“The Unholy Alliance” Drops a Big Boss Reveal

As The Unholy Alliance <同盟> approaches its final week, it is time to drop another final boss hint.

The action-packed drama, produced by Jazz Boon (文偉鴻), follows Ko Tsz-kit (portrayed by Ruco Chan 陳展鵬), who survives an assassination attempt. He follows the assassins to Hong Kong, where he meets his biological family, led by the matriarch and his mother Ling Hung (portrayed by Nina Paw 鮑起靜). He soon discovers that his assassination may have been ordered by a mysterious figure known by the name “Rainman.”

The identity of Rainman hasn’t been revealed yet, but the latest episode has dropped two big hints: that Rainman could be either Yuen Ngai-sze (portrayed by Elena Kong 江美儀) or the black cop Kwok Sir ( portrayed by Law Lok-lam 羅樂林), two new characters that were introduced on Wednesday’s episode.

Yuen Ngai-sze, who holds a governmental position in the Fight Crime Committee, was originally a disciple of Mr. Yik (portrayed by Jimmy Au 歐瑞偉). She colludes with governmental official Lau Chak-sing (portrayed by Timothy Cheng 鄭子誠), and is believed to be the Rainman who had orchestrated Ko Tsz-kit’s assassination. Kwok Sir is also another possible candidate for Rainman.

In an interview with Elena Kong, the actress said she was ordered by the producer to not reveal Rainman’s identity. Asking if she is playing a villain, Elena said, “I really can’t say anything! Yes and no!”

Source: Mingpao.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. As is the norm for TVB dramas everything happens in the final 1/4 of this drama. Another Jazz trademark is plenty of deaths of the characters and In the 3 eps aired this week in the rundown to the fihale we have 4 of them wiped out. Now we hv this silly twist of a final big boss really lmao. Some awesome acting by nina this week and Ruco finally had some real acting to do but not quite enough.Nancy is still standing around doing nothing much but eat eat eat. Such a waste to cast tv king and queen in this drama.

    1. @passingby now I know why the 令 family is so big…so that characters can be killed off one by one.
      The guy who plays 令烈’s son is no angel. He could have ordered his father’s death. He also told 令熊 a lie about being kidnapped, which was why he couldn’t reach home to inform her.

      Nancy the assassin has been chomping on chips and pizza since episode 1. The TV king in this drama could well be Joel.

      The next victims killed off could well be Kelly, Chloe and the grandmother.

      1. @orchid123 Joel stands out as Kent. In the other drama when Ruco and also Joel acted in…Ruco stood out as 一哥…but this time it is the complete reverse. Joel as Kent is suave, street smart and intelligent.

        Elena Kong is the big boss.

        I hope Jimmy Au is in the nomination list as best supporting actor.

  2. I hope Joel could win the Most Favourite Male Character this year, an award that Benjamin Yuen won last year, but Joel’s character & acting are far better than the woody Benjamin Yuen.

    My picks for the big boss are Jimmy Au, Elena Kong, Carlo Ng Ka Lok or a mystery character who has yet to appear so far. I don’t think that Jazz Lam is the Rainman, but he is possibly part of the group.

    I somehow feel that Carlo’s character shouldn’t be just as simple as Ling Hung’s young brother-in-law. His character as Fung Chun Mei in Four Walls carried some significance and was well-performed. Thus, why would he be casted for such a small role in TUA?

    1. @diana80 I think jimmy au has some relation to the final boss. he said something during a past episode which made him seem so innocent that it’s suspicious (when he mentioned that his background is clean and he only has a wife & kid in Canada.) it doesn’t sound convincing. why hasn’t anyone targeted his family, for instance? and what kind of loving father figure is okay with living so far away from his family, even if it’s for safety reasons? also, he’s the only one who knows about nina’s son. so it stands to reason the person who ‘leaked’ info about ruco is him.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s in cahoots with someone in the family though. somehow it doesn’t make sense for him to be the only person involved.

