Tony Hung Rises Fast to Fame; Pleases TVB Executives

After three years of hosting travelogue programs for the cable channel Now TV, Tony Hung (洪永城) moved to TVB in 2012 under the suggestion of TVB’s director of variety production, Sandy Yu (余詠珊). The Hong Kong television industry is notoriously hard to break into, but luck was on Tony’s side; the 31-year-old went from being a program host to a lead actor in TVB dramas in only three years’ time. Tony is currently starring in the TVB anniversary drama Captain of Destiny <張保仔>, which will air its final episode on Sunday, October 25.

In Captain of Destiny, Tony portrays the title character Cheung Po Tsai, a role that was originally intended for Raymond Wong (黃浩然), who stepped down due to health issues. The production team’s decision to replace Raymond with Tony, who had only been starring in supporting roles up until Captain of Destiny, was because of his connection with Sandy Yu. At the moment, Tony has three dramas under his belt waiting for broadcast, two in which he stars as the first male lead.

Tony’s relationship with Sandy Yu is indeed quite close and he seems to be a favorite among TVB management. A gossip magazine recently published photos of Tony talking amicably with Sandy Yu and another TVB executive while they were dining at TVB’s canteen. Wearing his drama’s uniform, Tony appeared to be in a filming break for Angel In the Making <實習天使>. Tony approached Sandy Yu with a big smile and talked to her for at least fifteen minutes.

When asked about his connection with Sandy Yu, Tony said the TVB executive is his mentor. He admitted, “It was Sandy who brought me to TVB. She is my mentor and frequently gives me advice. She is definitely my benefactor; this is something I am not afraid to admit.”

Priscilla Wong (黃翠如), a former television presenter for i-Cable and Now TV, is also said to be another favorite. Like Tony, it also took Priscilla less than three years to star in a TVB drama production as the first female lead. Sandy Yu has said in the past that she thinks highly of both Tony and Priscilla, and believe they will be successful.

Source: East Week

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  1. I found 1 role where Ram isn’t convincing. This one! His axting is there but man, he sticks out like a sore thumb as a pirate. He doesn’t have that pirate-y feel. He looks ridiculous, then again so is Tony ha!

  2. ram is supposedly a scholar forced to become a pirate.
    tony, as I mentioned earlier, is more like a boy from kindergarten instead of a pirate.

  3. Sandy can promote Tony all she wants. If he doesn’t have the substance, he’ll soon fizzle out despite all that mountain supposedly backing him.

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      1. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

      2. @kolo Like freedalas said, only to a certain extent. if Wong Cho Lam was casted, I think grace’s character’s love line would have to be rewritten. There’s no way he’d be a convincing love interest to her especially if his rival is Ruco XD

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  4. I think Tony Hung does pull off the playfulness of CPT quite well but when it comes to the serious scene, he is fairly weak in that aspect.

  5. I’d like to see more of Tony in different roles. So, I am not displeased by this news. However, I would be quite unhappy if the result was just meaningless saturation on public television.

  6. Rising fast to fame?? He got immediate KOed by Ruco in CoD. Sandy can gives him all the meaty role that she can get, but doesn’t means he is rising fast to fame lei.

  7. Sandy is such a joke. She’s just there to ruin TVB by promoting these non actor/actress to be lead. She’s either blind or doing it on purpose. Oh I forgot, they are her friends. This world is always unfair.
    With that being said, if I have to watch Tony Hung please at least don’t put him in ancient dramas anymore. His behavior, tone of voice and use of language just doesn’t go with ancient dramas. Did they even notice that or they just be like, “oh well no time to teach him that. It will take forever to film…” Lol. No effort whatsoever. What an insult to your fans. Provide them some TRAINING CLASSES PLEASE TVB!

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  8. I kinda think Tony fits better than Wong hou yin. Wong hou yin can be quite 1 dimensional and boring

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