Blacklisted by TVB, Eric Tsang Will Not Host Miss Hong Kong 2018

Eric Tsang (曾志偉), one of TVB’s veteran and most esteemed artistes, has finally had enough of the station’s recent fluctuations. As one of the company’s most popular faces, Eric has had an important role in creating and hosting many memorabe TVB shows, such as Super Trio <獎門人> and the Miss Hong Kong Pageant. The 65-year-old actor has reportedly been at odds with TVB executive, Sandy Yu (余詠珊), as the two have different views on the direction of the company.

When ATV went bankrupt in 2016, Eric sought many investors in an effort to buy out ATV. He went as far as poaching many behind-the-scenes staff from TVB in hopes of establishing a television station that he envisions. Although TVB was angry at the time, nothing came to fruition and they let bygones be bygones. However, the last straw came in 2017, when Sandy decided to air pre-recorded footage for the Miss Hong Kong Pageant. At the time, Eric scolded, “What the hell! The Miss Hong Kong Pageant is supposed to live! Why are we pre-recording?”

Eric Tsang Criticizes Miss Hong Kong Pageant

Although TVB continued to try and make amends with Eric, the company finally blacklisted the golden host when he filmed the ViuTV series, Good Night Show Football Fans Party <Good Night Show 全民睇波派對>. When asked whether he will host the Miss Hong Kong Pageant in August, Eric said, “Let’s wait for them to seek me out first. I’ll have to see what the filming mode is. If it were like last year’s [pre-recorded footage], then there’s no point in going on-screen to say just a few words.”

When reporters told Eric that this year’s pageant will cancel overseas overseas filming and will instead film at the local Hong Kong town, Sai Kung, Eric mocked, “The [Saigon] in Vietnam? Going that far? It’s quite a distance from TVB City in Tseung Kwan O!”

Jokes aside, Eric answered more seriously, “I personally liked the old way better. There’s nothing wrong with being innovative and coming up with new ideas, but sometimes, you have to retain a product’s originality. The Miss Hong Kong Pageant is once a year. The audience looks forward to it. Everyone wants to see the swimsuit segment, the Q&A segment, and overseas filming. It creates a lot of discussion for everyone. The audience will get to know the contestantts better. This is what makes the show interesting to watch.”


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  1. Never liked this freaky guy. Not sure what is his claim to fame either. Not much of a comedian and I can’t stand hus horrible voice not sure what’s so great about him or his acting skills.

  2. He is a pervert and a bully. Glad he is blacklisted.

  3. woah didn’t expect such drama, he such a direct and straightforward person pretty much the same status as Liza in the studio, sad they came to this point, I admire him in “Super trio”.

    Tbh is so hard to stand on TVB side lately they been constantly losing quality staff and production has been mediocre for quite some time. Eric is just telling the truth.

  4. As if Eric cares? It’s as if The new management is running TVB without any clue at all! TVB is losing viewers by the day and I’m one of them! Storyline is poor, actors and actresses are mediocre! China production so much better! Beyond match to be precised!

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