Ruco Chan Wants to Keep Coupling Up with Nancy Wu

The TVB crime drama The Unholy Alliance <同盟> is Hong Kong’s biggest show of 2017, and its final episode—which aired on September 13—was watched by 2.07 million viewers, achieving an average rating of 31.8 points across all viewership platforms. Lead star Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) said it is a “satisfying number”, adding that he would love to do a sequel or another installment of the show.

Last month, the cast gathered together for a ratings celebratory banquet. Stars like Ruco Chan, Nancy Wu (胡杏兒), Joel Chan (陳山聰), Elaine Yiu (姚子羚), Samuel Kwok (郭峰), and Jimmy Au (歐瑞偉) were in attendance. The Unholy Alliance is Ruco’s second collaboration with Nancy, the first being last year’s A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄>, the drama that also got them both TV King and TV Queen.

Ruco said he won’t mind working with Nancy again. “It’s not boring!” he said. “A good partner is hard to come by. It’s like Adam Cheng (鄭少秋) and Liza Wang (汪明荃). They collaborated in so many things together yet no one finds them boring.”

In regards to the rumor that he’s living in with girlfriend Phoebe Sin (單文柔), Ruco smiled and said, “She gave a great response. We live in the same kui [district], not gui [living together]. (Did Ruco teach her that answer?) No, I’m not that smart. (She said she’s never held your hand!) This question was answered before. Just refer back to our old answers. (She said she’s seen your mother.) Yes she has, and many of my friends, too. (Incorporating her into your household?) Not exactly, but maybe my maid.”

Nancy Wu Wants More Screentime with Nina Paw

In regards to a possible sequel or new installment, Nancy said she would love to have more scenes with Nina Paw (鮑起靜). Both actresses are hot in the running for this year’s TV Queen throne.

“Nina Paw’s in the running this year, so I don’t want to think about it,” said Nancy when asked if she has the confidence to win TV Queen a second time. “It’s already a great thing to be nominated alongside her.”

Elaine Yiu Plans for Marriage Next Year

Earlier, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) revealed to the reporters that one of her close friends has a special announcement prepared. This has led to speculation that “Nonsense Club” member Elaine Yiu would be announcing her marriage to Cheng Tsz-bong (鄭子邦), but she quickly denied.

“Myolie wasn’t talking about that!” Elaine said. “Also, I need to clarify that she was definitely not talking about me. Although [marriage] is a goal of mine, I really don’t have time for that this year. We’ll consider it next year. This can’t be forced. I don’t want to scare [Cheng Tsz-bong] off! Give us some space, and everything will come together.”


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  2. “The TVB crime drama The Unholy Alliance is Hong Kong’s biggest show of 2017“
    More like Hong Kong’s biggest disappointment show of 2017 haha

  3. Don’t even trust half of what this man says. He’s been proven to be a liar who lies without batting an eyelid. Look at his body language and shifty eyes when with Nancy or when talking about her and you can see that all this talk about being great partners with her is just another of his lies.

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    2. @passingby
      How Ruco has responded about ‘there’s classic partnerships such as Adam Chen’s and Liza Wang’ as been used used by other celebrities on countless occasions when being asked this question. There’s actually no point of interviewing him because he answers everything in a default manner showing how proving how fake some celebrities can be. Also of course he dosent want the partnership to end. It brings the media attention and the extra money for attending functions.

  4. Forget about being in partnership with Nancy again Chin-pang. It will never be the same until and unless you are able to handle the awkwardness, guilt and uneasiness when you are with her. Your body language and shifty eyes say it all. Just watch the promotion videos for AFWFW and the ones for TUA and you would know what I mean. Don’t embarass and put Nancy in an awkward situation again like telling the whole world – I have never dated her instead of just saying – we are just very good friends and partners. Sort yourself out first! Watch those videos again – what a stark difference in how you treat and react to her.

  5. not too long ago this site was a pro-ruco site. what happened, did i miss something? everyone hates him now, how come?

    1. @m0m0 people love an underdog. when he was underappreciated, underused people loved him cuz they were part of his narrative; ruco chan, the people’s actor. now that he’s famous and popular, everyone’s like “he thinks he’s better than us” “tell us who you’re dating or else you’re a snob” think wayne lai pre-rosy business and post (pre: omg he’s the best actor ever, make him a lead actor!!! vs post: omg he’s everywhere! why’s he on every show?)

      1. @rucofan1100 i think you should read slowly and digest what llwy and jimmyszeto are trying to tell die hard fans like you and the likes of you who can swallow every crap this guy throws your way. No one is demanding that he tells everything about his personal life. We’re just saying that we’re disappointed with the way he handled this whole dating matter including his silly blatant lies and how he was tactless in his answers which embarrassed his once good partner (by stressing over and over and over again at different interviews how he never ever dated her, without regard for her feeling; hey man spare the overkill) and his subsequent treatment of her like an absolute stranger yet he claims that he wants to work with her again. What i found most despicable is that when he was canvassing for votes last year, he happily played along to her fans but when her usefulness was over he treated her in a cold distant manner especially now that he’s linked to someone else. Be a gentleman which as I’ve found out he is not. I used to like him too but I refuse to he a blind fan who thinks he’s perfect. His acting has also become very one-note and stale but that’s probably not entirely his fault, blame it on the roles he’s been given.

      2. @passingby
        It’s true that me and @llwy12 have a soft spot for the old time actors but we have watched countless series so can determine of scenes are acted well or not.The main thing is that we do not have the baggage of having current TVB idols that blind our opinions. However the current fans are blindly loving their idols every move, every word. Could describe it as a fantasy crush. They even willing to trash other opponents achievements.Vincent Wong is the victim this time. He’s even accused of been favourably given a ‘tailor made’ blind lawyer role.

      3. @passingby what’s with all the negativity on this forum as of late? you don’t agree with someone and instead of being respectful everyone starts belittling people? maybe you should also read slowly and realize that rucofan is literally just a name; it’s not my life. i’m not a diehard ruco fan. in 2009 it would’ve been waynefan, in 2012 it would’ve been cholam fan, in 2014 it would’ve been johnsonfan. i mean you’ve been passing by for a long time, yet you’re still here amirite? diehard fan? no. do i live and die by ruco? no. am i fan of his acting? absolutely, though in 2018, i’ll probably be converting to vincentfan.

        now you pointed out that he has embarrassed nancy wu by denying ever dating her, but…how is that wrong in any way? if he never dated her, why should he NOT deny it? they’ve literally never come out as a couple. i’m sure you and a lot of people think they probably dated but without concrete proof, why not believe him? now let’s assume they were single all along and were only playing it up for ratings, underhanded yes but only if you care about that tabloid stuff. i had no idea they were rumored to be with each other until i read the articles posted on this site. now that he is in a confirmed relationship, for the sake of said relationship with phoebe why not distance himself from nancy? why not give phoebe the peace of mind that he’s loyal? why get in the way of potential nancy suitors?

        it just bothers me why everyone seems to hate on ruco for the simple act of dating. hate on him for his phone in acting, hate on him for playing 20 year olds, hate on him for having really small eyes and not looking photogenic when he smiles, but c’mon let the guy date. remember when you were dating and you had to answer every stupid question about your relationship to your friends and family? how did it feel? now imagine having to answer those same questions everyday but to random strangers. how do you think he feels? and let’s look past the whole “but he’s a celeb, that’s his job!” because it would take a saint to be able to look past that stuff. and i’m sure you’ll agree ruco chan ain’t no saint. he’s just a human being, making the same mistakes you and i are prone to. relationships are hard; let him be, give him some space, that’s all i’m advocating, ruco fan or not

      4. @rucofan1100 First, just to be clear, I am neither a fan of Ruco’s nor a hater. I’ve enjoyed some of his series in the past and even though I agree with a few others here that his acting isn’t what it once was and he’s obviously lost his passion for the craft, he’s still a better actor than most of the current crop of TVB actors (not including the veterans of course) — that’s a fact that I don’t think anyone is trying to deny.

