2012 TVB Anniversary Awards: Wayne Lai and Tavia Yeung Win Top Honors

The 45th TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony concluded to many cheers on Monday night in Hong Kong. Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) was crowned Best Actor for The Confidant <大太監>. Tavia Yeung (楊怡) won Best Actress for her performance in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族>. When Heaven Burns <天與地> was not forgotten by audiences despite airing one year ago and won the Best Series award.

TVB almost pushed the mass hysteria button when it announced that Hong Kong audiences’ votes will determine the winners of the Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Series awards this year. TVB artists actively campaigned for fan votes, quickly arousing criticism that the awards were a popularity contest. Hackers, who had brought the 2012 Miss Hong Kong Pageant voting system to its knees, were widely feared to also disrupt the Anniversary Awards show.  Fortunately, TVB’s technical system prevailed and audiences voted wisely for the well-deserved winners.

Best Series: When Heaven Burns

Produced by Jonathan Chik (戚其義) and written by Chow Yuk Ming (周旭明), When Heaven Burns was voted by Hong Kong audiences as the Best Series. Aired at the end of last year, the finale was broadcast on January 1, 2012. Despite the long lapse since its broadcast, When Heaven Burns left a deep impression for its original script and stellar acting performances.

Other top finalists in the Best Series category were The Confidant and The Hippocratic Crush < On Call 36小時>.

Best Actor: Wayne Lai

Leading up to the Anniversary Awards ceremony, Raymond Lam (林峯) was regarded to have the highest chance in winning Best Actor due to his large fan base. Kenneth Ma  (馬國明) was also regarded as a top favorite, after winning Malaysia’s TV King award. Fans and artists were equally shocked when it was announced that Wayne Lai won the TVB Best Actor award for The Confidant, marking his third victory in four years of the same honor.

Accepting the Best Actor award from Deanie Ip (葉德嫻), Wayne felt very lucky and thanked the audience for voting for his victory, which made it even more meaningful. “It has been ten years since I returned to TVB. How many decades does one have in life? I thank Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍) for bring me back onstage. I want to share the honors with the three most important people in my life: my wife, son, and mother.”

The other top finalists in the Best Actor category were Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, Damian Lau (劉松仁), and Moses Chan (陳豪).

Best Actress: Tavia Yeung

When it was announced that Tavia Yeung received more than 110,000 votes crowning her as Best Actress, tears flooded her eyes. Tavia reminisced about the difficulties she faced as an actress over the last 13 years, but she never gave up on her dreams.

Although rumored boyfriend, Him Law’s (羅仲謙) eyes were also tearful, Tavia did not thank Him in her acceptance speech, as she had promised earlier.

The other top finalists for the Best Actress award were Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), Michelle Yim (米雪), and Kate Tsui (徐子珊).

Best Supporting Actor: Koo Ming Wah

45 TVB Anniversary Koo Ming Wah 1Although a graduate of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, 48-year-old Koo Ming Wah (古明華) has had a turbulent acting career, portraying one-scene roles and struggling to make ends meet. The 48-year-old even thought about quitting, but credits Felix Wong (黃日華)  in reigniting his passion for acting, which paid off handsomely this year.

Never imagining he would have such a bountiful year, Koo was extremely emotional in his acceptance speech. He expressed his gratitude towards producer Poon Ka Tak (潘嘉德) for developing his career and casting him in the memorable role of So Gay in Divas in Distress <巴不得媽媽…>.

The Best Supporting Actor race was largely between Koo Ming Wah and Power Chan (陳國邦), with Koo snagging the victory following his win in Malaysia at the My Astro on Demand Awards.

Best Supporting Actress: Nancy Wu

45 TVB Anniversary Nancy Wu 1Nancy Wu’s (胡定欣) fine acting has been praised since she was a newcomer and regarded long overdue to win the Best Supporting Actress award. With her challenging mute boxer role in Gloves Come Off <拳王>, Nancy defeated her closet competitor, Mandy Wong (黃智雯) for Best Supporting Actress.

Next stop for Nancy Wu? The talented 31-year-old actress hopes to become a leading lady!

My Favorite Male Character Award: Kenneth Ma

45 TVB Anniversary Kenneth Ma 1The Hippocratic Crush < On Call 36小時> gave Kenneth Ma (馬國明) a rush of popularity this year, helping him easily win the My Favorite Male Character Award.

When accepting the award on stage, Kenneth joked that many actors dreaded receiving this award, since it often meant the Best Actor award slipped out of their hands. But Kenneth said he did not mind winning the award every year and thanked all his supporters.

