1. It isn’t a shame. It’s your own habit. And yes, if your work in an office requires you to wear makeup, it’s a part of the job.

      2. Not necessarily, since one of my friends works in an office. She is really tomboyish, wears nothing on her face(yes, not even sunscreen or chapstick), does not dress up,etc… and her boss doesn’t mind as long as she does her work.

      3. Depends on the boss. Some bosses want employees to makeup, someone not.

      4. Yeah, my first foray into the working world was in Public Relations, maybe the boss wanted us to look polished and presentable. I got out of that quickly though, ‘cos maybe I wasn’t cut out for PR work.

        I think being girls we can be natural but still feminine, and I prefer men to be men, not skinny or weak or too metro.

  9. Uhm I think that the way to makeup a ordinary girl to transform her to a pretty girl is actually interesting. It isn’t really the outside look with all of dresses, cosmetics, eyelashes, lenses, fake hair, etc. but also to make them more confident and define their own characters (for example in the fashion sense). Many women dun noe how to make themselves look good. The concept “any girl can brighten” is interesting.

    But in MHK show, adapt this concept to the show is somehow odd. However, can’t deny the fact that most of girls look better many times after a few years in the ent. industry. Fala is an example.

    1. Fox,
      “However, can’t deny the fact that most of girls look better many times after a few years in the ent. industry. Fala is an example.”

      Fala already had very nice features to begin with. Working with the best skincare, makeup, and stylist experts in the field help a lot more.

      1. That’s I’m trying to say. They will look better if they know how to make themselves more pretty.

  10. I really wanted to watch brides wanabees, but forget or don’t have time.

    In my last job i met a lot of H.K. artist, all i can say make up is a girl’s best friend!

    I think anyone can look prettier with a professional make up artist but to look stunning you need good features.

    1. Make up can only do so much. If your features, skin and other things aren’t that great, then make up cannot fix it all. In some cases, even plastic surgery can’t fix everything…

      1. I also wanted to add that one of my former roommates spent $400 on her make up for her wedding day.However, many of my friends saw her and photos of her and complained that she only looked average. I was like, make up can only do so much…

      2. Lolz, imagine if your roommate dun wear any makeup on her wedding day, what will happen? Makeup can’t do magical effect, but it can help if you know how to use it. Everything is that. Right way of using, will have good effect.

        Makeup is like clothes, do you wear something just for the purpose of having something to wear? Nope, you will wear something to make you look good. But not all the time the clothes you like will be liked by other ppl. Many ppl will say that your favourite clothes are just average.

      3. Well of course she has to wear make up on her special day and other occasions when needed.I was never against that and even my parents aren’t. They even encourage it for special occasions and are only against wearing it on a day to day basis.

        About my ex roommate, she spent $400 so of course her make up artist was not a fool that did not know how to use or apply make up the right way. I guess her case is a good example of make up can only do so much. To many people she looked average but to her husband, she may have been the most beautiful.

  11. I actually enjoy “bride wannabes”. Besides being a guilty pleasure, I love all the music.
    Corrupt or not, stephen Chan is definitely a smart and talented man.

    BTW, is Shirley cheung yuk san married? I always wonder about actresses turned businesswomen like her, marianne Chan, and Anne heung. Do they still put their careers first over love?

  12. Miss HK Pagaents are becoming so degrading and cheap these days…….. no more elegance and intelligence anymore. sooner or later, you won’t be PROUD to be a miss hk anymore, but you’d be ASHAMED to be one.

    1. Yeah, I can absolutely see that coming! Also wonder if they will start allowing trannies to enter the pageant soon.

      Would be so funny if the naturals gets defeated, LOL.

      1. You would be shocked at how some trannies can look even prettier than real girls. I have seen that… In Thailand, these actually have this pageant called the Ms. Tiffany pageant which is a pageant of all guys that have turned into girls. I must say that I would not have known that any of them were once men because many of them look really pretty and beautiful…

      2. Actually meant to say that I would not have known that ALL of them were once men…

  13. i quite like that show bride wannabes, interesting to watch.I think is a bad idea for MHK to use the elements from bride wannabes or American top model. Agree with Jayne that it will make the show cheap.

  14. Oh so that Shirley chick form the plastic surgeon was indeed an actress! cause she looked so familiar.

    I think TVB is stupid for using the Bride Wannabes for the Miss Hong Kong Pageant. Like everyone knows the contestants go through makeovers prior to the competition. It’s just gonna make things worse. I think shoes like these, esp in Hong Kong, really cheapens the view of women. Not so, in other countries. But in Asia, like HK yeah esp. All the newspapers in HK are criticising how cheap HK chicks are now the show has aried. aired.

  15. I disagree with incorporating ‘Bride Wannabe’ format in Miss HK. It will downgrade the Miss HK show.

  16. I would suggest that slimming should be healthy..healthy women are beautiful women….try using BIOS LIFE SLIM…without starving n successful to all women out there….

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