        Like jimmy said, my “soft spot” is for the veteran artists who I grew up watching back in the 80s – my interest in the “current” (more like post-2000s) generation of TVB artists is mostly the result of seeing them in TVB shows and also coverage in general HK entertainment-related news, so I tend to take a more neutral position and try as much as possible to look at the “facts” (using that word loosely of course) as they are presented and consider both sides. Looking at this objectively (the whole fan thing aside) – to me, Ruco did more than merely “embarrass” Nancy…regardless of whether they were ever together or not in real life (I personally don’t think they ever dated either to be honest), the one thing that’s for sure is that they were played up big-time as an “on screen couple” (not just collaborating in series, but also having a duet together, plus all the promo stuff and other events outside of that)…to the media and general audiences, the “message” that was very clearly sent was that there was “something” between the two of them, exacerbated by the fact that both were single and also neither one of them bothered to clarify things (again, whether they were truly together or not is irrelevant). Ruco has been in the industry long enough to know how things work (and even if he didn’t, just take a look around and he wouldn’t be short of examples from his fellow colleagues) – knowing what the public reaction would be given the popularity of their pairing (and even if they weren’t “lovers,” they were ”friends” at minimum, definitely one step above “colleague”) plus it was obvious they were still “making money” off the pairing, how hard would it have been for Ruco to give Nancy a heads-up as soon as he and Phoebe started dating so that she could’ve prepared herself for the media onslaught? As much as it may be hard to believe, the situation didn’t have to play out in the media the way it did – with just a little bit of sensitivity on Ruco’s part, the situation could’ve been resolved more tactfully with no harm done to any party. Yes, he did make mistakes with the way he handled things and no, we aren’t saying that he should be a saint but at the same time, it’s hard to fault Nancy’s fans for being pissed at his insensitivity toward Nancy and coming across now as though he was “using” her previously to boost his own popularity. I don’t know how accurate the above article is (it’s from, a media outlet whose credibility I question), but if Ruco truly did answer the way the article described – about wanting to collaborate with Nancy again and trying to draw parallels to “classic” on-screen couples (which honestly is a bad comparison because their situations were nothing like his) – it kind of looks to me that he is either completely oblivious to what he did or he is giving the media lip service to get them off his back.

        Lastly, the piece about being a celebrity and having to answer questions from reporters and he’s just an ordinary guy like everyone else – yes, there are definitely limits to what the media should and shouldn’t be allowed to do or who they should/shouldn’t be allowed to bother (i.e. non-industry people such as family and relatives and children should absolutely be off-limits) and yes I’m all for celebrities being able to maintain their privacy — however the reality is that he is a celebrity who is popular and currently active in the industry – as much as he may hate it, the media is going to pry into his love life and ask difficult questions because that’s what they do – it’s part of their jobs. As with all public figures, there will always be a certain expectation out there that celebrities, especially ones who are still active, need to be mindful of the fact that what they say and what they do will be judged and scrutinized by the media / general public, whether they like it or not…anyone who works in the industry knows that and if they can’t (or don’t want to) deal with it, then maybe they should consider whether a career in show business is right for them. There have been numerous celebrities in the past who left the industry because they couldn’t deal with the media scrutiny or made the conscious decision that this type of career wasn’t right for them – nothing wrong with that at all. But if you choose to stay active in the industry, then you need to be prepared for the “baggage” that comes with it and also learn to deal with it….

      5. @rucofan1100 why am i not even surprised that you still fail to see what’s bothering us about Ruco these dsys? Your user name says everything ie blind fan. We don’t bloody care who he’s datibg. It’s his behaviour his attitude which bothers us. I didn’t say he was wrong to deny ever dating nancy but to vehemently repeat that at different interviews without considering if he was hurting her feelings isn’t what a gentleman wiould do. He could have just declined ro talk about it for the nth time maybe suggesting to the interviewer that he had already answered that question and perhaps the interviewer could look back at his ptevious interviews for the answer. After all he also chose this manner of answering when he was questioned about him and phoebe.Blind fans also fall to see how he treats everyone including them as idiots with his ridiculous lies. They will willingly lap up his lies but to those smart enough to see through this man he’s disgusting and tells us his credibility is near zero. I’m indignant to be treated as a fool though you and die-hard fans are ok with it. The so-called recent negativity towards him is his own doing.

      6. @passingby what happened? i thought we settled our differences already in what i thought was an amicable manner. remember “ruco chan, phoebe sin deny living together”? why come back and attack me? now let’s suppose that they never did date, why keep up the ruse if he already has a girlfriend? maybe he keeps repeating his denials because reporters keep bringing it up? maybe you should take your anger out on reporters for their insensitive questioning. btw, i had to reread this article, but where does he even talk about his and nancy’s relationship, beyond a working one? where are all these articles where nancy’s fans are up in arms and she feels humiliated? and why would you think he’s disrespecting fans with his answers? these aren’t fan questions, these are paparazzi questions. and as everyone seems to point out, given my username i should know because as a fan i don’t care what he says to those parasites. i wanna know when he’s gonna bring the level of intensity he had in brothers keeper. he probably knows his real fans don’t really care about this stuff anyway, so are you just offended on nancy’s behalf?

        @jimmyszeto you sure you a guy? cuz you sure seem to get your panties in a bunch in regards to who ruco’s dating. and what are you talking about if it was another actor? have you forgotten our ongoing feud over raymond lam? and btw, why would you care how he handles media? when he’s lying to reporters he’s not lying to you. when he’s talking down to fans, he’s not talking to you (since you clearly aren’t a fan; ruco was obviously one of the leads in other truth). so why take it so personally?

