TVB to Hold 2020 Miss Hong Kong Pageant as Reality Show

Previously, TVB announced the cancelation of this year’s Miss Hong Kong Pageant due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in a surprising turn of events, TVB executive Sandy Yu (余詠珊) retracted her statement, and publicly announced in a press conference that the pageant would still be held this year. The twist? It will be conducted in the form of a virtual reality show.

“This year’s Miss Hong Kong Pageant will have a lot of new elements,” Sandy shared. “For example, it’s probably going to be more than one episode if we’re showing the recruitment stages, and netizens will be able to eliminate the contestants early on.”

The contestants will show viewers their daily lives, swimwear looks, and makeup styles. Like always, three people will be crowned Miss Hong Kong, first runner-up, and second runner-up respectively. People from all over the world can run in the pageant as long as they hold a Hong Kong ID or were born in Hong Kong.

“They don’t have to physically be in Hong Kong like in the past,” Sandy said. “We are making the pageant totally virtual, and I think we are the first to do so. It’s a whole new Miss Hong Kong Pageant.”

She revealed that the pageant is to commence at the end of May, and 50 to 60 girls will be competing initially. “We will not gather everyone together because of the epidemic. The contestants can do the training individually at home,” Sandy shared. “I hope more viewers will participate for more interactivity.”

The contestants will have to film themselves, and arrangements will be made for TVB staff to set up filming equipment at their homes. As for whether the pageant will have an event for the finals, Sandy said it depends on the situation of the epidemic.

Source: Oncc

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  1. with all the restriction and confinement this can be a good idea but the end I feel TVB will rigged the results no matter what…

  2. This is a very interesting idea & marks a change in traditional beauty pageants! Crazy how covid19 is changing our daily work and social lives. We are actually able to do a lot of things we didnt think was possible.

    Currently working from home, my boss said that when we return to the office, we will be spaced out more & not have meetings in person. We will continue to use Zoom video conferences even if we go back to work

  3. i like the idea. if tvb could pull this off successfully, it’d be fun to watch.

  4. What is this Keeping Up with the Kardarshians? Regardless it’s an interesting concept I wonder how they’ll pull it through.
    I feel like it’s a good choice TVB does need fresh faces and more actresses tbh. And hopefully they end up being good not like when Grace Chan first debuted as female lead…
    Though I feel like there would be faults for example filming schedules, time zone areas, editing and overall space and atmosphere. Like what if a contestant lived in a average HK home which is a cage. Or someone living in a rundown neighbourhood – they can be judged. Etc etc and vice versa. Paparazzi in HK are already like dogs. Imagine when they know actually where you live and being judged even more?

    1. @oligodendrocytes
      oh… i am highly doubtful that in the early stages that any of it would be non-edited live broadcast given so many things could go wrong such as slow connection etc. live broadcasting could be just the finals or semi-finals.

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