My Favorite Female Character Award: Kate Tsui

45 TVB Anniversary Kate Tsui 1Kate Tsui (徐子珊) had vigorously campaigned for votes in this year’s TVB Anniversary Awards race. Although her popularity surged after Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒>, Kate revealed that many viewers initially disliked her when she first entered the industry.

“I can’t believe that I won this award!” Kate exclaimed. Her work hard over the last eight years paid off, allowing her to win the audience’s acceptance in a breakout year.

Most Improved Actor Award: Oscar Leung

45 TVB Annivesary Oscar Leung 1Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) impressed the audience with his versatility in L’Escargot <缺宅男女>, Tiger Cubs <飛虎>, and The Confidant <大太監> this year. Ecstatic when winning the Most Improved Artist award, Oscar kissed Him Law (羅仲謙), who  as another hot favorite to win the award, presented the honors.

In his acceptance speech, Oscar thanked TVB management, production staff, his colleagues and family. Struggling for many years financially and in his acting career, Oscar thought about giving up on himself. He especially thanked his girlfriend, Tina, who has stood by his side for the last ten years and lent support during his most difficult times.

Most Improved Actress: Mandy Wong

45 TVB Anniversary Mandy Wong 1The stars will only shine brighter for Mandy Wong’s (黃智雯) future, who is regarded as one of TVB’s emerging fadans.  Mandy’s memorable spitfire role in L’Escargot was a character everyone loved to hate and landed her the Most Improved Actress award.

Mandy thanked Virginia Lok (樂易玲), Tommy Leung (梁家樹), producers Cheung Kin Man (張乾文) and Poon Ka Tak (潘嘉德) for giving her opportunities to develop her acting skills.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Liza Wang

Dressed in a “dragon robe”, Liza Wang (汪明荃) remains as TVB’s top treasure. When she received the Lifetime Achievement Award, Liza smiled and said that the award is reserved for senior artists. But she felt fortunate that she can continue to connect with audiences through dramas and looks forward to new opportunities after serving TVB for 41 years.

Other Awards:

Luisa Maria Leitao (黎芷珊 ) won the Best Host award for her well-received interview program, Telling Maria <最佳男主角>. From Here to There <快樂地圖> won the Best Variety Program award, while Pilgrimage of Hope <走過烽火大地> won the Best Information Program award.

Outstanding Artist Awards were given to Chin Ka Lok (錢嘉樂), Benz Hui (許紹雄), Sunny Chan (陳錦鴻), Lee Sing Cheung (李成昌), and Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲).

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  1. Tavia knew she was gonna win. biatch turned up wearing literally a christmas tree! i mean don’t tell me you don’t expect to tin when you wear a freaking christmas tree. that shock expression when she heard her name was so fake.

    1. but she’s a christmas tree every year though. just check out her garish christmas deco from past years.

      1. But she’s not the worst. Linda the worst. A young pretty girl like her and she dressed in drapes and looking like grandma. Can never understand.

      2. Yes, Linda either looks good or flops terribly, remember her spiky outfit? Haha, but last year she was very pretty.
        But Tavia is a one note tune. Every year, she’s super blinged-out in some sparkly gown AND all the pieces of jewelry. Either the dress or the Jewelry!

      3. Yup Funn,

        wonder why LInda dressed so conservative, she got the body to show more skin.

      4. i don’t understand why you guys are being so mean to them. if you don’t like it, then don’t just don’t watch. don’t go around making mean comments. tavia sincerely deserves that award and all the other actresses look beautiful in their dresses.

      5. Look at tavia s necklace man. I don’t think some of u can even have the chance to wear it. What the hell is wrong with u guys?

    2. yea..looked how bored Linda Chung was. Every time the camera pan across where the gals sit, Linda looked unhappy & bored and cant wait for the event to end

      1. well, but the moment Tavia was announced as BA, Linda was overjoyed & clapped loudly to support Tavia. she even mentioned before that she personally support Tavia for her great acting & is her sister.

    3. Her dress was nice but her styling was a little too much. Sometimes less is more but she chucked on diamond necklace, earrings, cuffs and the embellishments on her dress as well together did make her look like Christmas decoration…

      1. I believe Tavia mentioned on other article. She wears the jewelry to promote one of the Jewelry line or store. So of course she needs to wear those. I personally thinks she is elegant in her dress and her jewelry is very nice.

        Congrats to all on the big night!!!

    4. You dont have to be soo mean! she truly deserves her award. if you dont like it, pls keep your comments to yourself! and since when is a christmas tree black???

    5. any did anyone notice that tav has gone for the same hairstyle as she had in is it 2008 or 2009?

      1. What is wrong with wearing the same hair style? Who said you have wear different hair style at different event?

        Tavia looks nice in that hairstyle.