        @llwy12 i read your whole post and i appreciate the fact that you did not take a dig at me unlike the other two posters. i disagree with the whole throwing nancy under the bus angle, because i find myself in the whole “they’re young(ish) and naive, let them have fun” camp; if nancy ain’t complaining then i don’t really care. but nonetheless, while i disagree, you are entitled to your opinion and i respect that, and once again, thanks for keeping it civil

      7. @rucofan1100 In the first place i did not attack you in my first post. I merely stated the fact that die hard fans (that includes you) think he’s perfect and can do no wrong. The word “blind fan” which I used in my first post was referring to myself, that i refuse to be a blind fan. It was you who attacked people who dared to speak the truth about your idol, blaming all the “negativity” people are having about him on his dating. When someone tried to explain you that wasn’t the case, you refused to see the logic and reasons behind all that “negativity”, hence my advice to you to slowly read and digest what was written. If you had accepted the fair criticism about him which contributed to all that “negativity”, then no one would be able to pin the “blind fan” label on you. You continued to defend him despite the fact that:
        1. he’s a liar. You say he’s merely lying to the paps but you forgot that ultimately he’s still lying to the public, fans included.
        2. he isn’t a gentleman. A gentleman doesn’t make a lady look bad just so he will look good. I emphasize that I’m not saying he was wrong to deny or he can’t deny ever dating Nancy but he obviously went for the overkill so no-one can accuse him of 2 timing. As pointed out earlier, his approach to repetitious questions about him and phoebe is “look back at my previous answers” (protecting himself and his relationship cos he knows that if he had made a direct answer he would just be telling more lies) but when asked about his rumor with Nancy, he made it a point to repeat and stress that they never dated, even in his most recent interview though the public already knows it from his nth interviews.
        3. he shamelessly milked his rumors with Nancy when it was to his benefit in canvassing for votes from her fans. But when his goal was achieved, he tossed her aside like an old shoe and demoted her from good friend to merely co-worker/screen partner. That has gotta hurt whether Nancy publicly stated this or not. I’m not a Nancy fan but as llwy has pointed out, she handled all this in a gracious manner and earned her brownie points with me too.
        I’m not anti-Ruco, just don’t like his conduct, behaviour and attitude and frustrated with fans who defend him blindly. Speaking of him purely as an actor, i also hope that he will redeem himself with more worthy roles in future. At least if i no longer like him as a person, hopefully, i can still like him as an actor.

      8. @passingby you did not attack me? That’s right you just implied I’m a blind fan and because of my username none of my points are valid. That’s really respectful. Notice how ironic it is that you felt you’ve done nothing wrong in much the same manner you’ve accused Ruco of nonchalantly hurting Nancy. Also whose explanation did I ignore? Only llwy12 has shown me the courtesy of explaining and I thanked them for it. You and Jimmy have talked down to me this whole time, in the same manner you’ve accused Ruco of doing (btw, Jimmy is so blinded by his Ruco hate he agreed with killer02—that’s blinded)

        In reference to your points, he’s a liar? Fine, but since apparently I’m the lone Ruco fan on this site given my username, I can say that us Ruco fans don’t care. Mainly because we have no interest in his love life and we (I) have no idea what these interviews and articles you keep referencing.

        He’s not a gentleman? You can tell based on the way he answers insensitive questions? Fine. As a fan of his acting, as long as he can still act like a gentleman it’ll do.

        Him milking they’re relationship for profit? Not incorrect, but to blame him entirely for it? How do you know management did not set these things up? And if they were not a real couple at the time, why does Nancy get a free pass? Didn’t she earn money from these events while masquerading as a couple?

        You think that Ruco is a chauvinistic pig based on his recent actions, fine. But why isn’t my argument that one’s love life is a private matter a valid one too? Why must we speculate on how Nancy is sobbing her eyes out when there’s no proof she even cares what he says? What makes your points more valid than mine? Because of my username you can thump your nose at me? C’mon son

      9. @rucofan1100 read yr own post and the tone you used when you replied me. That i call an attack so I responded in my second post in like manner. My first post merely stated facts which you couldn’t accept and caused you to blow up in my face and accuse me of attacking you. How rational can you get? As is usual in arguments of this nature with a diehard blind fan, they don’t get to see the light of day though one tries to explain in as detailed a manner as possible. Fine so you guys can accept whatever crap he dishes out because you guys are loyal fans who don’t care about his personal integrity so you don’t give a shiat how he lies and throws smoke around and how he milks publicity when it’s in his favor. However, we as the general public who are not idol worshippers like you guys will tell you that an artiste is a role model to their fans so their personal integrity matters as much as their acting talent. One’s love life is their private matter but not when one is an artiste. By which i mean that they should expect the reporters to want to dig into their personal affairs. I’m stressing this for the umpteenth time that i don’t care who he’s dating, it’s just how he handled all this matter that leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Sure he and nancy both benefited from the jobs as couple but who stood to gain more especially when he milked her fans for votes? I’m sure i don’t need to give you the answer. If you only care about Ruco for his acting talent (which of late he has been lack lustre so I’m not even sure if it still exists) fine and good for you but don’t expect others to be so tolerant of him as you fans. All this negativity towards him will take time to erase even if you throw a hissy fit at others who speak the truth.

      10. @passingby as I recall you replied to me; you’re the one who went on the aggressive and called me a blind fan and now you’re on the moral high horse? Maybe you should take a step back and realize that you’re whole argument against Ruco the person is based purely on speculation. Show me one source that has Nancy being upset by rucos comments. Where’s this truth you keep talking about? How bout some facts to back up your claim that Nancy’s upset? You’ve literally dragged rucos name through the mud based not on fact but purely on what you speculate Nancy feels. She sure looks pretty happy traveling through Australia with her friends. Next time you see a post I’ve made that you don’t like maybe your shouldn’t reply if you don’t want me to call you out on it. Maybe you should do as your name suggests and just pass on by

      11. @rucofan1100 you’re right. I was the one who replied to your post but as i explained in my earlier post i didn’t mean to attack you and the blind fan reference was talking about myself refusing to become one. I only wanted you to see the points llwy and jimmy were trying to explain to you. Then you replied in an aggressive manner which led me to conclude that you are the type of fans whose idol can do no wrong. What facts do u want me to prove? Isn’t it a fact that he lied not once but several times? Didn’t he put nancy down again and again when a simple “I’ve already clarified my relationship status with her in previous interviews, pl refer to my previous answer or pl stop asking about this” will suffice? Is that what a gentleman will do to save his own butt? So nancy is happily touring therefore she’s fine with her former good friend throwing her aside after she has served her purpose to him? How would you like it if you were in her shoes to have her name dragged up every now and then, even as recently as a few weeks ago, to get trashed by him? Admit your idol’s shortcomings where it’s the truth and not try to shut out or shout others down when they speak out. That way no one will call you a blind fan.

      12. @passingby so i took your advice and went back to your first post. “are trying to tell die hard fans like you and the likes of you who can swallow every crap” is literally your first sentence to me. does that at all sound polite to you? that’s more rude than anything ruco has ever said about nancy. in fact, while we’re on the subject, once again, when has he EVER put nancy down? just point to one interview or statement he’s done where he has somehow “put her down” in the same manner you’ve put me down and i’ll happily go killer02 on the sob and spam all the ruco articles

      13. @rucofan1100 yes i called you a die hard fan who can swallow every crap becos i was just calling a spade a spade. A die hard fan is different from a blind fan btw. A die hard still can see when his idol is wrong but still chooses to support nevertheless. On the other hand a blind fan refuses to see the shortcomings of his idol and chooses to turn a blind eye when others point out their idol’s fault. I called you a die hard fan and that’s giving you credit that you can differentiate right from wrong. If i offended you by that i owe you an apology. Unfortunately your responses forced me to downgrade you to a blind fan.
        Btw why do you keep asking me to show you some interviews where he put nancy down? They’re all out there for the world to see, i did not make them up. It’s not my fault that you didn’t read such news becos in yr words you’re not interested in them. Just becos you missed them doesn’t mean they dont exist.

