Aaron Kwok Takes Girlfriend to the Hospital

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Aaron Kwok Takes Girlfriend to the Hospital

The paparazzi hounded Aaron Kwok (郭富城) and his girlfriend, model Moka Fang (方媛), when they were spotted at the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital in downtown Happy Valley. The couple, dressed in matching blacks, stayed in the hospital for about three hours. Moka looked pale and appeared to be sick.

After a chat with their doctor, Aaron walked Moka outside, where they were greeted by the Hong Kong paparazzi. Surrounded by reporters, Aaron refused to answer questions about their marriage rumors, and only said “thank you” and “be careful” as they walked to their mini van.

Asking if Moka was okay, Aaron said, “Probably ate something bad.” (Is she pregnant?) “Of course not.”

When they boarded their mini van, Aaron bid the reporters farewell and waved.

Aaron and Moka, who is 23 years his junior, began their relationship sometime around late 2015. Aaron revealed his relationship status with a simple message he left on social media in December 2015. Moka is Aaron’s first openly-acknowledged relationship.

Source: Oriental Daily

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Aaron Kwok Takes Girlfriend to the Hospital

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  • 5 comments to Aaron Kwok Takes Girlfriend to the Hospital

    1. asian2015 says:

      She could be pregnant who knows.

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    2. dramadrama says:

      Finally he knows how a being a boyfriend should act. Good to see he is taking well care of his gf.

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      • lam86 replied:

        @dramadrama hahaha, he got best actor of course everything different and very proud adi..Pity lynn hung aaron dont appreaciate..hehehe…The moka girl sure feeling so sweet got sweetheart aaron so daring publicly accompany her to hospital.

        by the way confirm not pregnant la. So publicly accompany her, if really pregnant hospital will have record and you think the info wont be leaked?

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    3. funnlim says:

      Ohhhhhh someone is pregnant!!

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    4. roarrrrr says:

      Pregnancy will probably be the only way to get him to settle down. But by his answer “of course not” and her looking sickly, he probably took her in for an abortion. Unfortunate if true.

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