      1. @coralie I don’t remember 易先生 mentioning he had a wife and child in Canada. I think he was referring to one of the characters who was competing to win the election.

        After killing off 令烈 and Ricky, I suspect the next victims would be 韋爷 and Chloe.

  3. To be honest Joel Chan’s character and acting in The Unholy Alliance is so much better than Ruco Chan

    1. @piupiu
      Joel’s character, outfit and hairstyle outshine Ruco but not acting cos the tv king hasn’t got space to showcase his acting with this naive role. Just imagine if Ruco and Joel exchange roles, that would be a disaster to Joel.
      Same to Nancy. This drama is a waste to cast the tv king and queen.

      1. @66ksc both can kiss their tv king/ queen dreams goodbye this year. Their characters dont hv much to do to shine in their roles. Only the fighting scenes are excellent. I hv newfound admiration for Nancy as an action heroine (Ruco we already know he is good in action scenes). However I hope Ruco will get some good dramatic roles soon or the audience will soon forget that he is a good actor.

      2. @passingby

        Even producer Jazz Boon himself seems not convinced of Ruco’s role as the male lead because we can see there are quite many scenes in the series that are purposely created to emphasize that Ruco is the lead…LOL

        Therefore, It is wiser to act as the second lead or supporting role in Jazz Boon’s series because their characters normally outshine the lead role in his series.

      3. @passingby
        It’s obvious that TBB purposely rules out Ruco and Nancy’s chance for tv king/queen with this series, usual strategy, nothing special.
        Not worry about Ruco, he has established the image of a good actor in the minds of the audience all through these years. He’s still leading in almost all polls for best actor though his chance will be eliminated.
        With the quality of the dramas deteriorating, all TBB actors’ opportunities for good roles are diminishing.

      4. @66ksc oh yes the good old conspiracy theory haha. So what if he’s leading polls? Truth is his role sucks as a result of which his acting is dull and lifeless.

      5. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

      6. @killer02 I was wondering when i will be the next victim of your spamming so here goes my take on it. Yes agree sick and tired of reading about this money grubbing fame seeker who’s way over exposed and way over rated. No doubt he would have quit long ago if he hadn’t achieved fame and fortune in this industry. He’s so desperate for fame and fortune that he feels the need to undergo plastic surgery bla bla bla. Happy now? Don’t @ me in yr future hate spams.

      7. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

      8. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

  4. Jazz Boon revealed some hints about the final boss in an interview today. He said that for sure, there is more than one Rainman. Also, TVB has a survey question on their FB page where they ask viewers to guess who might Rainman be: supposedly, out of the 6 “suspects” listed, 2 of them are the final boss (Rainman)….that definitely narrows the choices. The “hot favorite” pick for Rainman at the moment (based on the survey) is Jimmy Au, though there is also speculation that Ruco himself might be Rainman (with his motivation being revenge against the Ling family). Oh, Jazz also said that many of the Ling family members will die and also in guessing who Rainman/men is, don’t go off the series poster because that was deliberately made to throw people off track.

    1. @llwy12 Eh, old habit dies hard. I still say Jazz is the “big boss.” Like Walls, he has been in the series since the beginning, acts all innocent and loyal, and an insider of the family. So this is basically: pew pew, wah wah, and ugh bleh on repeat 28x.

      By the way, why do they wear roller derby gears whenever the hold a gun?? xD It’s like yea, the elbow pads to to protect from getting cramp because I have to hold a gun. Or, yea, I protect my knee cap so they can’t shoot at it because it’s totally okay if they shoot at the actual leg. Oh and by the way, they’ll only aim right at the center of my chest and will totally leave the sides and the rest of the torso alone. xDDD

    2. @llwy12 watched eps 24, omg lmao!!! Kwok Fung char is horribly written. He made absolutely no sense, lol. And wtf, you scan someone for chip after you took him to where you are and NOT before?!

      BTW, big boss is revealed in eps 24. Eh, stupid set up.

      1. @jjwong

        Yes, pity the veteran Kwok Fung being casted in such a role.