      2. no one said anything is wrong with the hairstyle , just that i had a thought that it could have been a luck thing you know, i suipport TY too
        don’t take comments toos seriously

    6. i love the way u described her as ‘christmas tree’. really looks like a black tree with so much ornaments. no doubt the jewelry cost millions but it would be better if she could have kept herself simple and look class.
      she was too fake when said she’s not expecting the award, why can’t she be more natural????

      1. of course she was no expecting it, as all along there was a close fight between tav and kate. maybe she was expecting tvb voting system to be rigged again and give the award to who they want to promote next.
        if i was in her place at that time i would guess that she had 60% of winning and 40% for kate

  2. Got to say that my favourite moments in the awards mainly belong to Ma Ming. His speech when he won Favourite Character award, and then later, when Deanie Ip asked who is Ma Kwok Ming, and he had raised his hands eagerly, but was still grasping his award in both hands. So Cute.

  3. Somehow I feel that Wayne is not really happy in this photo…

  4. tavia finally got it!! so proud of her! shes been working so hard~
    im a big fan of wayne, but i was rooting for raymond. i really like his acting in HAL

    1. Yeah Tavia has worked so hard for this having to compete with all the Pageants. But don’t think she’s too happy about winning the award with Wayne instead of Kenneth or Raymond, both actors she’s really friends with. I just had a feeling that Ray wasn’t gonna win anything this year, but I was expecting Kenneth as best actor since he has been waiting and 3rd time for Wayne? The award’s not gonna mean anything to him by this time.

      1. Yeah I think it should of go to Kenneth, even though I love Wayne exellence acting skill.

  5. Kenneth was stunned when it was announced that Wayne won the Best Actor award. LOL.

    1. Stunned but cute. He kept holding his trophy like a little boy. Which I think it kinda cute and appreciated his award.

      1. He really can’t lose it, haha

        Yes, he was in total shock for few min when TVB King was announced to be Wayne instead of Ray. OMG! haha

  6. This is 620’s last chance to get the TV King title for her favorite son Raymond but no worries. He is about to conquer the music and cinema industry. HK is so dead.

  7. And congrats to Wayne for equaling Gallen Lo’s record of 3 TV Kings.Just one more and he will be King among Kings (in TVB at least).

  8. My best actor winner was always Wayne Lai very happy that he won again but too bad there is one best actor award if there is double best actor awards the other one must go to Kenneth Ma.

  9. I like Tavia, Aimee, Nancy, and Fala’s dress the most. Out of the fadans, Myolie’s dress is the worst and next is Linda’s outfit.

    Bosco wore his high heel shoes. Kenneth’s vest matches the design on Tavia’s dress. For guys, I like Kenneth and Kevin’s suit the most.

    1. For a rare occasion Bosco actually look good in his simplicity and matched well with Linda’s white grandma dress. That high heels must be to match Linda’s height in high heels.

    2. I agree that Myolie’s dress is the worst. She gives an evil impression while Linda is clad in grandma styled dress made out tablecloths fabric.

    3. I wonder what is Myolie was wearing and same goes for Linda –

      Mylio dress should be nice if it just be an off shoulder. Why put a part there to cover her boob!!! so ugly!!

    1. This was a good result! Tavia is a good actress and Waney is a good actor! I also love Myolie, Kate but this year is the year of Tavia. She also got many awards from Astro Awards and certainly, TV Queen award must be belong to her!

  10. Congrats to all actors, actress who got the awards last night! TV Queen Tavia is so beautiful. Kate is beautiful, too.

  11. Guys – Kenneth & Kevin are at their best outfit. Handsome 🙂

    Ladies – Tavia is stunning gorgeous. Fala is lovely sweet! Michelle is classy elegant. Kate is flattery.

    Worst – Raymond Lam’s style is horrible! Myolie is daring but not appealing. Linda is too reserved & aged in her white gown.

    1. That is a pity for Raymond! Hope he will get an award in next year!

    2. As much as I like Ray I also think that wasn’t his best outfit.

    3. I couldn’t get my eyes off Kevin, he’s so charming with that suit. And Kenneth is so matching with Tavia, I like the crystal thingy that’s used to replace bow tie.

  12. Great results 😀

    After watching SSSS Tavia truly deserves an award!
    Wayne as best actor is awesome! Kenneth Ma and Katie winning best characters is good too.

    Best series is surprising…. Imagine if Nick Cheung was in the series as originally planned, that series would be up the roof!

    1. At first when I was reading Funn review on SSSS I was skeptical with SSSS therefore I didn’t watch it. But I always like watching Tavia and Damian series. I start watching SSSS and it’s good even though it is long. I don’t like Ron and Rebecca role.

