Danny Hung on Dinner Date With Jessica Liu: “I’m Not That Dumb”

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Danny Hung on Dinner Date With Jessica Liu: “I’m Not That Dumb”

Despite being one of the top contenders in Miss Hong Kong 2020, Jessica Liu (廖慧儀) surprisingly did not place in the pageant finals. The 24-year-old former flight attendant has been a gossip magnet since the untimely suicide of her non-celebrity boyfriend, Sam Cheung, in December. Though Sam accused Jessica of cheating with Danny Hung (孔德賢), the Young and Restless <#後生仔傾吓偈> host is eager to separate himself from the rumors to salvage his career.

Last fall, Jessica and Danny grew increasingly close and started exchanging flirtatious text messages. Enraged, Sam threatened Danny on social media to stay away from his girlfriend. Danny and Jessica were suspected to have gone hiking together, as their social media showed hiking destinations that looked suspiciously similar. Nevertheless, Danny and Jessica denied being involved with each other both before and after Sam’s suicide.

Dinner Date Together?

The muddled love triangle and tragedy led to a loss of opportunities for both Jessica and Danny. Eager to save his career, Danny was quick to draw the line with Jessica, emphasizing that the two are merely friends. However,  the pair was suspected to have met up for a recent dinner date.

On social media, Jessica shared a photo of a two-person’s worth of lobster for dinner, while Danny also posted a photo of himself cooking carrot shreds. Sharp-eyed netizens pointed out their use of the same stove top and believe the two artistes had a dinner date together. One netizen wrote, “The two of them posted photos of themselves cooking today. Coincidentally, they are using the same stove with the same pattern. If they are really lying and saying they are not together, then it is really scary.”

Shortly after being called out, Danny quickly removed the cooking photo from his social media, leading to more suspicions about his entanglement with Jessica.

Two days later, Danny addressed the issue while making an appearance at a press event, “I attended a friend’s birthday party, and also made radish cake there. I only realized [Jessica] was there after I entered the apartment. When I read the news the next day, I found out she posted the lobster photo. If we were really cooking together, then we wouldn’t want people to know about it and I wouldn’t be so dumb as to take the photo right after she’s done taking hers, and then post it online. I was simply sharing a photo of what I cooked. If we’re dating underground, I wouldn’t be posting any photos!”

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Jessica Liu’s Ex-Boyfriend Commits Suicide

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