Ada Choi Hid Pregnancy From Crew on Set of “Empresses in the Palace”

Becoming pregnant half a year after a miscarriage, Ada decided to keep quiet while filming “Empresses in the Palace”.

Going on variety program My Dearest Ladies <我最愛的女人們> recently, 45-year-old actress Ada Choi (蔡少芬) shared how she had kept her pregnancy with daughter Zoe hidden from everyone on set of Empresses in the Palace <甄嬛傳> at the time.

Found Out About Pregnancy Shortly After Filming Arrangement

Ada revealed that she had lost her first child to a miscarriage in her late 30s. When she realized that she was pregnant again after half a year, it was on the same day that she did the costume fitting for Empresses in the Palace. Her husband, actor Max Zhang (張晉) was so elated that he could not fall asleep the entire night. Rather than giving her cast and crew extra pressure by informing them about her pregnancy, she decided to just keep quiet about it, and to film the drama as planned.

Betty Sun Shocked to Find Out

In the acclaimed drama, Ada played empress Xiaojingxian , a vicious matriarch who had several scenes of pushing and shoving with other actresses and also many shouting and crying scenes. Thinking that she would be seated for most of the scenes, Ada reasoned that she did not have much cause for worry.

“As the empress I can deliver my lines while seated, and have many people supporting me when I stand up. The whole process was very safe, so even if I had a special excuse, I would do my best to finish my job.”

The cast, however, reacted with shock when they found out only later that Ada had been pregnant throughout the filming, especially her co-star, actress Betty Sun (孫儷), with whom she had many scenes involving kneeling and shoving.


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