Aaron Kwok’s Sacrifices for “The Monkey King 2”


At a promotional event for the upcoming film, The Monkey King 2 <西遊記之孫悟空三打白骨精>, Aaron Kwok (郭富城) spoke about his difficult filming experience.

Aaron was required to put on prosthetics and heavy costume makeup, which took up at least five hours each day. Aaron who plays the Monkey King, particularly struggled with the scenes where he played a wild monkey. He recalled, “I had to spend two weeks wearing a costume that made me look like a wild monkey. It took hours to put the costume on, and I couldn’t go to the toilet because of how long it would take to put the costume back on!”

As there were many other blockbuster films released around the same time as The Monkey King 2, Aaron was asked if he had faith in the film’s ability to compete at the box office. He expressed, “I hope all the films will perform well. There are so many different film genres. I am a big fan of Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) and Stephen Chow (周星馳), and hope that their films would perform well at the box office too.”

Aaron discussed the difficulties he encountered during filming, “Filming for this movie has really given me the toughest time since I entered the entertainment industry. I’m thoroughly exhausted, both physically and emotionally.” On whether he would sign up for the next film installment, Aaron said, “I haven’t thought about it. The past four months have not been easy. I had to put on a muscle suit every day. This makes being in a non-fantasy film a piece of cake, by comparison!”

After wrapping up filming for The Monkey King 2, Aaron began filming The Eternal Wave <永不消逝的電波>. Due to his hectic schedule, Aaron has not had the chance to watch The Monkey King 2. He said, “The premiere will take place in Beijing and Hong Kong at the same time. I’m thinking of taking my mom to the Hong Kong premiere.”

Asked if Aaron would consider booking an entire cinema to watch the movie with girlfriend Moka Fang (方媛), he said, ‘My “friend” may have to book the cinema herself! I will be busy with promotional activities in Hong Kong on Chinese New Year, and will be spending the rest of my time filming in Shanghai.”

Aaron then added that as he will be working on Lunar New Year Eve, and will not have dinner with his family.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Jingles for JayneStars.com.


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