        Btw, there are more than one Rainman. So having watched episode 25, i kinda agree with you now that Jazz Lam is the other Rainman.

      2. @diana80 Pitiful character development but Kwok Fung delivered. I cringed a little at they sons death scenes bc of how his real life died recently 🙁

        Note: I haven’t seen eps 25 yet

        @janet72 i didn’t question why that Rainman didn’t believe the reason Kwok Fung said about having the chip. I questioned why the heck that Rainman didn’t have him scan (at least with metal detection wand) BEFORE transports him to that room.

      3. @jjwong agree it was rather strange rainman didn’t scan him before entering the room…it doesn’t make sense at all when rainman was so careful not to leave tracks. he/she even made Kwok Fung’s character shoot Kent.

        his wife passed away recently. it must have been a horrible nightmare filming the scene with his reel life sons being killed.

      4. @jjwong rainman is an intelligent person…would he or she believe kwok fung’s character that the chip inserted in his body is necessary?

    3. @llwy12 is it the makeup or has elena kong aged?

      with such a big family and some of whom are totally useless, it’s time to kill off characters. the characters would be 1) kelly 2) chloe 3) sunny 4) anthony’s wife 5) 令烈’s wife, 6) grandmother 7) 令熊‘s sister 8) anthony

  5. Ruco has been found out that his acting is one dimensional. It’s like his character has jumped out of A ‘fist within four walls’ into this series. He really needs to do some homework and change subtle mannerisms or speech work to distinguish his characters. His fans can keep on using the same pathetic excuse carried forward from A fist within four walls that the character is supposed to be naive and that he has given a limited character/role. Can’t use this same excuse forever….

  6. Ruco finally has some space to show his acting in ep 26 which is awesome, better late than never. Ah Kit, though carries almost the some character as Kuen Lo, Ruco’s acting convinces me the difference between the two. Kit is flirtatious and smart and Kuen Lo was entirely simple minded. Maybe fans watch his acting more into details. Simple shallow characters are more difficult to shine and on top of that, to portray typecast roles.

    1. @66ksc funny, I thought Ruco performance fell flat in eps 26. The scene at the morgue was a missed opportunity. Idk if it’s bad editting or bad time (esp after 24 eps of nothing), I honestlu did not feel his hurt at all. Maybe I have higher expecration since I know he can and should’ve do better.

  7. Eps 25, umm, eh, wtf?!? Why the heck do you scream at a one way mirror when your own father is held at gun point and you yourself, with 2 hunks, has on derby gears and semiautomatic on handa? Why didn’t you effing walk through the door and blast them away. Nope, instead, you rather watch him get shot.. and be all dramatic and turn on sob faucet…

    Eps 26, eh, I bet $1M that the death us fake. It’s set up by Nina so Rainman would believe. At the very last eps, Nina will walk in with dramatic overused “epic” music in the background. And be all, biotches, fooled you. That’s TVB ultimate “surprise / twist” that they think they delivered and so smart on thinking of it… lol.

    I cringe when Ruco char said, let your biological son do this for you. What a horrible and forced (hey I’m the lead) script. He should’ve said, you’re my mom and Kent is my brother; even though not blood, he has taken care of me, accepted me amd showed me the rope since day 1. So I can’t let him take on this mission and have both if you in danger. See? No mumbo jumbo, oh I’m blood, thrown from out of nowhere and so OOC. Bleh, I wish my parents stip watching crappy shows. So i don’t have to suffer with them. Lol.

  8. Eps 27: dude, if tvb plot is the lottery, I would be so rich now lol.

    Fake death. Ck.
    Coma. Ck.
    Final final boss ID. Ck.

    1. @jjwong
      Line walker ending was just as bad. Michael Miu shot Charmaine and Raymond and used a fake blood pack. The henchman behind carried guns. They could have added a few bullet holes to make sure. Then there was the final boss playing a game running around to see if he can be captured. These plots are fit for cartoons or do they just think the average audience are idiots.

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