Actress-Turned-Office Lady Louisa Mak Spotted Out Buying Drinks for Co-Workers

Last year, 2015 Miss Hong Kong winner Louisa Mak (麥明詩), who at one point was considered to be TVB’s rising star, “downgraded” her contract to doing only one show per year. This new “green leaf” contract—as referred by the media—allows Louisa the time to pursue other interests besides making regular TV performances.

And the Cambridge law graduate has chosen to return to being a regular citizen, reportedly working full-time at an international consulting firm.

But the 28-year-old has not completely given up on celebrityhood. In a recent episode of the TVB talk show Young and Restless <#後生仔傾吓偈>, which Louisa is still a regular cast member, she expressed that she is still leaving room for a possible full-time return as an artiste. She lamented that she is currently not earning as much as she used to.

According to rumors, Louisa’s current salary at the consulting firm is around 40,000 Hong Kong dollars per month. It is by no means a low-paying job, but when she was still working as a full-time artiste—acting, attending public events, filming commercials, doing endorsements—Louisa was earning at least six figures a month. Rumors also said that Louisa found the office job to be extremely boring, unlike the unpredictable and thrilling job of being a public figure.

Allegedly, Louisa has been in discussions to make a full comeback for the past few months. In March, Louisa returned to Hong Kong from her work trip to Taiwan just to attend Patrick Kong’s (葉念琛) birthday party. Louisa’s attendance allegedly had another purpose—to meet up with TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲).

A few days ago, Louisa and two of her male co-workers were spotted running errands near their office. Dressed in “office lady” attire, Louisa was seen buying drinks at a nearby shopping mall. Reporters approached them and asked her if she was planning on returning to an on-screen career. One of her colleagues stood protectively in front of her and jokingly said, “Don’t ask her more! She’ll get fired!”

In a later phone interview, Louisa confirmed the speculation that she is working at a consulting firm, but declined to share its location and name to protect the privacy of her colleagues and clients. As for the rumors saying that she found her office job boring, she said she wants to focus on her current career. “I am doing and living very well. If I have friends from TV asking me to help out, I’ll go back.”


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  1. Hope Louisa comes back to film more shows (not series.) I love her refreshing practicality and intellectual streak.

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