Miss Hong Kong 2020 Contestants Embroiled in Controversies

This year’s contestants are plagued by indecent photo scandal, financial dispute and plastic surgery rumors.

Miss Hong Kong 2020 held its second round of interviews yesterday, with hot favorites among the contestants making their appearances. However, Mary Mak (麥淑螢), who took part last year and successfully made the cut this year, was recently embroiled into a nude photo scandal on top of several financial disputes.

Two Contestants May Lose Their Eligibility

Out of the 23 candidates who made it to the second round of pageant interviews were: Tsuyu lookalike Kwok Pak Yin (郭柏妍), angel-faced Michelle Hou (侯嘉欣), busty Rainie Yeung-lookalike Amber Chan (陳煦凝), wild stewardess Jessica Liu (廖慧儀), and a JacquelineWong-lookalike named Roxanne Ho (何孟珊).

Originally scheduled to meet the press, heiress Jocelyn Choi (蔡頌思) and another contestant Cai Xiaodie (蔡小蝶) were nowhere seen. It turned out that the two contestants’ existing contracts with other organizations might have conflicting clauses with the pageant contract and therefore their eligibility remains to be verified.

Mary Mak Sets Social Media to Private

Many contestants had secrets in their past exposed. Unidentified readers have spilled that 26-year-old Mary Mak was involved with many financial disputes along with her boyfriend, and provided what looked like her indecent photos to the media. One of the photos showed the woman in the photo asleep while another showed her in a compromising act. Netizens have pointed out her resemblance to Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝).

Mary made her debut as a singer and was formerly a member of Hong Kong girl band HKG (Hong Kong Girls), as well as acted in three films released online. She has accumulated much onscreen experiences in singing, acting and hosting, and even had rumors with a rich second generation. Now working as an investment analyst, Mary was asked if she had turned her social media private recently due to personal secrets. “I have no secrets!” she replied, adding that her parents were unaware of her joining the pageant as her father had opposed her entering the industry earlier.

As Lisa Chong (莊思明) was the one who nominated Mary for last year’s pageant, the actress responded to media queries, “I was in the same management company as her and knew each other for a few years. She entered the company earlier than me.” Though Lisa never met Mary’s boyfriend, she had heard ex-colleagues mention about Mary’s photos being photoshopped and her being blackmailed, but did not clarify directly with her.

A Professional Car Racer

Another contestant Jessica Chan (陳顥怡) wore a low-cut dress which revealed her ample bust line while she posed for photos. Active on social media, she has posted snippets of her daily life and appears to be in a sweet romance with her boyfriend. While many of the contestants held diverse jobs, Jessica stood out for being a professional racer and part-time mechanic. According to her posts, she did not feel well after eating something odd, but she nevertheless turned up for the interview and hopes to fight until the end.

Michelle Hou (侯嘉欣), who was laughed at by netizens for her overly thick makeup during the virtual interview managed to salvage her image and go through the first round of interviews. This time, she appeared wearing minimal makeup in a pink ruffles dress. Sharing many of her travel photos on social media, she seemed to enjoy water sports in particular. Her svelte figure could be discerned even in a one-piece swimsuit.

Amber Chan, who was suspected of having a chin job done, stood out for her suggestive answer to host Crystal Fung’s (馮盈盈) questions. When asked “What is the question most feared by men,” she said immediately, “How long are you?” and explained that men were sensitive about the matter. When Crystal asked what aspect she was referring to, she said “I meant (their) hair,” and also intentionally touched her chin, seemingly to debunk plastic surgery rumors.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Resemblance to Cecilia cheung is such a pressure to carry because she’s too beautiful. I’d be concerned for anyone having to carry that title.

  2. @m0m0 I watched the interview and didn’t think she was attractive at first. But her face grows on you and you’ll realize that she has pretty features. When they told her that some netizens commented she looked like Cecilia and if anyone has said that about her before, she said no, but she has gotten Annie Liu. I think she looks pretty but only at certain angles and certain expressions.

  3. @m0m0 lol you mean her English name? haha well that can easily be changed. I find her not looking good in photos but much better in person (interviews) where she isn’t one dimensional. Anyway, not sure if she will stand a chance this year. Apparently she also joined the year before and didn’t place.

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