Ada Choi Stops Work to Conceive Son

Thirty-seven-year-old Ada Choi (蔡少芬) gave birth to beloved daughter, Zoe Zhang (張楚兒) in May 2011. It was known that Ada was unafraid of pregnancy risks associated with advance age, as she planned to conceive a brother for Zoe so as to form the auspicious Chinese word of a having a girl and a boy (好). Ada hoped to have a boy within three years, thus she stopped work to concentrate on raising her daughter, Zoe, and to focus on conceiving a baby boy.

Yesterday, when Ada Choi and husband, Max Zhang (張晉) brought their 16-pound daughter along with them to church, Ada professed that she derived happiness from raising her daughter and won’t be resuming work this year. Ada and husband Max have always been a loving couple. For her husband, 37-year-old Ada even gave birth to 9.4 pound daughter, Zoe. To give her beloved daughter a stable and nice home, Ada dumped $7 million HKD without a thought on a Yuen Long 1,000 square feet terrace house. In recent days, the family of three has moved into their new estate.

In the past, Ada once said that she wanted to have four kids of her own. It was known that the more time Ada spent with her daughter, the happier she was. Ada who will turn 38 years old next month will be facing a high risk pregnancy if she became pregnant again. However, she was unafraid of the risks involved and in hopes of fulfilling her wish to get two kids within three years and form a Chinese character of a girl and a boy (好) for Max, Ada stopped work to concentrate on conception.

It was revealed that earlier on, Ada turned down several televison series and only attended events to earn “milk money” as a part time career. Besides wishing to spend time bonding with her daughter, Ada also hoped to spend time together with Max.

Shaves 16-Pound Daughter’s Head

Yesterday, Ada and Max brought Zoe along to the church to enjoy some family bonding time. On that fateful day at approximately 2:30PM, Ada who had just left church, wasn’t decked in any makeup and slowly made her way to the carpark with hubby Max trailing behind her. Their cute and chubby daughter, Zoe, was carried by Max’s aunt. Although Zoe was only 3-months-old, she possessed a pair of bright and intelligent eyes and chubby cheeks and hands thus looking very cute as a result. Whereas Ada had obviously slimmed down from her earlier pregnancy days, appearing with a sharp facial contour.

When the reporter approached them to snap some photos, Ada who was apparently in a good spirit said coquettishly, “I didn’t put on makeup lehs!” The reporter then asked Ada whether she had specially brought daughter Zoe out to enjoy some family bonding time. In reply to this, a motherly Ada said, “As per usual, since I haven’t started work yet,  I am seizing this period of spare time to enjoy some family bonding time of course! I have been spending time everyday with my daughter. Although raising a kid is tough, I feel very happy as Zoe is obedient and so lovable!”

After hearing what Ada has said, the entourage around Ada reminded her not to praise her daughter too highly (Chinese belief that praising too highly of a kid is a no-no as it will inflate their ego in the later parts of life) in case her daughter became “jealous.” However, Ada replied, “Of course I am not scared of this happening, I believe in God, in Christianity.”

Ada revealed that her child was 16 pounds heavy now and since the weather was too scorching hot, she wanted to let her beloved daughter grow lavishing and smoother hair through a new cycle of hair growth. Ada chose to  shave her daughter’s head bald.
Ada who is still breastfeeding daughter Zoe, was making extra effort to slim down, “Actually I have been keeping my figure okay, not much of a difference with my earlier figure when I wasn’t pregnant.”

Will Temporarily Take A Break From Filming For This Year

Asked whether she will film the War and Beauty <金枝慾孽> sequel, Ada replied, “I will temporarily be keeping myself updated on the situation because War and Beauty 2 is a big periodic drama. It would be great if it were to be filmed and if I can actually participate in it. However, the earliest War and Beauty 2 can be confirmed will be at the end of this year.”

Asked whether it was troublesome to flock in between filming to breastfeed her daughter Zoe especially since she hasn’t completely stopped drinking breast milk, Ada responded, “I will think about this at the end of the year. I will not be filming any dramas within this year anyway.” Afterwards, Max drove everyone to Tsim Sha Tsui to drop off his aunt before proceeding onto their own Yuen Long home. Ada stepped out of the car first hugging Zoe before Max later followed into the home with a bag of home necessities.

In other news, Ada uploaded a photo of her daughter’s bald head over Weibo and wrote, “Zoe is three months old today! She had just learned to sleep on her own today but still cannot adapt to it. Looking at her crying and screaming to find us, we constantly prayed in a room, feeling much heartache.”



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  1. Will Ada need to pay a huge sum for her second child? I heard that’s how China discourage couples from having more than one child now. The subsequent children after the first won’t have any benefits and the parents will be fined or something.

    1. I guess it is fine…. since Zoe was born in HK not China (hk had their own policies that different from China)

    2. I think Ada can afford it. Also she can always give birth in HK. If child is HK citizen, no trouble.

      1. Ada seemed to be making a lot of money so I don’t think she will have problems affording it. Even though Hk is back with China, they still have their own policies for now.

  2. Hi @Jayne,

    I think there is some mistake here, “Ada also hoped to engage spend time together with Max.” Hope you don’t mind overseeing and correcting it, thank you in advance! 😀

  3. nice to see her little happy family. Happy for her, they baby very cute. wa she gain her figure back, but don’t think she add that much during pregnancy anyway. How envy!.

  4. The PRC rule of 1 baby doesn’t apply to HK people at all. Ada, and any other woman who lives in HK, can have as many children as they want!

  5. Chinese word of a having a girl and a boy (好) ————— Haha!! So true. I have a young son, now I want a daughter too.

  6. I wish that Ada will come back to TVB soon as I really miss her dramas. Thinks she’s one of the best.

  7. There’s a vast difference when Ada has put on her make-up. Without any make-up she really looks like any ordinary women.

    1. Well it isn’t just celebs since a lot of normal citizens are like that as well…With celebs it is even more obvious… It isn’t just make up, but when they act and all, the lighting is really important as well which is why they may look great on screen but not as appealing in real life. Oh yea, and the retouched and airbrushed photos as well…

  8. I think a lot of celebrities are like that. They look great with all that make-up on but once they’re off, they would be just like any other person in the streets (apart from the very odd ones who may get away with looking pretty stunning even without make-up). I have seen Kathy Chow Hoi Mei without it and she didn’t look that bad.

    1. Kathy Chow Hoi Mei looks great for her age and with make up, but I wasn’t sure how she looks without it. Of course not as good as with make up, however, I am guessing it isn’t as bad as other actresses right??

    2. I don’t think it’s that she looks terrible with make-up off. I think she actually looks good for someone that is taking care of an infant.

      She just looks a little tired and her hair doesn’t seem to be groomed nicely.

      I have to admit she has a stunning figure for someone that only gave birth a few months ago.

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