TVB Best Actor and Actress Awards Will Not Be Decided by Popular Vote

Last year, TVB broke new ground by allowing Hong Kong viewers’ votes to decide the Best Actor and Actress awards for the first time. However, TVB announced today that this year’s top awards will be decided by a panel of judges instead, not trusting the public will choose wisely.

The 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards popular voting method renewed interest in the annual awards, which many viewers have criticized in recent years as being unfair by rewarding promoted artists instead of truly talented individuals. With a rare opportunity to decide Hong Kong’s most popular awards event, the masses turned up their votes and gave Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) his third Best Actor award last year.

However, Wayne’s victory was not without controversy. One weakness of the popular voting system is its lack of professional judgment. Are viewers truly able to separate acting performances from the likability of the nominees?

TVB Director of Production, Sandy Yu (余詠珊), believes the answer is to allow a panel of industry professionals to decide the Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Drama awards. Ms. Yu said, “We are considering forming a judging committee consisting of several hundred professionals. Perhaps we will not count the audience votes.” Ms. Yu revealed that the final selection guidelines will be decided in later management meetings.

The 2013 Anniversary Awards ceremony will be held on Monday December 16, 2013. Although TVB has not unveiled its official list of nominees yet, a year of mostly dismal ratings made it difficult to predict who will be the winners. The Best Actress battle is largely speculated to be between Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) and Kate Tsui (徐子珊), while Chilam Cheung (張智霖), Francis Ng (吳鎮宇), Moses Chan (陳豪) and Wayne Lai are considered to have good chances in the Best Actor award.


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  1. Same old, same old. Credibility is sooo not your strong suit, TVB.

  2. Kate and Linda CANNOT act!!!! They don’t deserve to win. They can’t show deep emotions. Every time they cried in their TV series, I just didn’t feel it AT ALL. There are other good actresses that deserve to win this year’s award like Esther Kwan, Nancy Wu, and Tavia. Joey Meng is good in “A Change of Heart.” I like both Francis and Chilam. I hope the judging committee would take this into consideration.

  3. Fala Chen and Rebecca Zhu can’t act. Too highly promoted and still can’t act. There was an article about Rebecca Zhu cheating on her Ukranian boyfriend. Not very fond of her and her acting.

  4. Wow! Interesting indeed n all gonna b equal n fair yea! A tough choice btw.

  5. TVB awards don’t need to be credible. It has always been a tool to promote their artists. I don’t think there’s a need to try to make it credible. Nothing TVB can do will make everyone accept the results as fair anyway. As long as the winners are reasonable, it really doesn’t matter how they are chosen.

  6. They also did this because they were mad for hong kongers to vote for wayne and not raymond which made him leave tvb and it started to drop a lot of good actors and actresses

    1. They probably thougth Raymond with his fan base can win hands down.

  7. to be honest, i started hating kate ever since she took on those daring and slutty roles in lives of omission and relic of an emissary…..but she has really changed my perception of her in sniper standoff and highs adn lows.

    i think she’s better than linda…..i think linda’ll have to wait for next year.

  8. i actually hope selena li wins my most favorite femae character award for her role as elsa chung in lawfully awful. her character was great and she portrayed it very well in my opnion. its just too bad her exposure is so low

  9. Not worried about whether is it credible but geez pick a method then stick with it! Seem to change the rules every year.

  10. JOEY MENG FOR BEST ACTRESS! PLEASE. Those “fadans” are not up to par.

  11. Yes the public do not choose wisely as most of the time they only choose their favourites.
    Having said that, the judges are just as bad, they do the same !!!

  12. No hatred but pro. Just can no longer see linda Chung, ugly, big face, annoying voice, no sexy body and cry baby. Please she is 3rd tier actress.

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