      14. @passingby there’s calling a spade a spade and then there’s you implying I was the one that started out aggressive. Maybe you should at least own up to that one. Like I said before I have not read any of these nasty comments Ruco has said and am genuinely curious to hear them; I’m legitimately trying to understand your side. But whatever, if you don’t want to engage in peaceful discussion that’s fine. Here’s to hoping we never have to comment on each other’s posts again

      15. @rucofan1100 You are funny and stubborn. Why should i own up to the one who started being aggressive when I have just explained clearly to you in my last post what exactly i meant and i even said that if i offended you inadvertently, i apologise? Anyways read for yourself your first reponse to me: ” you don’t agree with someone and instead of being respectful everyone starts belittling people”. You went on the offensive and called me disrespectful, no? Now that you know i didn’t mean to offend you in my first post, isn’t it time for you to apologise? Anyways, i don’t see what is wrong with being called a die hard fan. A die hard fan is loyal whilst acknowledging his/her idol’s fault. I have also used this term to describe myself before when i had artistes i liked and supported.

      16. @passingby I think that i, and anyone that can read, was clearly confused by the sentiment by your half baked apology. you know the one where you defend your point, defend your aggression, ignore the fact that you’re the one that started things. That’s some apology, bravo. And after all that you’re still accusing me of being the aggressive one? Looks to me liked you’re the stubborn one.

        Me and all the other die-hard fans are still waiting for your proof that Ruco said anything bad about Nancy btw. Cuz I guess we’re still having a hard time seeing “me and Nancy Wu aren’t dating” as the insult of the century

      17. @rucofan1100 confused much? No matter how i clarify you will still be confused becos you simply refuse to see what I’m trying to explain.You and other die hards are still waiting for proof ? Well you can continue waiting forever simply becos that has all along been out there except you blind fans simply refuse to see (cos besides me, there’s others who have commented on this point so it obviously isn’t something fancy which i made up) or maybe in your own words you’re all simply interested in nothing else about ruco except his great acting (which btw i suspect is bs for some of you who probably dont care for anything else beyond that they think he’s Adonis reincarnated). Take your fellow fan’s advice and stop defending this lost cause. Dont continue to be a blind fan becos that will ultimately do yr idol more harm than good cos his head gets bigger by the day knowing how you guys are so easily led by the nose who continue to shower him with praises for his non existing acting in tua even going on forums declaring his performance BA worthy. Continue giving him bs to hear/read and ruin him with your blind love and support. Simple enough for you to understand?

      18. @passingby and how hard is it for you to understand your own hypocrisy? You can some how hear the aggression within rucos words but not within yours. You call Ruco a liar but you’ve lied this whole time about who started this engagement. How can I even take your seriously if you won’t even own up to your own words? What right do you have to judge anyone else?

        Of course you can’t find any proof because there is none. Somehow you’ve taken the time to theorize how Nancy might have been impacted by rucos words, surely you must be a die-hard Nancy fan then. I can’t wait to see what your response will be when Nancy comes out and says “we never dated”

        You’re right, I should listen to my fellow Ruco fan, haters gonna hate. Btw hater was referring to you if you couldn’t understand that

      19. @rucofan1100 Oh did i lie that i didn’t start this “engagement”? Read my earlier post where i said Yes i was the one who replied to your post first. Why don’t you just rise above all this finger pointing as to who started out being aggressive and come back to the original issue which is why all the recent negativity towards yr perfect idol? Do you know what irks others who are non Ruco fans? Blind fans like you who refuse to admit the faults of your idol and choose to defend him blindly despite that his faults are glaringly obvious to people who aren’t blinded by this obsession. Even your fellow ruco fan on this forum has more sense and objectivity than you when he/she admitted disliking the way he conducted himself in his recent interviews and promos; that to me says a lot that even die hard fans feel that way about his recent conduct what more people like us who aren’t his fans. Btw just becos we don’t defend him blindly or have unflattering opinion about him doesn’t make us haters. Rmbr how i pointed out to killer that he shouldn’t be hating on only ruco becos he’s making “easy” money since all entertainers also make “easy” money, so how can i be a hater? By the same token , just becos I’ve given brownie points to nancy for the way she handled the situation doesn’t make me a nancy fan. In your narrow minded brain, a person can only take either one of 2 sides, hater or fan. Why don’t you go back to 6 months back and dig out all the news articles and interviews that your idol gave before you come back and argue with me about whether he did embarrass his once good friend/partner? Put yourself in her shoes. Whilst you’re at it, see how hypocritical this man is when he cleverly sidestepped awkward questions about him and phoebe by saying “i hv answered this question before so go back and look at my previous response” becos he knows full well that if he gave a direct answer, he would only be telling more lies to cover his previous lies. Why don’t you go back even further to before last year’s awards and see how shamelessly he milked the rumors to his benefit? Then come back and tell me if you still think he’s faultless.

      20. @passingby you admitting to starting this engagement wasn’t even the point I made. I called you out for being unnecessarily aggressive, you refused, I showed you proof, you doubled down, and now you’ve completely skirted the topic. Fine, you’re blind to your own behaviour, whatever let’s move on.

        By your logic I am a blind fan because I find fault with you trashing Ruco for POTENTIALLY hurting Nancy with his words, but you are not a blind Nancy fan for mentally and emotionally attaching yourself to the Nancy psyche. “What if you were in her shoes” ummmm, who are you? Her best friend? Her sister? Why ever emotionally invest in what has been publicity fueled love triangle? Also, in reference to your whole “what if your were in her shoes”, how can you be so sure she’s even hurt? Your whole argument is based on opinion, your opinion. Of course opinions are what forums are for, but to bad mouth others for disagreeing? Cmon, let’s keep it classy.

        Or you’re just someone passing by, who overheard rucos comments, instantly picked up on the emotional context and potential consequences, and just had to spread the word. In that case you’re clearly not a blind Nancy fan, you’re just a humanitarian of the first degree, bravo

        Btw, you point to 6 months of articles of Ruco bad mouthing Nancy yet you continue to fail to even link to one. Just show me one, prove me wrong and end this once and for all

      21. @rucofan1100 oh you’re such a hypocrite. Please don’t talk like you’re never at fault for your reply to me calling me disrespectful and belittling others? You want to keep it classy? well first of all you have to walk the talk and stop stooping to finger pointing and admit your own aggression as well. As someone here pointed out, it takes two hands to clap. Did i double down? No, i was trying to keep it classy in your words and refrain from further unnecessary tension and trying to keep it classy (as you suggested) and civil. So my actions have been misconstrued and for that my earlier apology to you is retracted as well. You don’t deserve it.
        I don’t need to be anybody’s best friend or whatever to be sensitive to other’s feelings. Apparently, your sensitivity is only reserved for your idol thus you see the need to blindly defend him against all the haters out here trying to destroy him. As for your accusation about others badmouthing for disagreeing, take a look at yourself first. Who implied that everyone here who harbored even the remotest bad feeling about your idol was a busybody who wanted to know everything about his personal life and since he aint telling or isn’t replying to questions to our satisfaction, our hatred is unleashed upon him? oh no, you didn’t imply, you outright said that we all suddenly hate him just becos he’s dating someone which is basically calling all of us unreasonable busybodies. Is it so difficult to admit that some of the negativity towards him is in part due to his own fault? If you can do that then i will retract the blind fan label from you. Your fellow fan admitted just as much, only you stubbornly refuse to back down. Did i say that Ruco badmouthed nancy anywhere? Go back since the beginning of our posts and quote me if you can find it. Don’t start to put words in my mouth. Remember we want to keep this classy.

