Ada Choi Finds Harmony Between Career and Family

Now a mother to two daughters, Ada Choi’s (蔡少芬) current goal is to find a sense of balance in life between work and family time. She shared her experience as a mother, and spoke of future career opportunities. Despite being busy at home with two kids, her passion for acting has not died down one bit.

Happy to be back on the TVB screen this year in Beauty At War <金枝慾孽II>, Ada expressed she will definitely accept more dramas from the company as long as there are suitable costars and a good script. Although Beauty At War’s viewership rating dipped to an all-time low and was heavily criticized by the audience for its nonsensical plot, Ada loves the drama and believes it is of high quality.

Having to accompany her daughters to bed early each night, Ada has no time to catch up with TVB dramas. “I tell bedtime stories at 8:30 p.m. and sleep at 12 a.m. to watch movies and chat with my husband. Although I haven’t watched dramas in a while, I’ve heard about Brother’s Keeper <巨輪> and Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>.” With the annual awards ceremony approaching, Ada believes Moses Chan (陳豪) has a high chance of being titled TV King this year. She laughed and expressed, “TV Queen should be me, because I did a great job!”

No Plans for Another Child

After becoming a mom, Ada also became a spokesperson for milk formula brands. She now has plenty of knowledge on how to take care of children and shared her experience with breastfeeding. When her first daughter was born, Ada decided to breastfeed her for nine months to ensure good nutrition. Her filming schedule made this difficult, so she had to squeeze and prepare the milk beforehand, which was a tedious procedure. Ada laughed and expressed her bone structure has also enlarged a bit after giving birth, but she does not mind. “Only my husband looks at my body figure. It’s okay as long as he tells me I look perfect.”

Since Ada’s elder daughter has developed a nose allergy, she must inhale steam to clear the nasal pathway. Once, a bottle of boiled water was knocked over and Ada immediately asked if her daughter was okay before taking care of her own burnt skin. Before she knew it, there was already a large blister on her leg. Protecting her children is Ada’s number one priority, and she feels a great sense of happiness whenever her elder daughter showers her with kisses and hugs.

However, Ada feels the great responsibility involved in raising children and has no plans to have another baby. Much energy is already spent on caring for her two daughters. Luckily, neither her husband nor mother-in-law is pressuring her to give birth to a son. “I really can’t bear the burden of three kids,” Ada revealed.


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  1. Ada Choi seems to be a very good mother. She gives top priority to her two daughters.

      1. I think her face is too long in the above photo too. She has better looking photos than that one.

      2. lol, well whether the above pic is a better photo of her or not, we can just say she’s definitely still looks good for her age.

      3. @larry I wouldn’t call that a lot of makeup…eyeshadow and blush can’t even be seen if she did use them.

      4. Have you seen her without makeup? She is not pretty because of age and children, sad but true. Its makeup.

      5. Which actresses or even normal citizens who regularly use make up look good without it? I guess we have all seen actresses with and without make up photos. Some look ok while others look like a completely different person. I thought Ada was one of the ones that looked decent without make up.

        Who does not age? But the key is whether you age well or not. Believe it or not, some look better after giving birth.

      6. Hope the photo has been photoshopped & elongated to give her a longer face and not she had botox to make her face thinner & longer & a more prominent chin coz honestly I didn’t recognize her & did a double-take lol!!!

  2. It is good that she is financially stable enough to be able to take care if her 2 kids. I wish that she can have a son too. She may in the future dunce who knows what the future holds?

  3. Agree. Ada is great mom. She finds happiness with her family. It is her luck to have a young care and good husband better than nick wu

  4. I was one of the few that actually liked the series so I’m glad she liked her own series despite it getting terrible reception. I thought she did a great job in there as well and deserves at least a nomination. I’d be happy if she won it as well!

    She sounds like such a wonderful mother as well. Such a great person. 😀

  5. Ada is one of the best actress tvb ever produced hope to see her in another drama soon

  6. I always enjoyed watching ada choi in any dramas, since tvb, shd looks good in any drama still especially the new movie my lucky star 2013.

    I Like seeing her in more new series because she use to be in alot of great tvb dramas back then.

    She has a unique look.

    1. Totally agree, she’s fun to watch. I like when she’s acting with Bobby, it’s hilarious !!!

  7. Love Ada!!! Miss her in TVB dramas.. I really love her in comedy so hopefully, she’ll do another tvb comedy with Bobby or Dayo!

    She sound like a good mother and still look so gorgeous with 2 kids!

  8. TVB needs to make more dramas like the ones in the 90s and bring together some of its top stars. No more of these stupid sequels. They can do cheap drama with great acting and storyline. Sick of sequels and crappy storylines. Haven’t watched TVB for years.

  9. I hope that Ada has a secret cameo in Hippocratic Crush 2 as Yannis’ deceased mother.

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