Aaron Kwok Spoils Moka Fang with Branded Handbags

Rumored to be chasing a son, Aaron Kwok is pulling in all stops to indulge his wife.

After Aaron Kwok (郭富城) and Moka Fang (方媛) got married in 2017, they had their two daughters Chantelle and Charlotte. When his younger daughter was born in May this year, the 54-year-old superstar stated that he would put a hold on baby-making plans for the time being. However, Taiwanese media recently reported that Aaron has been thinking of having a son in order to please his aged mother, and has been pampering Moka with generous gifts as a reward for childbirth.

According to the reports, Moka has revealed to a close friend that Aaron has never gifted her any branded bag worth more than $100,000 HKD in the past. But he recently gave her a luxury-branded handbag worth $120,000 HKD, with the promise of another million dollars’ reward after the birth of the child.

Since Aaron is keen on a son and Moka is only just 32 years old – which means she is still far from the high-risk pregnancy age bracket – it should not be challenging for her to conceive another child. Moka also wants to have another child while she is still young, and the couple has especially gone for checkups. They have been consulting close friends for secrets to conceiving sons so they can fulfill their wish with one more try.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. A luxury handbag with that kind f price tag is not exactly a big reward for someone who buys multiple million dollar cars. Any European luxury handbag on the lower end is more than that price. The price of these brands r ridiculous but it doesn’t take a heavenly god level celebrity to be able to afford it. Many ordinary Chinese people buy them, not one but closets of them. By no means, these Chinese people r not family of curropted officials.

    1. @m0m0

      “Many ordinary Chinese people buy them, not one but closets of them.”

      Average Chinese people can afford 13K USD (100,000HKD) handbags and have a closet full of them? Nice to be around your circle of friends.

      1. @anon
        I do not mean Chinese in China but Chinese overseas. I am in an area where people around me r relatively well off but not the super riches. I consider them ordinary people because they r no where near the income level of the top 1 percent. Point is, u don’t need to be Aaron look to afford a bag that’s 2000 us dollars. It us no way a reward. There r bags few more times that price tag and jewel that r half a million dollar.

      2. @m0m0 just punched in conversion for 100,000 HKD to CAD and it’s about $16,900 so……so don’t think he’s buying her the lower end stuff

  2. No wonder this old geezer married her…..so she can keep popping out babies for him till he gets a son. Yeah them young chicks are more fertile

  3. Men also become less fertile over the age of 40. As much as the article attempts to fault Moka for unable to deliver a baby or a boy in the future. Aaron needs to carry just as much responsibility.

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