Aaron Kwok Defends Moka Fang Against Damaging “Training Camp” Rumors

Chinese model Moka Fang (方媛) was embroiled in rumors that she had attended a “training camp to marry celebrities” before becoming Aaron Kwok‘s (郭富城) wife. While his gestures towards Moka have always been protective, Aaron addressed the rumors directly for the first time while attending an event to promote his new music video “Gray Stardust” <灰色星塵>.

The alleged training camp was led by a Mainland Chinese woman named Amy who teaches her students how to land celebrity husbands. The skills taught include where to get plastic surgery and how to take flattering social media pictures to create an ideal and and cultivated image. Through Amy’s exclusive connections, the women would be able to attend celebrity parties and increase their chances of attracting male celebrities. The camp also taught the women how to respond in early conversations with their targets to “hook their interest,” and ultimately convince the men to publicly announce their relationships.

Moka was linked to the alleged training camp after an older photo surfaced of her with Amy and Wilber Pan’s (潘玮柏) wife, Luna Xuan. Rumors swirled that both Moka and Luna were students of Amy, who taught them the skills needed to climb the social ladder and marry their celebrity husbands. As the gossip intensified, Moka had previously responded, “When encountering obstacles, remain calm and do not blindly follow. Rumors will naturally dissolve–there is no need to attack them.”

As Moka’s gestures were unable to resolve the situation, Aaron defended his wife at his press event yesterday and stated, “These reports are not true. There is too much freedom on the Internet. Those who spread rumors do not have to take any responsibility, but the parties involved will be hurt. My wife does not work in this industry, she can only be considered to be half a celebrity. These reports are hurting her, and as her husband I definitely will support her. I hope that these irresponsible people will stop!”

Source: Ettoday

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

Aaron Kwok and Moka Fang Signed a Prenup

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  1. For sure there is some truth that Moka had attended the training. Pix proved that Luna and her were in the same venue with identical postures.

    1. @pinkhelmet
      Really? I had a feeling and it is sad that there are actual courses like that to encourage women to literally “ gold dig”. I find that sad if they only marry for money and status as that can only satisfy your material needs. However, if you are not emotionally happy then I feel those materialistic means become excess.

    1. @jujuxoxo
      Yup but honestly, many aim to enter the circle so they can live a luxurious and high life. I guess many just do not want to make a living for themselves but just dream of marrying a rich guy so they can sit back and enjoy. Sad reality..

      1. @hetieshou Yeah. And for the rumours to come out now must be due to recruitment drive by the said training camp. They have success stories to encourage more women to go along the same path.

      2. @bizzybody
        Exactly and it is even sadder that some parents teach their daughter the same things. Luckily my late parents were not like that and taught me to make something of myself before I think of even getting into a relationship let alone get married. I wonder if that is why some look down on some women. It is sad that things like this are encouraging other women to go down the same path as you mentioned. It is not good to be dependent on anyone as what if they died all of sudden? How would you live? Sadly some women do not think it can happen to them until it does.

    1. @sev2
      That is so true sadly but they have hitched them and have kids now. Unless they want to divorce… but then they will lose some of their fortune even with the pre nup as the guy would still need to pay child support.

  2. What can Aaron say now? That he fell for the trap and he is duped? Of course he can’t admit it. No doubt in my mind that Moka was trained. Look at her face, it has plastic surgery written all over it, and she doesn’t look like her parents at all. How do you think Aaron came to meet her without someone’s help? She was just a minor online actress.

    1. @afan202
      Very true and they have 2 daughters now so it is too late to turn back. It is sad if she only married him for money and status though. Marriages like that often are not happy nor blissful even if they do last just for the sake of lasting. Maybe they will grow to love each other who knows?

  3. Both Kevin Cheng and Aaron Kwok and especially Louis Koo are botoxed to the hilt. Plus they have makeup on when they go out and their photos are photoshopped. That’s why they look younger.

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