Ada Choi & Maggie Shiu Talk About Sex Habits

Ada Choi Siu Fun and Maggie Shiu Mei Kei became good friends after filming “Dance of Passion.” Earlier in the week, Ada and Maggie were in Taiwan promoting for the series. Both Ada and Maggie’s ex-boyfriends are actors in the entertainment industry. During the interview, the topic of sex came up and Ada and Maggie had vastly different approaches to the subject.

Ada had formerly dated Nicky Wu Kei Lung. As a Christian, Ada said that she will try to avoid having sex before marriage. Since becoming a Christian, Ada’s beliefs have changed dramatically and will often bring up her faith in discussions.

However on the day of the interview, Ada spoke in a universal manner. “I am afraid people may perceive me as a saint. I am imperfect in many ways, but I have not committed any heinous crimes.”

Ada did not avoid the discussion on the topic of sex and said she will try her best to abstain [before marriage]. “I can not say I will be able to do so 100%, but I will try my best.” This is Ada’s response due to the public pressure faced in past relationships.

Maggie had dated Ekin Cheng Yi Kin in the past and avoided discussing sex openly. Maggie only responded directly to questions regarding “Dance of Passion.” Reporters continued to question Maggie about Ekin’s love life and Maggie just answered fleetingly, “This should address your questions!” The interview with Maggie only lasted 3 minutes.

Source: Appledaily

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