      Even for newbie Rebecca acting is terrible – I prefer Eliza more.

  13. Yah I’m so happy Tavia won!

    Jayne, will you be covering the attendees outfits?

    1. Lilly,
      Will try to post fashion critique of the awards’ fashion at JayneStyle.com tomorrow.

  14. I too didn’t really like WHB, it was pretty boring and draggy for most part, I skip a lot of it, I actually like Bottled Passion better, like Niki Chow but her acting stiff it a bit with also the stupid ending!

    1. I totally agree the Bottled Passion was a good series, but Niki Chow made the series unbearable 🙁

      1. But Niki Chow won the Best Actress award on Jayne’s website in 2011!

  15. Now please stop saying TVB favours Ray because this award shows that they don’t. Nevermind Ray, you have better world in cinema and music industry and mainland TV waiting outside than just this small world of TVB!

    If anyone doesn’t know, Ray got a real popularity award from Yahoo HK last night.

    1. Ray fans. Pls continue to support him. I feel so heart pain for him. The media keep saying he wil get it, gave him much hope but now? Sigh. But i know in his fans heart, he has alrdy won! He is the best actor this year! I wil still support him.

      1. Of course we still support Ray! Poor baby, I feel so bad for him. Hope Michelle will give him some lovin’ when he gets back to hengdien.

      2. Of course…i will for sure support Raymond..understand TVB will not give to him because he only do one series per year for TVB from now on…that is okay…Raymond want to go for movie and China market…I wish he has a bigger success and bigger award outside…LOVE Raymond.

  16. How does a vastly unpopular series like When Heaven Burns wins best drama? I suppose things like this only happen in Hong Kong or TVB.

    1. If you appreciate good acting and good storyline, you would love watching “WHB”. However, you need to watch every scene and every episode to understand the drama series. It was a bit slow in pace though.

  17. I think Wayne has a lot of trending fans. The vote need to be online. So either all housewives ordered their family to vote :p.

    When Heaven Burns always a lot viral in online. Not surprising it got the votes.

  18. i have a feeling that charmaine won the vote due to her series WHB won best drama and charmaine’s fan base but maybe tvb hide it. tvb need to prove that people actually vote for it cuz i dont see any prove from tvb that people did actually vote or just tvb make it up

    1. I think Charmaine knew she wasn’t going to win even if the other polls showed she was leading. That’s why she didn’t bother coming.

      1. Or TVB had already mentioned to Charmaine that Tavia Yeung was the winner before the final results came out.

    2. I agree, too. If people voted for “WHB”, they would surely vote for Charmaine Sheh as Best Actress because Charmaine acted really well in “WHB”. She obviously deserved the Best Actress award, and Charmaine has a huge fan base in Hong Kong, not any smaller than Tavia’s.

      On the other hand, people might vote for Charmaine Sheh, but might not vote for “WHB” as Best Drama Series. It is something mysterious to me.

      1. “On the other hand, people might vote for Charmaine Sheh, but might not vote for “WHB” as Best Drama Series.”

        There other way can also be true. Some people might vote for WHB but not vote for Charmaine.

        At least, one guy in golden forum said he voted for WHB for Best Series, but voted Linda Chung for Best Actress.

      2. If “When Heaven Burns” was a popular drama series, I wouldn’t be surprised. I was a bit surprised that “WHB” was such an unpopular drama series in 2012 and Charmaine Sheh was a popular artiste, and people voted for “WHB” and not for Charmaine Sheh.

        Well, there are all types of people in Hong Kong I guess.

    3. I agree. I still find the results questionable since they only revealed the total votes for top winner. From other polls, it was obvious Charmaine led for most of the polls. In terms of acting ability, I also think that Charmaine deserves it the most. Oh well, if Tavia doesnt get it this yr, it will be over for her. She is ageing very ungracefully, her acting has been stagnant for long, her scandals with Him are not helping and I don’t see how her value can increase further other than giving her the BA award.

      I like the comments on how Tavia is dressed like a Christmas tree! Totally agree. She looks older than Michelle Yim!!! Gosh

      1. ouuuuuuuuuchhh! we’ve a hardcore hater here! keep that rudeness to yourself, candy sweetheart.

      2. Wow! So much venom!!! But I know other want to be dress like her but can’t so buzz off….

      3. I think Tavia looked gorgeous that night. Maybe Candy you can go decorate yourself around your Christmas tree if you you are excited with Christmas tree.

        On a side note, Michelle Yim always looks so fabulously young.