      22. @passingby wow it looks like someone’s been doing research, going through my posts to look for dirt? Once again all you see is what you want to see; your ain’t a blind fan just horribly narrow minded. You do realize the busy body I was referring to was @jimmyszeto right? Maybe you should go back and read his posts and how he knocks Ruco for the exact OPPOSITE of what you’re arguing, that he ISNT TALKING ENOUGH. since you claim Ruco should talk less, why would my original comment even bother you? Yes I’m the hypocrite and somehow your inability to see your own aggression while accusing Ruco the same makes you so innocent. Since you’re looking back, why don’t you compare our first interaction in another Ruco article; see how more civil this could’ve been had you not come at me with guns blazing? Why don’t you go around town talking to people the way you initiated things with me in this thread, let’s see whether people want to hug you or fight you.

      23. @rucofan1100 It seems your main beef is how i was perceived to be so aggressive when i asked you to read other people’s posts on why the negativity towards yr idol is growing. As pointed out to you, it takes 2 hands to clap. You perceived me to be aggressive in my first post, i perceived you to be aggressive when you replied to me and from there the situation escalated to endless finger pointing. We can continue to argue over this or we can move on to the real issue of why there is growing negativity towards your idol. Whether you admit it or not, 2 facts won’t change ie. 1. he’s a liar and 2. his poor handling of this matter contributed a part to the negative feelings towards him (admitted by your fellow fan , no less). Whether this growing negativity towards him is justified or not is another matter altogether. Facts are facts. You cannot change facts by stubbornly trying to justify for him. Take a leaf out of your fellow fan’s book and graciously accept facts and move on. Don’t waste your breath and other people’s time by going around in circles.

      24. @passingby I’m the one going in circles? I asked you to show proof of how he bad mouthed ( or to use your words, “embarrassed” ) Nancy; you could have ended this with one source, but you still haven’t because you can’t. Your opinions don’t count as facts. You are certainly allowed to communicate your opinions, but don’t present them as fact.

        Also the only one arguing who started this first, who became aggressive first is you; I already know it was you, why would I argue it. I’ve quoted you, I’ve asked you to scroll up, and time and time again you’ve refused to take responsibility. I have no idea why you refused to do so; it doesn’t lessen your already garbage argument. It would just prove you’re a jerk with a garbage opinion. You’re a jerk, just own up to it. The proof is there, just scroll up.

        Also I should take a page out of my fellow fans page where they advised me to not argue with the haters. I made the mistake of thinking you were reasonable, I should’ve spent my time arguing with @killer02. At least he’s not blind to his own hate

      25. @rucofan1100 oh little blind fan, you’re still ignoring my main points in the prior post. Who kept asking me for proof and when i said the proof is out there in the past 6 months news reports, she refused to look them up? So what am i supposed to do? Copy all the articles for you to read? If you refuse to look up the news reports stop coming to me in circles for proof. There’s none so blind as those who will not see. And that describes you to a T. Who kept pointing fingers and arguing as to who started all this aggressive to and fro arguments when she herself contributed to it in the first place by ranting to someone else that oh her poor ruco male god is being hated JUST becos he’s dating and becos we’re not privy to all the sordid details in his private life since he isn’t telling, we all suddenly turn on him? Is it even relevant who started all this aggression when the original issue is “Why the growing negativity” ? Don’t you feel embarrassed to be so long-winded? I’m tempted to think that maybe you’re like 12 or 14 from the way you blindly idolise your god but your long-windedness leads me to think that you’re probably one of his C9 fans who drools over this piece of meat and has her tongue hanging out when she sees him. I did not say my opinion is fact, don’t put words in my mouth (keep it classy remember?). I only said that it is a fact he lied and a fact that his handling of this matter contributed to some of the growing negativity towards him, never mind whether this anger and negativity is justified which as i said is another matter altogether. I challenge you to say that he didn’t lie becos you know full well he did (giving you credit here becos a fleeting thought did cross my mind that you believe his words 100%). You can continue to go around in circles or you can go several posts back and slowly digest what llwy is trying to explain to you. That will do you a lot of good and maybe knock some sense into your empty head. You should spend more time on worthier pursuits than coming here trying to slay imaginary dragons. Ruco won’t thank you. He doesn’t even know you exist.

      26. @rucofan1100
        I don’t see why you are so offended in being called a ‘blind fan’. So far everything Ruco has done you have found a reason or excuse for him. Even when there are some questionable things he has done, you say ‘not everyone’s a saint’. Sounds like an attribute of a blind deluded fan to me. I’m not saying that Nancy supporters aren’t ‘blind’ either. It’s just that you are a blind fan that sides with Ruco.And Yes. I am aggressive in putting my points across but that’s just my own style. It dosent mean that I don’t have good points. Everyone has their own style. Just like when you thank other posters or do not disagree with you so you can please them and form alliances. It your points are good, others on this forum will automatically agree with you and show appreciation. Does not matter how you put your point across or how many thanks you give others.

      27. @jimmyszeto thanking others is called being polite, calling you out for your focus on his lifestyle choice of not answering questions vividly enough for your own perverse needs is just “calling a spade a spade” you’re a married guy so given you’re age and gender, why feel the need to go on forums and vent you’re frustration over rucos interview style? Because you’re whole argument against the guy is how he answers questions, not the way he lives, not the way he acts. Comment away and let others see how blinded you are by clear jealousy. (Btw, why don’t you address the totally made up points you’ve accused me of just to advance you’re point, like accusing me of being a Raymond fan for looks, us disagreeing on rucos performance on first within four walls. Since you’re super fair and all)

      28. @rucofan1100
        My main focus is on whether series are good or not and whether actors performances are good. I did add the side note that he seems disrespectful of reporters but that’s not so important. At the end of the day, I’m frustrated when I’ve analysed series by series and judged performances but some people would just take any old rubbish performance and provide ludicrous excuses to protect their idols or put down other celebrities. There’s no need to discriminate age, gender or maritial status . All age groups can watch TV and be analytical. You have shown your true colours! Moron

      29. @jimmyszeto well you could’ve fooled me; you’ve certainly been arguing your side point for the longest time. When I told people we should be more concerned with rucos performances than his private life, Where were you? That’s right, making a big fuss about how he should be answering questions. This is literally the most articulate, balanced post you’ve made to me, until obviously the last part. Because you obviously can’t help it can you? No matter how old you are, apparently you’re not above name calling, you piece of human garbage. You’ve also shown your true colours

      30. @rucofan1100
        It’s quite a low handed act to discriminate age, gender and maritial status since a large percentage of people on this forum have followed Hong Kong series and artists for many years. Some have been watching since the 1980s or early 1990s and have followed the evolvement of the industry. To discriminate certain criteria by saying they shouldn’t be on this forum is a disgrace. Some of us have known about the likes of Ruco for many years from his early days of TVB extra and ATV support/lead. We have indirectly followed his career just by watching many series and not just jumped on the bandwagon after his success so our opinions can be valuable. Many of these people you have thanked in your previous posts and visit this site on a daily basis are also mature male and/or married. These are the same people you have discriminated and ridiculed. Shows that you are a two faced hypocrite!

