Jessica Liu on Failing to Place in Miss Hong Kong 2020

One of the hot favorite contestants leading up to Miss Hong Kong 2020, Jessica Liu (廖慧儀) surprisingly did not place in the Miss Hong Kong finals which took place on Sunday night. The 24-year-old flight attendant, who is also a part-time model, attracted a wide following due to her beautiful features. However, the tattoo on her upper hip may have cost Jessica the opportunity to place in the Top Five during the pageant finals.

Giving her best shot during the finals, Jessica is satisfied with her own performance. As the competition is already over, Jessica feels relieved of anxiety. “I felt that my performance was not bad. There were slight changes to the music right before the competition, so we needed to freestyle on the spot, but overall I am satisfied with my performance.”

Asked what qualities she lacked in being unable to place in the pageant, Jessica replied, “I am not as pretty as the winner Lisa Marie Tse (謝嘉怡). From the first time that I saw her, I already thought that her eyes were very pretty. Even though I did not place in the pageant, it does not mean that I have lost. Everyone has different journeys.”

As the judging criteria of Miss Hong Kong is often conservative and contestants with controversial backgrounds have reduced chances, many felt that Jessica failed to place because of the tattoo near her hip. However, Jessica felts this is her personal decision and had already disclosed this information to TVB during pageant interviews, so she did feel this impacted the final results.

Asked about her post-pageant plans and whether she intends to follow up on an earlier promise to participate in a bodybuilding competition if she did not place in Miss Hong Kong, Jessica reiterated her interest and said that she would think about it.


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  1. I can’t even name a single Miss HK winner for the past years that went by… this show doesn’t mean much anymore beside giving you the chance to become an actress and hoping the audience doesn’t hate you for your acting.

    1. @vodka yeah it’s basically a fastpass into tvb. I cringe so hard when the winners all said they wanted to film dramas. Like. Uh. Do you even know anything about acting? It’s such an insult to the audience honestly

      1. @bubbles23 the old school had acting school and actually graduate from it and work their a$$ to be where they at… all these new generation I can’t stand it.

  2. Too bad can’t see the tattoo from her miss Hongkong picture because it’s half cut off? I think there’s something about her teeth also. So you’re not supposed have any tattoos when enter miss Hongkong? Maybe it makes looks bad? The one from last year she’s not even pretty and she looks older than her actual age.

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