  19. Surprised that Raymond Lam did not even get one award with his huge fan base in Hong Kong. Perhaps TVB overestimated him in the number of votes. Otherwise, they would at least give the “Most Popular Actor” award to him instead of to Kenneth Ma.

    Anyway, it will be more advantageous to TVB if Kenneth Ma gets the “Most Popular Actor” award as he will stay in TVB as a full-time actor while Raymond Lam will only act 1 drama series per year.

    1. There are also people who voted against Raymond Lam. I have read in forums comments such as ‘as long as Raymond Lam didn’t win’. I felt bad for him. The overpromotion by TVB made some factions dislike him.

      1. Feel bad for Raymond Lam though he is not my favourite actor. I thought he would at least get the “Most Favourite Male” this year if not the “Best Actor” award. He did not get anything at AOD either. Right?

      2. He got a fave character award and theme song award at AOD.

        He already has 2 my fave male character awards so he doesn’t really need another one. Besides, if he wins that pork award, then he has to do the photo shoot for tvb magazine. To heck w/ that! He has been used by tvb for publicity enough lately.

      3. Yeah. I remember that, but Raymond Lam was one of the 15 artistes getting that award. It was not prestigious then.

      4. Ruco Chan got this award, too, and he cannot never be compared with Raymond Lam in terms of popularity. Right?

        Ruco Chan is pretty good in his acting, but not as good looking as Raymond and not as popular as Raymond.

      5. Ruco Chan won Jaynestars’ Sexiest Man Award twice. So, should be pretty popular.

        Good looks is subjective.

      6. I know, and I voted for Ruco Chan, too, in 2011.

        However, his popularity in Hong Kong is way way below Raymond Lam’s. This is a fact.

        Ruco Chan is one of my favourite actor. I like his acting …… pretty solid.

    2. Both it’s only Best Actor that was determined by voting so it’s not surprising at all. TVB chose to give Most Favourite to Kenneth to console him for his loss of Best Actor and they chose not to give either of them Best Actor.

  20. the voting shows that charmaine was the one who supposed to win best actress. but since she left tvb then she’s not getting the award.

  21. Is it just me or Ram Cheung didn’t look too happy when he was introducing himself at the beginning?

  22. You know tvb is in trouble when a melodramatic, overrated veteran like Liza Wang is still regarded as the ‘top treasure’. Awards lack any credibility and is is reliant on the artists being able to bootlick the management

  23. Congratulations to both Wayne Lai and Tavia who really deserves the win this year. After the ASTRO award she seems to ooze confidance to win again and she was right. Quite disappointing that Kenneth’s fear of perhaps not winning the important award came true enough. It’s now become a real fear among the actors that should they win the Most Favourite Character they just may not win the Best kActor award. That was precisely what happened to Moses and Kevin and Myolie were afraid that that might happen to them last year. It didn’t but now, Kenneth…..

  24. YESS!!! way to go tavia Congratz Congratz great win 2 thumbs up!! 😀 😀 congratz to wayne,kenneth,mandy,nancy

  25. Congratulations to the winners! I voted for Charmaine and most people that I know and heard voted for Charmaine as well. but very obvious that the Best actress will be Tavia as she is the only senior fadan that does not have any leading award (other than my favorite actress)yet and it’s about time that TVB give to her.

    1. Agree. I voted for Charmaine Sheh as Best Actress and “When Heaven Burns” as Best Drama Series. Charmaine Sheh acted really well in “WHB”, and she deserved to get Best Actress award if “WHB” got Best Drama Series award.

      Of course, TVB will not give the Best Actress award to Charmaine as she no longer works for TVB. TVB needs to promote her next Best Actress, and Tavia is the most senior one there and obviously TVB had to give it to her. After all, Tavia did pretty good in “SSSS”, a lot better than Myolie Wu in “Curse of the Royal Harem”. If Myolie could win it last year, why couldn’t Tavia? Not surprised at all.

      1. That is new that Shermaine has no longer work for TVB. No wonder she did not attend but she still has outstanding contract i remember reading.

      2. Charmaine’s per series contract is expiring early next year and TVB failed to convince her to extend the contract. She still owe TVB one series, since she still have an OK relationship with TVB, they might just let her owe the series for indefinite time.

    2. Your vote and the people around you do not represent the majority of votes. A lot of artists have been publicly campaign for Tavia. You think you are more influential? Respect the verdict otherwise, don’t even vote.

  26. Really disappointed with Tavia winning the female award. She is getting motonous and boring in her acting. With her involvement with Him Law, her action inside the car, her nose and her always telling lie, I am getting bored of her acting and on her. There are others who are really good in acting.