      31. @rucofan1100
        If you resort to these lengths to discriminate and abuse others to defend your idols then I feel you have serious issues. I don’t think Ruco would be thankful not impressed by your ‘crazed fan’ behaviour. You would have earned a lot more respect if you came out and said ‘I love Ruco because he is hot and is my idol’. Instead you have chose to praise every role he has acted in, stated that he has the looks and can sing well, dismissed all posts that are even slightly sceptical of Ruco, sided with Ruco and not bothered about Nancy, used discrimination and abuse on members who didn’t side with you, refused to acknowledge or listen to a single point from other members however hard they tried to pursuade you, thanked/ high fived/shoe polished members to gather support for yourself and on top of that has a clear RucoFan username……. Final result is the same.‘You are a blind fan who is protective and obsessed with your idol Ruco Chan. This is based on your BEHAVIOUR. It is not required for you to say directly ‘I am blind fan’ which you think has to happen to prove that you are a blind fan basing on looks. Similarly a murderer does not have to say ‘I’m a murderer’ to prove he is a murderer. The evidence would stack up like a tower.The difference is that you now have zero credibility because you have lied all the way through and pretended that you have been unbiased.

      32. @jimmyszeto so essentially I would earn your respect by coming out and admitting to be the crazed fan you so desperately make me out to be? Nah that’s ok, you can keep it. Once again looking at your rant you keep accusing me of things I’ve never said. When have I ever said I like his singing? When have I ever said he is so hot? You literally looked at my username and assumed it. You don’t care about fact, you think and therefore it must be right. If based on how I’ve acted I come across as having zero credibility, then based on your behavior you are clearly deranged

      33. @rucofan1100
        Like I said earlier a murderer does not have to come out saying ‘I’m a murderer’ to prove he is a murderer. It is proven by the piles beyond piles of evidence. Asking another Ruco fan for help and clear stating yourself that you have been defending Ruco for months against several members are already enough. A typical forum visitor would not bother. Not to mention the denial and abuse you have handed out. Shows the extent and how heated you feel when Ruco’s acting and behaviour has been questioned.

      34. @rucofan1100 so given your focus on looks and your disregard for the talents of the industry’s so called pretty boys, can we then infer that you are just jealous of the beauty they possess? Based on your refusal to admit your own tendency to make false accusations of me in order to support your own agenda, can we therefore infer that you enjoy talking out of your arse? For someone who prides himself on growing up watching 80s dramas and being around a long time, you’ve shown a complete lack of maturity in handling any type of conflict. You might as well just go the killer02 route and spam Ruco articles, and anyone you find remotely good looking (cuz for a married guy you certainly have a wandering eye for other guys)

      35. @rucofan1100

        It’s good that you have brought that up because it shows for certain that you feel Ruco and Raymond are pretty boys. Shows your desperation and bitterness with these accusations. I have praised Vincent Wong and Benjamin Yuen’s acting improvement in previous articles. To me they are as good looking or as bad looking as Ruco and Raymond. I don’t have a problem with any of the actors and don’t care what they look like as long as they put up good performances. I have a problem with your ‘defend your idol at all costs mentality’. It’s a quite an effort considering the likes of Ruco do not know you exist. Better to spend your time thinking about your studies or work. It’s more healthy than fantasising about Ruco!

      36. @jimmyszeto wow you certainly like to grasp at straws don’t you? The only thing that’s obvious is your focus on looks, married man. Raymond and Ruco aren’t up to your standards, Ben is more your type? Got it. Btw, for being a self proclaimed auteur, did you just imply ben yuen is a good actor? Wow there goes your credibility

      37. @rucofan1100
        Once again you can’t stop twisting and lying your way through your arguments. ‘Improvement’ means if they have developed over a period of time. However bad actors were previously, they can improve if having the right attitude. So you can carry on lying, high fiving and butt licking to your way of gaining support for yourself.

      38. @jimmyszeto so when I say I like Raymond lams acting, instantly that means i only like his looks. When you say that Ben has improved, and lump him with a superior actor in Vincent, I can’t assume that you mean he is a competent actor. Hmmm, you’re right only you’re allowed to make presumptions on this thread. Also, what are you like 5? Butt licking? You’re into some weird stuff. Pretty sure at this point you’re not married, let alone out of middle school. All this time I’ve been arguing with prepubescent ben yuen fan, sigh

      39. @rucofan1100
        That is the problem. You are so into certain actors who you idolise and praise everything they do and then you have the ones you don’t like and trash them. It shouldn’t be like that. Each performance and each case must be treated separately. A good actor does not mean he can’t perform badly and a terrible actor does not mean he can’t improve. If you can’t get your head around that then you can’t be taken seriously…

      40. @rucofan1100
        Calm down! If it was another actor you wouldn’t have made this effort. Ruco this…Phoebe that….! At the end of the day Ruco does not know that you exist. No one is making random accusations at him. Just giving our honest opinions of his recent performances and media handling. If his next performance is good I will be the first to praise him just as I wrote that he should be one of the favourites to win best support for ‘the other truth’ many years ago. Unfortunately TVB decided to stick him in the Best Actor section.

      41. @rucofan1100
        Yes I’m a guy. I was the first in this forum to state that Ruco’s performance in ‘A fist within Four Walls’ did not deserve best actor award. It was a simple laid back character. I think you may have disagreed and that was a while ago. That was well before all these dating shenanigans. I was also the first to criticise his lack of improvement after Burning Hands and The Unholy Alliance and suggested that he should look for ways to study acting. Some have agreed with me and some have not. I haven’t mentioned his dating but didn’t like how he spoke to the press. On a bad day he would be angry if they asked him a question that he didn’t want to answer and on a good day he would palm them off with a default answer. Something like ‘I do not have much money to buy many things’. However, you seem to ignore all this and refuse to consider my points because you are so madly, blindly in love with him. Instead you would rather be deluded and rather believe that I suddenly turned into a Ruco hater because of his dating.I will say again. I have praised his acting in the past and have also criticised his acting at times. All of this was well before his relationships. I’m a married man. I don’t care what he does in his free time as long as there are good series to watch. As far as Raymond is concerned it’s not a hidden secret that his development in acting has remained almost the same for the last 10 years. The movies he has appeared in have flopped. It’s not the HK movie industry dying that caused this. To become a successful movie actor it’s all about acting. Having the most fans won’t help him too much and if he wasn’t good enough he will just get found out very quickly. After all your protective behaviour and refusal to take in any critical points on Ruco and Raymond, the conclusion I come to is that ‘you are a blind fan who will battle at all costs to defend your idols’. Whether this is based on their looks or not I cannot say but I don’t see you being so defensive when I put across my opinion on actresses or lesser known actors.

