6 Korean Actresses Who Successfully Played “Ugly” Women

Korean drama series True Beauty follows 18-year-old high school student Im Ju Kyung (Moon Ga Young), who is perceived as ugly by her family and peers. She learns how to use makeup to beautify her appearance, transforming her into a “goddess.”

While the drama series itself is controversial topic in itself, Moon Ga Young’s appearance as the ugly-turned-beautiful high school student is quite convincing, and viewers find her performance down-to-earth and captivating.

In the 2015 drama series She Was Pretty, Hwang Jung Eum played a woman who was known to be beautiful, but life circumstances throw her off course, and she grows into a woman who starts to care less about her appearance. 

In Dream High, IU plays an overweight girl who has the gift of perfect pitch. IU had to wear a heavy suit to play the role. IU’s performance on the show was critically praised.

The 2008 comedy film Crush and Blush stars Gong Hyo Jin as a Russian-language high school teacher who has a habit of turning red. Gong Hyo Jin gained weight for the role to appear more frumpy.

Love in the Moonlight actress Jung Hye Sung would spend up to five hours on the makeup chair to add in her chubby cheeks. For better visual effects, Jung Hye Sung would not eat before doing makeup. 

Perhaps the most famous of them all is Kim Sun Ah, who played the titular character in the 2005 drama series My Lovely Sam Soon. For the role, the model turned actress gained 17 pounds in two months.

Source: Beauty321

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Their idea of ugly women is overweight, bad perm, glasses and maybe braces. South Korea needs to slap themselves very hard on their definition of ugly women. Since they believe doing plastic defines their beauty, that is also a sick society. Im not against plastic surgery, do whatever to make yourself feel better about yourself. Their procedures are all well done, so no issues. But successfully played ugly women as a header is offensive and wrong. Were they that ugly? What is ugly?

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