Ada Choi is Enjoying Her Third Pregnancy

Ada Choi (蔡少芬) and her husband Max Zhang (張晉佗) announced they are expecting their third baby earlier. Despite it being a high-risk pregnancy due to her current age of 45 years old, Ada appears to be a relaxed mom and is enjoying pregnancy. The couple took their two daughters to spend summer break at Max’s old home in Chongqing.

The family first visited Chongqing to meet Max’s parents and stayed there for a while, before travelling to Yunnan and Dali. Ada was spotted wearing a long loose dress and actively moved around to play with her daughters. Taking them to the beach, Ada took hold of the camera to take photos. To accommodate her daughters’ height, she even crouched down to capture more beautiful memories of their vacation.

Without her bulging belly, one would likely have even forgotten that Ada is pregnant, especially since she is so carefree and light in her movements. Seeing the family enjoying their trip and Ada’s apparent happiness, many are eager to meet Ada’s third baby soon.


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