TVB Cancels 2020 Miss Hong Kong Pageant

TVB hosted the annual Miss Hong Kong Pageant with great fanfare since 1973. While this year would have been pageant’s 48th anniversary, the growing concerns over the Covid-19 pandemic is forcing TVB to make an unprecedented decision to suspend the pageant this year. This will also mark the first time in history that last year’s winners will re-assume their winning title for a second year.

In an interview, TVB executive Sandy Yu (余詠珊) explains the reason for the cancellation, “We just decided to suspend it this year. Due to the impact of the pandemic, there were many unresolved issues. For example, every year many overseas university students come to Hong Kong to enter the pageant. Right now, many people cannot travel abroad, and we don’t want people from Mainland China and overseas to take on the risk and travel to Hong Kong.”

Sandy Yu also expressed concerns for publicity and production activities of the pageant, “There are many public events and large-scale press conferences before the competition. Should the contestants wear masks? If the outbreak gets worse and the government imposes stricter policies, we wouldn’t know what to do. In addition to the public activities, there is the production programming. Other than the 10 pageants, we also have many staff on site. Since we considered so many issues without any solutions, we can only suspend it for one year. While we are dealing with the pandemic, it would also not be appropriate to produce a program filled with songs and dances.”

Last Year’s Winners Kept in the Dark?

With the cancellation of this year’s pageant, the 2019 Miss Hong Kong winners will be carrying their crowns for another year, but it appears that TVB has yet to inform them.

When asked for her thoughts of the situation, last year’s winner Carmaney Wong (黃嘉雯) responds, “I have not received any news from the company. If Miss Hong Kong and Miss International are cancelled because of the pandemic, I would feel sorry and helpless. However, we are tasked with fighting the pandemic together and we will work together to overcome this difficulty.”

Second-runner up Fei Wong (王菲) also reveals that the company has not provided her with any news, “As someone who competed in the pageant, it is pitiful if the pageant is canceled. However, the pandemic is serious and everyone’s health is important. I believe the company’s arrangement is appropriate. Besides there will be another chance next year so this year’s candidates don’t have be disheartened if they want to register.


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  1. such a pit for someone who wanted to compete, she’d be one year older next time.

  2. If Olympic got cancelled this year of course everything might got cancelled too. If Wong Fei win the Miss Hong Kong some people might get confused with the other Wong Fei because of same name?

    1. @cutie777
      Exactly and even a big event like the Olympics had to be postponed so of course this would have to be as well. The stinky virus has screwed the whole world over… when will it all end?

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