2013 Miss Hong Kong Pageant Continues Reality Format

Above: Carat Cheung was elected the winner of last year’s Miss Hong Kong pageant, which adopted a reality TV format.

The addition of reality TV segments and disqualification rounds in last year’s Miss Hong Kong Pageant were positively received by viewers, and the 2012 Miss Hong Kong Pageant was one of TVB’s most highly-rated pageant shows in recent years.

For the 2013 Miss Hong Kong Pageant coming in the next few months, TVB will continue this streak of success with overseas reality competitions.

The 2013 Miss Hong Kong hopefuls will be sent to various cities around the world, including Paris, Bangkok, Seoul, Beijing, Taipei, Istanbul, and others, in teams of two to three people. The contestants will be working closely with the city’s respective tour agencies to interact with the tourists and locals. The contestants will also work partially as tour guides to introduce the city to the tourists and the television audience.

The Miss Hong Kong producers hope that the contestants will show their genuine personalities through improvisations with the city’s locals and tourists. To ensure the safety of the Miss Hong Kong candidates, TVB will employ four guards to accompany each group to their trip.

Tour guide agencies hope that a close collaboration with the Miss Hong Kong organization will attract more people to sign up for these “Miss Hong Kong tour groups.”

In a phone interview with the press, producer Sandy Yu (余詠珊) confirmed that the Miss Hong Kong organizers have plans to collaborate with various tours agencies around the world. Asked if that would benefit the pageant and TVB with more ads and sponsors, Sandy said, “The Miss Hong Kong [contestants] and the viewers get the most benefits. Through the program, the candidates would be able to gain new life experiences and learn more about social skills. As for the audience, they would get an entirely new TV viewing experience.”

However, Sandy Yu stressed that everything is still in temporary production stages and cannot reveal too much information.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Miss Hong Kong Pageant has become a travelogue!

    When are they going to bring back Mr. Hong Kong?

  2. I have not watched the pageant for a very long time so really wonder how it is now?? I really miss the good old days of Ms. HK.

    1. Basically any pork chop chick from the street can win it.

    2. HTS – the new format is terrible.

      Pageants should be about grace and beauty.. not about which team performed better in a silly competition… and then having them vote a competitor off.

      it’s not a pageant… it’s a bad reality TV show.

      1. Agree. They go overseas to another country, and have these competitions or tasks for the contestants to compete for. Some of these tasks are really lame, like who chose the best souvenir items to show off in a catwalk. How is that representative of a beauty pageant? Seems like they want to copy America’s Next Top Model or something, but worse. I guess it makes it more entertaining and suited towards viewers’ taste these days. It’s definitely more of a reality show.

      2. TVBFanatic,
        Really? I don’t really like the format of reality TV shows and do not watch those at all. I really miss the good old days. What is the point of winning the pageant these days???

      3. Nowadays people join Miss HK in hopes of getting a contract with TVB. I hate how all these pageant winners try to become actresses. Helloooo~ they are Pageant winners that cannot act! They should be promoting charitable causes.

      4. @bubbles: You are very correct about people wanting to get a contract with TVB. But there are only 2 ways to get a contract with TVB: either participate in a pageant/singing talent show or participate in an artiste training class.

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