Viewers Hope Joel Chan Wins Best Supporting Actor

Joel Chan‘s (陳山聰) character in The Unholy Alliance <同盟> is receiving high praise from viewers. Many hope Joel wins Best Supporting Actor at the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards, as well as Singapore’s StarHub TVB Awards. Joel gratefully responded, “Thank you everyone for supporting the drama. Lately, every time I go to buy groceries, I would have people asking me about the storyline. But to retain suspense, I have to zip my lips!”

Real-life Joel is much like his character, Kent Ling, in the currently-airing TVB drama, The Unholy Alliance <同盟>. Kent is extremely sweet and attentive to his girlfriend in the drama, portrayed by Elaine Yiu (姚子羚). In reality, Joel is also eerily similar. On his day off, Joel was spotted out grocery shopping to cook a homemade meal for his girlfriend, Apple.

Joel smiled and said he enjoys cooking. “I don’t use a lot of oil [when cooking]. I mainly steam and bake. Sometimes when I see Steve Lee (李家鼎), I would ask him for some cooking tips. My girlfriend knows how to cook too, but she’s better at making soup.”

Joel has been married once, which ended up in divorce when he began dating heiress Florinda Ho (何超雲). Fortunate to have resumed his career with relative success since the messy situation, Joel has not let the past deter him from marriage again. He is currently cohabitating with Apple and does not deny the possibility of marriage in the near future. “In the present time, it is about living together and getting along. Of course, a marriage certificate is important to a woman. We have a mutual understanding. It’ll happen soon, but I have not proposed yet. I’m sure I don’t even need to propose, but I do have a plan for something romantic. I’ll wait for the right time.”


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      1. @xystus @jimmyszeto Im just wondering aloud what a lot of people are also thinking. It’s not as if he had a choice (repenting) cos he was dumped by his rich heiress gf. He cheated on his wife which makes him a douchebag. Good luck to Apple if he has really repented.

      2. @jimmyszeto No matter how you argue he was a douchebag albeit a repented one (i hope) . I would give someone like him a second chance as a friend but not as a lifetime partner.

    1. @passingby
      No point in bringing this up because Joel has been a great role model since admitting to his past mistakes. What more do you want? A death sentence for him

  1. Judge him for what his job is, which is acting. No denying that his performance is good. He acted well in previous series and different roles as well. I like him, both his char and acting, better than Ruco in Unholy. IDC if he cheated or what he does in real life just as people shouldn’t if this was an actress, like say Shirley.

    Taking a step back though, his char doesn’t require a lot to showcase. His char is written to be savvy, great in everything, “minh bac see lay,” and pretty as much as a Gary Stu as Ruco’s. It’s like he’s the knight in ahiny armor for the see lai, like an idol char. The char is no different then Benji’s in Walls honestly. I didn’t understand how Benji got so well liked still, lol. At least, Joel does emotional scenes better than Benji. So if Benji got a Fav Male, Joel should get at least that or BSA. Though I’m rooting for the dad in Legal Mavericks for the BSA… keep forgetting his name lol.

    1. @jjwong

      I agree with you that we should judge Joel on his acting, which we can observe by ourselves. As for his personal character, it’s up to those who are close to him to judge because we are not any close to him to be able to judge his personality.

      I’m rooting for Joel too or Vincent Wong to win the Favourite Male Actor Award. Meanwhile for Best Supporting Actor Award, i hope either the dad in Legal Marvericks (his name is Law Lok Lam) or Jimmy Au to win it.

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