    1. Who else is good in acting among the top five fadans? No one, at least not much better than Tavia Yeung.

      Charmaine Sheh is good, but she is no longer with TVB.

      1. Even Linda is better than tavia, esp in crying scenes. Tavia has been stagnant since Moonlight Resonnance, she doesnt deserve the award at all.

    2. Tavia = dissapointment
      kate and linda is better
      the worse thing i hate about tavia is her nose .. omg …

      1. u can complain all u want about her nose. but nobody can question her acting skills. she received nods from almost all past & current fadans, and most of the artists. Michelle Yim, Kenix Kwok, Myolie, Linda, Fala, Sharon, Mary, Elena, Christine Ng, Alice Chan, Damian, Kenneth and even Chow Yun Fatt also mentioned highly of Tavia.

        i suppose u are the better actor then?

    3. Haters gonna hate. You think all of the artistes are pure and did not go for any plastic surgeries? And you think they all do not lie? Dont be naive. And no point complaining. Tavia won.

  27. Very happy for Nancy Wu that she won her “Best Supporting Actress” award and Kenneth Ma won his “Most Popular Actor” award. Congratulations to both of them!

    It was Koo Ming Wah’s gain and Chan Kwok Pong’s loss. Personally I think Chan Kwok Pong should get the “Best Supporting Actor” award because his acting was very detailed and thorough as Pang Sam Shun.

    However, I feel happy for Koo Ming Wah. He has worked hard all these years in those very minor roles. Eventually his hard work got paid off.

    Wish Chan Kwok Pong best of luck in future.

  28. That is new that Shermaine has no longer work for TVB. No wonder she did not attend but she still has outstanding contract i remember reading.

    1. Yeah, she has one more drama series in her per-series contract. Otherwise, TVB would have promoted her in 2011 and 2012. Ever since she objected to sign her management contract with TVB, TVB stopped promoting her.

  29. Happy for Kate Tse, too, after working so hard to get herself more votes in this competition.

    After all, I am happy that no artiste got double awards this year. This kind of results would make more artistes happy this year.

  30. Congratulations to Mandy Wong and Oscar Leung on their “Best Improved Artiste” awards. They deserved them.

    Very glad that this award was not given to someone like Eliza Sam or Christine Kuo who had NO improvements at all!!

    1. Minus the grace unfortunately. But to be fair to her, none of modern western actresses has that waifish grace as she had. I find her gown very old fashioned.

      1. Agree. Tavia did not have the elegance as Audrey Hepburn. Her evening gown looked terrible (too busy), and her necklace did not match her gown. With that gown, Tavia needed to wear a simple necklace, not a sophisticated and ugly one. She looked terrible to me.

      2. I notice that western actresses in the past has so much grace, elegance and charisma. Nowadays, not many have. And they have such alluring beauty. I wonder why. Is it the fashion style of that time where women always dress in the feminine way?

        Some examples:

        Audrey Hepburn
        Elizabeth Taylor
        Vivien Leigh
        Marilyn Monroe
        Hedy Lamarr
        Grace Kelly

      3. Kidd
        You are absolutely right. All the actresses you mentioned were super elegant and classy. I like them all.

      4. Fashion of that time, style and they’re all natural or somewhat natural beauties. The ones you named are considered some of the most beautiful actresses, dead or alive.

      5. @ Kidd

        You cannot compare old school Hollywood to today’s celebrities. The studios back then went to great lengths and pains to make their stars seem alluring and elegant by hiding all their dirty secrets. It’s not like today where you will instantly know when Lindsay Lohen crash in her car or who’s the latest to have a sex tape leak. Of the women you mentioned: Elizabeth Taylor was married 9 times and had many affairs, Marilyn Monroe is rumoured to have had affairs with both Kennedy brothers, Vivien Leigh had affairs and rumoured to be bisexual and involved in orgies, Grace Kelly had a father complex and had affairs with many of her older, married costars. The studios worked very hard to create the ~mystique and star quality, you do not see today. I think there are just as many classical beautiful actresses today, but none have the “package” like in old school Hollywood. There are not many “movie star” actors anymore. Tom Cruise in his heydays maybe. Brad Pitt perhaps. Ryan Gosling might become one. But can any of them compare to Clark Gable, Marlon Brando, Cary Grant etc.?

  31. Does Michelle Yim and Sunny Chan EVER grow old? EVER? They look amazingly youthful.

    Lower on the scale is Edwin Siu and kenneth Ma, both looking young and fit.

  32. OMG!!!! Kenneth’s face was soooo funny when they announced that Wayne had won Best Actor. He was soo SHOCKED!!! LOL
    Anyways, congrats to all the winners!!!
    Very happy that Tavia won!! Well deserved!!!

