Moka Fang’s Childhood House Revealed

Aaron Kwok (郭富城), one of Hong Kong’s Four Heavenly Kings, finally tied the knot with his girlfriend of nearly two years, model Moka Fang (方媛), in a wedding ceremony on Tuesday, April 18. The couple are 22 years apart.

Moka made her debut in the Hong Kong in 2012, when she released her first photobook. Her relationship with Aaron was exposed in November 2015, when Moka was seen staying over at Aaron’s home for six days. Aaron finally confirmed the relationship in December 2015.

The couple stayed modest and low profile about their relationship after the announcement. Their wedding ceremony was just as inconspicuous—Aaron only invited close family and friends to witness their union, totaling 8 tables. According to her neighbors, only Moka’s parents and a few of her relatives attended the wedding.

On April 19, Moka’s high school classmate returned to their hometown to do a live stream on social media. Moka grew up in the Puxi Village, located in the Yijiangzhen (township) of Nanling County in Wuhu, Anhui Province. The streamer returned to their high school to look around and meet old classmates. Several of Moka’s old classmates participated in the stream.

In the stream, Moka’s childhood home—a simple cottage—was visited. Her neighbors shared that Moka went to Shanghai soon after her high school graduation. She studied accounting, but later decided to become a magazine model.

Moka’s humble beginnings and hard work ethic still impresses her peers. Her apartment in Shanghai was purchased before she met Aaron. Her hometown friends and neighbors had positive reactions toward her marriage to Aaron, and they wished her happiness and success in the future.

Source: QQ

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  1. She doesn’t look like her parents at all. Another victim of the “cartoonish face” plastic surgery.
    I wish them best of luck.

    1. @afan202 Lol, that’s the first thing I thought when I looked at the picture. Like, wow, is she even their daughter? No piece of her looks like them. On top of that, idk if it’s bad lighting or bad resolution, her head looks awfully pointy and disproportional to her body…

  2. the nose and the chin look very cartoonish. she doesnt look like her parents to me. anyway, how did this make news? so what she had humble beginnings. aaron did so too. didn’t bosco wong grow up in gov housing? i recall that there are the riches to join the entertainment industry is pretty rare. kelly chen, stephanie ho, cris wu. then there are a few who are middle class. how did this make news?!

  3. Me thinks the pic above has been doctored. Her other pics look fine. She doesn’t have a chin and forehead that’s long enough to have their own zip code.

    But I’m not going to pretend she’s all natural lol.

    1. @coralie ” She doesn’t have a chin and forehead that’s long enough to have their own zip code. ”

      she’s equally thin (supposedly) … and losing wt can make you face look long and thin naturally. so either way – doctored, or losing wt for her wedding dress … it can make her face look longer.

  4. Both her parents have prominent jawlines. I am sure Moka had “double jaw” surgery which is the top ranked procedure being done in E Asia besides eyelid surgery which she also had. Notice her lower lids have been pulled down to create the cartoonish “big eyes” look.
    It is sad that so many Asian girls resort to drastically change their faces as a way to be noticed by rich men.I also blame the men to be so superficial.

  5. Huh, talk about being judgmental. This article describes her background and all you guys care about are whether or not she got plastic surgery done. I know it is difficult, but try not being shallow. It does not look good.

    1. @emerald5forever LOL because she’s done a lot of things, on top of looking good, right? Even that is debatable. She doesn’t rank very high on the wannabe foreigner scale. If not for the fact that she’s become Mrs. Kwok, you think anyone would notice her? She should be happy we even care about her promotions and news at all.

  6. She is definitely natural. I have seen a picture of her without makeup on and she looks like her dad but with a slimmer face (her father probably gained weight). Normally daughters look good when they resemble their father, especially if the father is handsome as well.

    But I must admit this picture makes her look so fake. She looks so much better with minimal makeup.

    And I agree with the person above ^ . This article is about her childhood background, but we’re all talking about her looks lol.

  7. Lol. Why is it not okay to talk about her look when her whole career and life builds and emphasizes on her look? It is quite easy to come down from the high horse. It does not look gallant 😉

    As for her “humble” upbringing, it is of the pass. What matters now is she’s set for life as far as finance. Besides, how many rags-to-riches don’t have a humble pass?

  8. reporters have nothing better to do.

    1) Why dig up her house? Aaron wasn’t any privileged-educated background either. HKgers tend to worship status, clout, $$$$$$, titles … and once you’ve reached that status … humble beginnings are conveniently forgotten (Andy Lau, Jackie Chan etc)

    2) Her parents are not bad-looking. Subtracting age – they may have been a fine looking couple back then. So why diss how diff Moka looks from them?

    3) As for her pointy chin … if that pic was not tampered with, she also looks thin (waistline). Losing weight, will automatically make your face also look longer, along with the up-do.

    Whatever – his choice, his life.

      1. @coralie

        colored contact and colored hair can make many pple look kinda more ‘exotic’. es.p when very pale to begin with

        there’re many Koreans and PRCs in my city … and some look kinda Western. esp the Japanese.

        ok maybe for some folks it’s PS. I wldn’t know. but for many pple, eyes change thanks to circle lens, lash extensions and such, plus hair color … and that makes some significant difference.

        packaging and make up these days goes a looooong way to transform.

      2. @nomad822 nah she’s definitely not natural ESP when compared to her preplastic days. Back then she tried hard to look more exotic but she still looked Asian. Now she looks mixed

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