      42. @jimmyszeto “I think you may have disagreed and that was a while ago” dont put words in my mouth, i wasnt even around then. but ultimately this is the biggest problem between us, you keep assuming things about me as long as it serves your narrative. my point of contention with you was always that he doesn’t owe the reporters anything; as an actor he should be concerned with bringing it onscreen (here we’ve both agreed his recent work has been phoned in). within regards to this article and my post to another commenter who asked why the negativity; based on what was writtern in THIS article, of course it was about his dating. and if you want to bring up past articles, have you not commented on his lack of transparency on everything, including his DATING?

        raymond lam: my point was always he was a solid young actor who in my opinion (once again not looking for your approval) could’ve been better than he is today had he not focused a great portion of his time with singing. and of course the hk movie industry has been well known as a place where young tvb actors develop their skills; look at andy lau. so him not being able to take part given the decline of the industry as a whole by the 2000’s has always been a great what if. (to your point the guy’s been in like 3 movies and eeg has not refused to put him in any movies) you may not agree, but as a mature married man, why so eager to engage in rudeness? i would love to talk to you about lesser known actors given that we as chinese entertainment fans are a dying breed amongst the kpop wave. my biggest problem with you has always been why you have to be so rude about getting your points across? (look at how i tried to explain my raymond viewpoint in our initial exchange and you tossed it aside because you assumed i was into his looks)

      43. @rucofan1100
        The movie industry is there to be conquered and many don’t make it.It doesn’t get handed you on a plate. Many are still doing fine. If companies have refused to cast Raymond although he has massive fanbase there is a quite simple reason. His previous movies have flopped and his performances did not receive any critical acclaim. It’s all about investments and return for the movie companies.

      44. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

      45. @killer02
        Hitler’s propaganda chief Goebbels said during WW2, ” If we tell a lie often enough, people will eventually believe it.” This is your wicked strategy. You are the most low down scum to character asassinate and poison the mind of people against another fellow human being who has flaws like everyone of us here.

      46. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

      47. @killer02 I have never claimed that Ruco is oerfect nor expect
        everyone to like him. Didnt I mention that I disliked the way he handled some of his intervuews of late and that he has flaws like everyone of us. What I object to is your low handed way of repeatedly assasinating his character , calling him greedy, money grabbing , etc. I am just totally sick disgusted with a scum like you. At the same time, I also pity yoy. Your mad ranting is tyoical of the behaviour of a a woman described as ” Hell knows no fury like a woman scorned”. Get a life and start living, you POOR THING. That’s all!!!

      48. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

    2. @m0m0 I would like to retract my earlier statement that all this negativity is due to rucos dating. Clearly it’s due to his inability to handle insensitive paparazzi questioning and answers that may have, probably, most definitely caused insufferable pain to Nancy Wu. Clearly I’m not a die-hard enough fan because I’ve never cared enough to follow what he does off screen, but as all the NON die-hard fans on this forum have pointed out, he is an obvious pos. They’ve spent hours going over interviews and many hours more analyzing sound bites I’ve never even heard of, they are clearly the experts on this pos. @killer02, props for exposing this fraud

      1. @rucofan1100
        Ruco has not handled a few interviews well and people have chosen to interprete his words and actions in these unterviews as hurting Nancy while ignoring the other interviews which he did well in. They have also chosen to ignore the earlier interviews and clips where Nancy was very mean and cold towards Ruco. We do not know the happenings behind the scene that have brought about the current state of Ruco – Nancy relationship. Do we have a right to judge and condemn Ruco based on half truths and incomplete information? I must admit that I disliked the way he conducted himself during the promotions and interviewss lately but I am equally pissed off by the way Nancy handled the interviews regarding Ruco when he was still filming in Hengdian. Remember it takes 2 hands to clap.

      2. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

      3. @loveruco dude where have you been? I’ve been defending Ruco for two months. At this point I’m just tired, these people don’t listen to reason. I’ve been fighting 3 on 1, but what’s the point? Doesnt matter that we have facts on our side, they take one look at our usernames and just assume we’re blinded by fandom. You know the truth, I know the truth, don’t waste your breath

      4. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

      5. @killer02
        I must be mad to bother to reply to a lunatic like you, so consumed by hatred , that you dont even have an open mind to understand simple English and logic. Never mind , let me be so for the last time and I shall not be bothered anymore with a madman /madwoman. Like I said before, I and many people on this forum (I believe) pity you for your pathetic state. I have never defended Ruco and have even advised Rucofan1100 to stop defending him. I merely told you to be a better human being, stop the character assasination and get a life. Understand or not,blockhead? Faham tak, bodoh? Mingbai ma, baichi? The choice is yours. Either shut up or continue with your foolish madness and attacks. I will never bother to waste another second of my time on you again.

      6. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

      7. @rucofan1100
        Carry on ignoring our explanations and continue your deluded imagination that everyone is against Ruco. Very soon you will be be finding excuses when he doesn’t win TV King this year and why he isn’t a movie star just like Raymond. This forum isn’t a fanclub. You are trying continuously to build relationships by polishing shoes of others and repetitively thanking people who remained neutral. It’s all about posting valid points which earn respect and support and not boot licking or looking for help. Also there’s no such thing as an agreement to not commenting on each other’s posts. It’s a cowards way out. I can comment on whoevers post I want!

  6. Still liking Ruco despite TUA being a big disappointment. I don’t get all this sudden negativity towards him just because he is dating someone. Celebrities sell an image and someone they have to cooperate to sell a partnership. They are under contract to do so.

    I don’t mind Nancy and Ruco starring as couple again, just as long the story is good. No more cutsey acting.

    1. @elizabeth I don’t think people’s negativity toward Ruco is due to him dating someone….rather, it’s more that people are disappointed with the way he handled the whole situation and the mess he made of things. Yes true, celebrities are “selling” a certain image and perhaps he couldn’t say anything about him dating Phoebe due to his (or his company’s) desire to continue taking advantage of the pairing with Nancy (which btw, is not under contract – TVB is not dumb enough to put that kind of stuff in the contract because they know they can get in trouble for it….it’s more of an “unwritten understanding” type deal)….but there was really no need to say what he did when his relationship with Phoebe was exposed. I’m not a fan of either artist but I can totally understand why Nancy’s fans would be pissed at him because the way he answered definitely put Nancy in a bad light – she actually responded to the whole thing with grace given the awkward position she was placed in, which gave her brownie points in my book.

      Anyway….is it just me or does it seem like many of the male celebrities seem to have issues dealing with this relationship stuff in the public eye? The Ruco/Nancy/Phoebe thing kind of reminds me of the Moses/Bernice/Aimee thing several years back (remember how Moses totally botched his handling of that relationship as well) – the difference being of course that Bernice’s career and reputation never recovered whereas Nancy’s grew stronger (though probably helps that she has so many friends standing behind her). The most recent example along the same lines (messy handling of their relationship being “outed”) was Fred Cheng and Stephanie Ho — the way Fred handled things made me lose some respect for him, though I guess the excuse could be made that he’s less experienced in dealing with this kind of stuff with the media…but still….

      1. @llwy12 Is there really tension between Ruco and Nancy?

        There were a lot of rumors last year after AFWFW. Nancy’s group of friends even suggested for Ruco to court her. Well…that didn’t go through. I never thought the two were compatible off screen.

      2. @tiffany I didn’t feel they were compatible either but like I said above (in my long-winded manifesto, lol), it’s the “message” of them being a compatible on-screen (and possibly off-screen) couple that they were trying to sell and both the media as well as general audiences bought into it, so that’s what counts (whether they truly were together or not doesn’t really matter). In that context, unfortunately for Ruco, the whole situation was definitely handled poorly….

      3. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

    2. @elizabeth
      Not all the negativity is due to him dating someone. If you look back I had already said his performance in ‘fist within four walls’ was not an award winning performance. It was very average but many liked the character he portrayed. Since then his he has put zero effort into his acting and has remained the same therefore it shows his lack of passion. I’m a boy so couldnt care less if he was dating or not. However, I do find his answers in interviews as lack of respect and predictable. He thinks he is bigger than what he actually is.