      1. Thought he said his confidence increased due to AOD and that he has a chance top RL votes with his ‘hidden’ fans.. or something like that.

      2. Actually he joked “There is a saying that if you win for most favourite character, you won’t win for best actor. I wouldn’t mind winning most favourite character every single year”

      3. Doesn’t exactly mean he thinks he won’t win it. It’s just what people usually say but TVB broke it last year with Kevin & Myolie so they can always do it again..

    1. I think Kenneth thought it will be RL. I was shocked too when they announce Wayne but i’m very happy RL didnt win haha

      1. yup. it’s very obvious Kenneth was in total shock because he can’t believe Ray ended up empty-handed. one or two mths ago, Kenneth was under the impression that he won’t be winning anything – it would be between Ray & Wayne. but who knows, he is the biggest winner this year (AOD+TVB)!

  33. Really happy for TY for winning the BA award. She simply deserves it.

  34. Pity TC story line is weak, otherwise you may be in for a surprise that Michelle wins BA again. She is always a gem to watch.
    Referring to Wikipedia records, it is not easy to win Best Actor, among the weakest should be Kevin Cheng and Louise Koo for past recipients, me think. So it not surprise that LF and MM has yet to wait, maybe not even in the nest 3 to 5 years. There are many more veteran didn’t have a sniff by TXb default.
    Now, you can shoot me!

  35. I am pleased with the result (even though it is not the people I want to get it) I guess the winner all right apart from best actor and best series. I think Raymond was robbed though. He and Kenneth was the hyped one and then a black horse Wayne shot out of the competition. He’s been in TVB for 13 years and has received no recognition for his acting. It is a pity and I sympathise for him even though I’m not a huge fan of him. He is considered one of the best actors in TVB, just because he is good-looking, it means he can’t act and people consider he has a “chok” face only? It’s not his fault he was born like that and has talent but people seem to over look the talent more.
    I think Raymond should have got the award when Harlem yu from Moon Resonance got it since he has left TVB now.
    I wanted Kate to get it more than Tavia but it was predictable Tavia would get it first since she has been in TVB for ages.
    I think if this was really a poll thing Charmaine Sheh would have got it. I know a lot of people who like her. It just makes me suspicious…

  36. A question about the numbers that are being bandied around — does this 1.54 million number I’m reading about refer to the number of voters, or the total number of votes received across the three categories?

    Because if 1.54 million refers to the number of individual voters, then assuming that each voter voted in all three categories, and considering that the acting categories have 10 nominees each, at least 10% of the vote = 154k votes is required to win. That doesn’t square with the 110k votes that Wayne and Tavia reportedly received.

    But if 1.54 million refers to the total number of votes across three categories (meaning roughly 500k votes in each category), then it would make sense.

    1. 1.54 million refers to the total number of voters across 3 categories. But you don’t have to vote in all 3 categories. You can just vote for one category.

      And I don’t think it’s realistic to assume all 1.54m people voted for all 3 categories. Most people wouldn’t bother to vote for all 3 categories, especially if they are only a fan of one actor or actress, or drama.

      1. Sorry, let me make a correction. Some online reports said the 1.54 million is the number of voters. But I’m currently watching the video of the ceremony and when Carol Cheng first announced the number, she said it was 1.54 million VOTES in total.

      2. Thanks for the info, Beth. That makes more sense, then, if 1.54 million is the total number of votes rather than voters. I was confused by some online reports.

      3. Also, I think TVB likely announced the number of votes, rather than the number of individual voters, because 1.54 million sounds more impressive than 500k (or whatever the actual number of voters was).

  37. I am so glad that Raymond Lam wins a Best Actor award 🙂 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    1. Anyway, this years result is ok.

      I kinda disagree with Best Actor award…should have gone to Damien.

      Best Actress is a effing joke. Tavia can shove the award down to the toilet.

      Best Series should go to Bottled Passion. When Heaven Burns is really just a so-so series.

      The rest of the awards, agreeable.
      Koo Ming Wah… YES
      Kenneth Ma … YES
      Nancy Wu …. YES
      Oscar Leung … YES
      Kate Tsui… HELL NO!

      1. kate did not deserve that award! her acting is just so-so and sometimes it’s fake as HELL! she was beyond the most desperate person EVER trying to get people to vote for her.

      2. yup that’s right. kate is so desperate campaigning for herself & this makes ppl losing respect for her as an artist. she even make use of ray’s fans to vote for her to win together with ray. oh pls! all the hypes for HAL, we find the series ridiculous & kate was merely being her old self in the series. nothing great.

