Maggie Shiu and Vincent Sze Got Secretly Married!

Maggie Shiu (邵美琪) was accused of living together and getting secretly married with martial arts actor, Vincent Sze (施祖男) recently! Appearing at a promotional event yesterday, Maggie was smiling radiantly. She promised that she will explain the matter next time, silently admitting that she had gotten married!

Maggie Shiu and Crystal Kwok (郭錦恩) attended a charitable art fair yesterday. When reporters and fans congratulated Maggie, she appeared to be well prepared, “Let’s not talk about private matters and respect the occasion of the charity event! Let’s talk about it next time (the secret marriage rumors)! I wish to be featured more in the news! If there is a need to do so, I will explain the situation to everyone. I realize that everyone needs to report back to their bosses; I will make arrangements!”

Upon the reporter’s praise about Maggie’s radiance, she said happily, “You too! Well, Christmas is just around the corner and people who do charity work are more beautiful!” As for ex-flame, Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健) sending his blessings upon hearing about her secret marriage, Maggie smiled, “Let’s speak about it next time!” (Are you promising you will talk about it next time?) “Let me make arrangements to discuss it next time!”

Maggie indicated that she was currently shooting a Lunar New Year film and trying out the costume fitting for an ancient drama. Did Maggie not have time to spend with her love? Maggie smiled and promised that she will answer at the next press conference.

Excerpt from Oriental Daily

Jayne: So much for Maggie deflecting the press’s questions! I do believe that she got married, otherwise she could have simply said no, but she did not wish to lie. Congratulations to Maggie!

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  1. Wow, if maggie really got married, CONGRATULATIONS TO HER! <33333 I think after all these years, she is really someone who deserves her HAPPINESS.
    Next one I wish happiness for is Joyce Tang.

    1. congrats to maggie and yes, i hope joyce will find happiness next.

    2. Congrats to Maggie and I hope that Joyce will be next too. Joyce deserves to be happy after all that she has been through as well.

  2. Congrats to Maggie! Wish them a lifetime of love and happiness.

  3. I’m so glad she got married before that serial dater ekin. Maggie never talked bad about him even though he deserved it. Very admirable.

  4. ” accused of living together and getting secretly married ”

    Is there a crime in getting married?

    1. I agree with you too Funn. What is there to accuse her of? Wish her lots of happiness with new married life.

  5. Congrads to Maggie, so glad she has found happiness. My mother thought she was the most beautiful tv actress in her time and the way she got treated by Erin and Gigi was so damn mean. Good luck Maggie and hope you find happiness with this man.

    1. @ Sammie,

      Can I ask what happened? What do you mean she got badly treated by Ekin and Gigi? Now, I am curious. Didn’t Gigi get dumped too 😛

      1. I know it takes two to tango, but Gigi was just as guilty for going out with Erin when he was still in a relationship with Maggie. So glad both Erin and Gigi’s career suffer due to the fan’s backlash. Cannot stand Erin and Gigi (she resorts to marrying a foreigner now, what a joke).

      2. oops, obviously I don’t give a crap about him, cannot even type his name out correctly. 😛

      3. Sammie, I agree with everything you said in regards to Maggie/Ekin/Gigi triangle, just not what you said about Gigi ‘resorting to marrying a foreigner’.. like that is a bad thing to do? I for one prefer non asians..

  6. “accused” really? Wake up to the modern world, more couples live together than those getting married and if both are single there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s not like either of them are under age

  7. who is Vincent? He does seem like that person who always acts as a monk in period dramas..

  8. Jayne, the title of this article should end with a “?”. ha…ha… No, they are not married. this is only a rumor created by Sudden Weekly. Vincent Sze rejected this rumor in his weibo & facebook. Maggie’s response is her way of dealing w/ media on her private issues. 耍太極。帶記者們遊花園。

  9. Congratulations to Maggie Shiu!
    Didn’t even know she was dating!

    She was one of my favourite actress back in the “Blood of Good and Evil” days. Not liking her characters in the more recent dramas.

  10. If she did get married than congratulations to her, I’m really happy for her, especially after all the crap she’s been through. I think her elegance in handling all this since a long time ago is more than admirable and I wish her all the best in everything.
    If she didn’t then…I thank the tabloid for creating the rumour, and I hope that she finds her happiness soon enough! She’s a gorgeous and a great actress. ^^

  11. Vincent Sze has denied the marriage rumor in weibo. 真係搞笑,連我自己都唔知道我已經結咗婚,需要傳媒記者話我知~

    What a joke, even I myself didn’t know that I have married, and needed the reporter to inform me so.

  12. Maggie congrats and have a great life!

    That fickle minded, noodle dior roberto ekin doesnt deserves such a gorgeous and beautiful person like you; bless you always.

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