2017’s Most Anticipated TVB Dramas

2016 was a hit or miss year for TVB, but now that we’re stepping into the new year—and into TVB’s 50th anniversary—it seems like our favorite Hong Kong broadcaster is set on playing out all of their best cards for their golden jubilee year.

burning hands poster

Burning Hands <乘勝狙擊> — premiering January 16

Starring TVB’s fresh new TV King Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Burning Hands centers on a team of con artists who were hired by a casino tycoon to solve an embezzlement case. Ruco stars as Chak Koon-yat, the team’s leader and a “sleight of hand” illusionist. Rosina Lam (林夏薇), Joel Chan (陳山聰), Candice Chiu (趙希洛), Lam Tsz-sin (林子善), Tsui Wing (徐榮), and Stefan Wong (黃長興) are also in the team, each with their own specialty. Hugo Ng (吳岱融), who came back with a bang in last year’s Brother’s Keeper II <巨輪II>, will be starring in Burning Hands as Ruco’s father.

Burning Hands is a suspenseful crime drama that brings out the darkness in everyone—your worse enemy could be right by your side all along.


The Unholy Alliance <同盟>

Dubbed as the modern version A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄>, The Unholy Alliance is produced by Four Walls creator Jazz Boon (文偉鴻). It stars Four Walls actors Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu (胡定欣), bringing back the magic that they have made together in Four Walls. The Unholy Alliance also stars Paw Hee-ching (鮑起靜) in her first TVB drama.

Film Queen Paw Hee-ching, known for her nurturing mother roles, will change her veil to portray a cunning matriarch, head of a large crime syndicate. Ruco plays her birth son, while Nancy stars as his bodyguard. Jazz Boon describes The Unholy Alliance as a martial arts thriller, and will include many different combat styles of martial arts, including Krav Maga and gun fu.


The Unlawful Justice Squad <踩過界>

2016’s new breakout Vincent Wong (王浩信) will be leading his first series as a blind lawyer in The Unlawful Justice Squad, a legal drama about a lawyer who employs extreme methods to protect the innocent. His characterization is similar to Marvel’s Daredevil, a superhero series about a blind lawyer who fights crime at night.


Destination Nowhere <迷>

The last TVB drama in Kevin Cheng’s (鄭嘉穎) contract is Destination Nowhere, a detective inspector who gets warped into a murder case that would change his life. Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) stars as a schizophrenic grieving mother who does whatever it takes to avenge the murder of her teenage daughter.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. i’ve been looking forward to 同盟…and this year will be another hot year for Ruco to use this drama to compete for Best Actor.

  2. Looking forward to Vincent’s performance in 踩過界. I’m excited to see how he will portray a blind lawyer who protects the innocent.

    It’s such a pity TBB didn’t give him the Most Popular Character award last year as his portrayal of 渠頭 was absolutely amazing. Hopefully he’ll have more luck this time!

  3. Burning Hands will be a big one!!!
    Finaly rucoo playing a conartist in casino. Looking well for Joel Chan. 2 out of 4 big drama!! After his marriage-gate. Tvb has frozen him and gaving him small potatoes roles. Whith the Alliance and esspecialy Burning hands. He will defintely have chance to winn best support actor and maybr favourite male role!

    Allready looking forward for Vincent Wong his portayal as a blind lawyer and we can also see if Owen Cheung is true diamond. Sisley as Mob-daughter and Ali Lee as sexy lawyer!! Gorgious!!!!

    “The last will be the best”?!!
    Kevin Cheng is a great actor. Evry drama of him on tvb is superb perfomance. Too bad for the last one. But even ut was not good. He did verry good as a vampire hunter.

    Kristal!!! Finaly a role who fitt you. As crazy schrizo mother who will revenge her daughters dead!!
    One to Watch drama!!!
    And a chance to win the best actice again!!!!

  4. Only 4?

    I will say yes yes yes no in that order.

    Gotta say Vincent Wong looks great in that poster.

  5. Feels like Ruco is turning into the next Gallen/Wayne … most likely win the Best Actor for the next couple of years if he keeps shooting drama =P

  6. only 4 anticipated shows this year and the rest is a flop? lol hope not ! i am looking forward to the above shows plus Bobby Au Yeung show My Ages Apart .

  7. I have not watched tvb in years and wonder if I ever will again? There are too many good shows from China, Taiwan and other countries to see. Tvb is truly falling behind…

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