  38. Everyone appeared so tensed when being interviewed!! Nobody said anything but only in monosyllables. The pressure of being voted by public has got to them all

  39. Can anyone please translate what Tavia, Kenneth, and Wayne say in their acceptance speech? Thanks a lot!!

    1. Tavia : I never thought I would win coz I thought I was behind the poll. I sincerely thank everyone in HK who has casted your vote on me. It was not an easy journey over the past 13yrs to reach to this. (Thank you to TVB & many names, her manager, her assistant, a few producers she named, her mom the best who always stayed by her side and told her she is the best artist) Lastly thanks to Liza for convincing me to sign a contract with TVB & that’s where I am today.

      Kenneth : Dunno since when, every actor is afraid of this award (Fav Male) as they perceive that receiving this award means you lose the TVB King battle. But I want to state that in that case, I don’t mind winning this award every year since nobody wants it! (Began his thank you speech to TVB and all the names)

      Wayne : I have rejoined TVB for about 10yrs and I never regretted my journey in TVB. Thank you to the audience who appreciated my acting & voted for me. I want to thank (many names) who have confidence in my acting & made me who I am today. (Think he did address a few names to thank but not significant)

  40. Yay for Wayne 🙂 So glad it wasn’t Raymond.

    And I thought Tavia looked great 🙂

  41. Can someone please translate what did Sunny say in his acceptance speech?

    Everyone stood up when Wayne was announced as the Best Actor!! 🙂

    All of the fadans and other colleagues were happy for Tavia when she received Best Actress!! 🙂 Kenneth also received lots of support from his co-stars and co-workers when he got My Favorite Male Character Award! 🙂

    1. Yeah, I think many people underestimated how generally well-liked Wayne is. He may not have as many hard-core fans as the younger actors but he has far fewer anti-fans and most people respect him

      1. I don’t doubt that Wayne is well-liked and respected by his colleagues but I very much doubt his fanbase is bigger than LF’s. Based on pure voting, I believe LF and Charmaine had the highest chances of winning – were they not leading in polls? But alas, I thought the voting system was dumb as hell as it’s BEST actor, not POPULAR actor so I don’t mind LF not winning. I don’t see why TVB would give it to Wayne though. I suspect they didn’t want to offend LF by giving the award to Kenneth – which would have been most beneficial for them – and equally did not want to give it to LF either. For whatever reason… Maybe because he’s only on a per series contract or maybe because they thought it would give too much backlash so they were really protecting him. Who knows. But why on earth Wayne who’s already won twice in recent years. Why not give it to someone like Damian?!! Did Damian not attend or something?

      2. “I don’t see why TVB would give it to Wayne though.”

        The conspiracy theorist in me thinks it has more to do with the drama Wayne was nominated for than with Wayne himself. Wayne is already highly acclaimed and needs no further promotion; it doesn’t matter whether he wins for the third time. But if TVB tweaked the votes in his favour I think it’d be because they didn’t want The Confidant, their big budget highly promoted anniversary series, to end up without any major awards.

      3. please bear in mind that most of the polls conducted online are not one person one voting system. u do not need to have any valid ID & valid mobile. so, any hardcore fans can spam it for their idol sake.

        but tvb’s one person one vote system does not allow u to spam & cast as many votes to your idol. u are required to submit yr valid ID and valid mobile number.

        please respect the verdict & don’t be such sobber!

  42. Everyone under-estimate Wayne’s supporters. I’m not surprised Wayne has more supporters than Raymond.
    Majority TV followers/watchers are housewife. Kinda expect Wayne will win:)

    Why TVB did not release how many votes did Raymond got for BA?
    Everyone was bashing TVB & saying Raymond will win as he’s biological son & TVB always promote him etc… Please take it back& stop bashing LF.

  43. I’m glad Oscar won Most Improved. I would have been happy with either him or Vincent taking it, and would have absolutely loathed Him Law taking it. Nancy winning Best Supporting is well-deserved… just not for GCO. Thought her character and acting was very bland.

    I called Kate taking Most Favourite Character and I thought Kenneth had a good chance too so no surprised there. And LOL, so called Tavia taking Best Actress no matter what. Oh well, if Myolie can win for that flop, Curse something, than Tavia should be able to win for SSSS, I guess.

    I can’t believe Sunny got a pork award. What is going on?!! TVB is like, suddenly almost treating him well again.

  44. WHB win shows that high ratings do not actually mean it’s a good series.

    1. If WHB’s win was legit (I liked the series but I’m still feeling shocked over its win), I think it also shows that the demographic that votes in these online polls =/= the demographic that normally contributes to TVB’s ratings.

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