    3. @elizabeth high five, for seeing past the bs and focusing on ruco THE ACTOR! think the recent negativity we’ve been seeing on this site towards him is either a) there are a lot of people on jaynestars that care about his love life or b) some people have never liked him to begin with and are just using the opportunity to attack him now (harder to do back then when every ruco article was about how he was the unsung hero of tvb).

  7. The usual predictable answers ‘Adam Cheng and Liza Wang’ or ‘Chow Yun Fat and DoDo Cheng’ are classic onscreen couples blah blah. ‘Ruco and Nancy’ aren’t even as good enscreen couples as ‘Raymond Wong and Priscilla Wong’ for crying out loud…..

  8. the drama ended so abruptly…Ruco should have a happy ending with his family instead of just Nancy. Joel’s character has more screen time and outshined Ruco a great deal.

    Sequels are usually not fantastic. Look at Line Walker 2. If Jazz does a sequel, please bring back Jimmy Au.

      1. @ivan
        I agree.Line Walker 2 is a much better it’s original. The first one was all the usual comedy relief, action and then twists. The sequel concentrates on the deeper meaning dialogue, character backgrounds and as the series goes on, we can see their development. To compete with future online web series, TVB will have to direct more in this style. Filming has become a lot more technical and advanced these days.

      2. @blest62
        I simply replied to someone else’s post who commented on Line Walker 2. It’s nothing to do with an open or narrow mind. Use some common sense please.

  9. I have read the comments and I must say, Ruco has really gotten under a lot of people’s skin. Well, I am not a fan, nor do I have anything againgts this man. What is amazing is when an idol is hated, no one sees the good he/ has in them, and when he/she is loved, they are the perfect beings. Some are even elevated to martyrdom, and are perfect, celestial beings, haha. When Ruco vehemently denied that he was not dating Nancy Wu, he was entitled to do so. All this talk about how he embartassed her is BS. The problrm is the masses had already put them together, including the paparazzi. As soon as Ruco burst their delusional bubble, everyone, including the media, was ready to tear him apart.

    What is amazing is another top king was denying his relationship and saying he could easily fall in love with his leading lady just to promote their love story movie. All this time the man was already married. No one called him out for that. What about a certain pretty boy who was having problems with his pretty boy soulmate at the time and had a fling with his costar. He denied they were a couple and it upset her to the point that for a long time, she stopped speaking to him. They have since made up. No one gave him a hard time ever.

    Ruco is not the only one who might have become arrogant. He is not the only one whose talent has faltered. He is not the only idol who seek to stay relevant and in the limelight. All celebrities do that. There are some who have taken the low road to achieve that, yet they are praised by their worshippers, which include the media people. The media can make or break you, and a lot of folks allow themselves to be manipulated by the media. A certain pretty boy was willing to give fans the impression that he and his leading lady were dating to make their drama and sequel a smashing success. Fans ate it up and even believed the pretty thing and the woman wete dating. Yes, they were dating alright. He had a man, and she had a married man. They never got any backlash when they finally denied they ever dated. You see, by then, drama one and the sewurl wete spectacular successes. The media has made a mountain out of a molehill about certain Ruco issues and the fans and haters have lapped it up and categorized the man according to how they feel about him. There is no approaching anything with an open mind anymore.

    1. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

      1. @killer02 What you are saying makes no sense. Don’t all the idols want to make money?. That is why they are in the business of entertaining. A half decent face and slim body and they make millions, whether they are talented or not. Welcome to Asian entertainment. You are after Ruco like he has done something that NO othet idol has done. Please explain to me what he did that makes him so hated that no other chinese, or Asian idol has not done. Please, oh please explain his greed that far surpasses anyone else’s!, how dare Ruco chase after fame and fortune. I guess he is the only idol doing that. He is the only money grubbing fame seeker. How dare him, right?!!. The nerve of him!!!. Please explain all the sentences to me that you made about Ruco. One thing though, make sure that he is the only one that is guilty of all you spew about him. You hate this man and I can see you are blindly and angrily spewing nonsense out of your fingertips on your computer. Please explain yourself, or go and lie down before you hurt yourself. I am waiting.

        Stop letting your hatred speak and speak with logic and common sense, if that is possible.

      2. @hannah yes Hannah, you are right. This thing should be ignored. WCL does not want it, Linda Chung does not want it, and now Ruco Chan does not want it. It has no gender and it seems to be attracted to both sexes. When the object of it’s affection gets married, or is in a relationship, that celeb is the object of its wrath. It looks like THE LASS
        Is not FREE from its demons. I have to give it CREDITfor being the most F… messed up individual here though. Crazy scum.

      3. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

      4. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

  10. Ruco and Nancy are great on-screen couple. Their dramas have highest viewership ratings in Hong Kong and Canton. Viewers love their collaboration and it was reflected in comments in many forums. Hong Kong viewers are smart and rational. They pick those dramas which are attractive. It’s naive to think that those fake reports by cheap paparazzi and bad-mouthing by small group of haters can change the reality.
    Will just skip all haters comments. Save time.

  11. This is exactly why I don’t want Vincent Wong to rise up in status. Everyone loves an underdog but when they’re famous suddenly everyone turns against them.

    I’m not a Ruco fan and I think he’s quite humbled. Also, it’s quite hypocritical of some people to criticize Nancy when AFWFW came out and they all thought she tries too hard to get close to Ruco. Then all of a sudden, after Ruco is dating Phoebe, the heat is on him. Maybe his fans are just disillusioned since they can no longer have him? Lots of Korean fans are like that towards their idols too.

      1. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

    1. @iciel you are right. I was a fan of korean idol long ago.. Many idol fans couldn’t accept an idol dating other people.. Korean fans is wild craziness than hk fans..

    2. @iciel
      I don’t think that this is the case everytime. Everyone knows Vincent is married but credit is given when credit is due by the purists and non-idol based viewers. People can see Vincent’s improvements and dedication in the past years apart the ones who don’t want to admit it. I agree that once Vincent makes it big then he has a bigger fallback if he loses focus. However, the dedicated actors usually continue improving as years go by as there are always room to get better.

    3. @iciel Besides working hard, I think an artiste needs to have some talents in acting before he/she can move up to another level. Vincent had acted many different types of roles (characters) and he seemed to be capable of handling them well. It shows that he does have some acting talents. I hope TVB will keep promoting him, let him move on and not typecast him in the same types of characters after he becomes popular. Vincent Wong seems to be able to act good and villainous roles.

  12. i can understand when a popular onscreen couple wants to collaborate in ads to earn more money. but not after what happened with ruco. as a audience i just feel embarrassment when they come agross each other again. the chemistry you see in the a fist within four walls is totally lost.

    1. @kolo
      That’s why most celebrities would not deny false rumours because it news whether good or bad they are in demand by reporters. Rumoured onscreen couples can charge lot more money if attending events together. It is only when actors or actresses get rumbled on real dates until they can’t pretend anymore. Fame and money is a big motivation. I would be doing the same thing if I was a celebrity.

      1. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

      2. @killer02
        Status and power as well maybe? Without the motivation of earning even more money then there’s no real in life. Settling for life seems fun but only initially. It will get boring very quickly. People need targets in life whether it is work, money, power or status. A lot of celebrities we hear everyday already come from rich family backgrounds. They already have the money so they pursue fame.

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