“War of the Heart” Costume Fitting

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Moses Chan Ho, Adam Cheng Siu Chau, Maggie Shiu Mei Kei, and Aimee Chan Yan Mei appeared at the costume fitting for TVB series, War of the Heart <心戰>.

Praising Adam for his popularity among women, Moses said, “Adam is very attentive towards women and knows how to talk to them comfortingly. Every woman will melt while talking to him!” (Will Moses steal any tips from Adam?) “No, Adam is ‘Chor Lau Heung’ and I’m a ‘Gag King!'”

Adam’s character stylization resembled a silver-haired Takuya Kimura. Jealous that Moses’ character attracted all the women in the series, Adam said, “It’s a little unfair that Moses gets all the women in the series!” (Is War of the Heart an original production?) “Yes, it should be. However, works are copied worldwide. Even the three hundred poems from the Tang Dynasty are copied! The most important thing is how you execute the final product.”

In War of the Heart, Moses will portray a magician and will perform difficult stunts underwater. Maggie will act as Moses’ lover and cohabitant. Maggie said, “Moses and I will have a lot of passionate bed scenes!”

Compiled from the Sun

Jayne: It’s good to see Adam Cheng onscreen again. After watching him in “Greed of Man” last year, I learned to appreciate Adam’s acting style more. Great to see Maggie Shaw as the leading lady again. She looks very stylish from the photos, dislike the bob haircut though!

“War of the Heart” is produced by Jonathan Chik Kei Yi, who seems to be straying from melodramatic sagas about warring families and the filthy rich, his trademark style for the last ten years.

11 comments to “War of the Heart” Costume Fitting

  1. Kidd says:


    Who did you spell Maggie Siu’s surname in such a strange way? Is that the official spelling of her name?

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  2. Jayne says:

    Kidd, I was told by Maggie’s fan once this was the legal spelling of her name, the same as Sir Run Run Shaw. I guess Siu is the popularized spelling of her last name.

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  3. Jayne says:

    My mistake, according to wikipedia, the official spelling of her last name should be Shiu.

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  4. Funn Lim says:

    But the pronounciation is akin to SIU

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  5. Allen says:

    Again, TVB is bringing back veterans to film a series. I know they have great acting skills but TVB needs to start giving new blood a chance. TVB is shadowing the young guns by bringing in veterans; I know they have market and are a safe bet in terms of ratings but in order to attract a younger market (Product Life Cycle) you need to start building it.

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  6. advo says:

    @ Allen, you’re kidding right? Isn’t the biggest problem with TVB nowadays, their ridiculous over-promotion of talentless “actors/singers”?

    The so-called “young guns” can be given chances once they have sharpened their skills in supporting characters. In the mean time, I’ll take an “old” veteran in the leading roles please, instead of a talentless youth.

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  7. Fox says:

    In one way to say, TVB is lacking of young talents. They don’t have enough green seed.

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  8. Masaharu says:

    In one way to say, TVB is lacking of young talents. They don’t have enough green seed

    It’s not just TVB. It’s Hong Kong in general compared to their other counterparts. Taiwan and Korea for instance are doing a good job in marketing and nurturing the youngsters. Although I may question some youngsters in this country “winning” some prestigious awards but it shows that these countries are taking good steps in nurturing their next generation, even if *some* of the stars are still faltering in their talents.

    In Hong Kong, currently the only one that may have some light and the right nurturing might be the Bruce Lee kiddo. Nicholas Tse and Shawn Yue are also finally showing progress after years of faltering and nurturing. Forget about the females, no one is up to the heroine status of Barbie Hsu, Krystal Liu, Rainie Yang or Fan Bing Bing yet.

    I’m sorry that I have crossed over the matter from TVB to the silver screen industry. Oops.

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  9. Funn Lim says:

    I would love to watch new faces, only when they’re good enough to be leads. If they’re very green, please let them be wallpapers first. I have had enough of overpromoted talentless stars. Some even after a decade of acting is still awful. I’d rather they do it the good old way like Wayne Lai or Gallen or Bowie had to do, work their way up. I like seeing veterans but please not the same veterans for several episodes in a role. But most of all, no amount of veterans and talented young things could make a dull boring ciplak script into a fresh good one. So please, find good scriptwriters.

    Like I always said, I feel there are talented writers in TVB but I have a feeling they too are pulled into internal politics. Give them free reign; creativity can’t be controlled if you want quality stuff.

    As for Barbie Hsu, ermmm no. Rainie Yang, ermmm no. Fan Bing Bing, ermmm double no.

    All these are idols, which is what Taiwan is good at making because Taiwanese series these days are either hokkien OTT drama, mandarin OTT idol drama or proper mandarin OTT costume drama thanks to Qiong Yao. The actresses are better actors than the male idol dominated actors, that I admit but the actresses themselves, some of them are just terrible to begin with. Frankly they’re not tested on the small screen with the frequent “He is such a cold guy but I must melt his heart” sort of script or the guy’s “Why do I feel happy when I am with her” sort of overdone nonsense. Big screen, well, they’re still terrible.

    Crystal Liu is from China, so if Fan Bing Bing right? Anyway Crystal is gorgeous, you wanna look at her but acting wise, still not that fantastic. She’s young so plenty of time on her side. What she has is charisma as a leading lady, and I feel she can carry a movie or series unlike many young TVB stars these days.

    What TVB should look for is not just another pretty face or another good looking guy but idol worthy stars.

    The best test for me and I shall restrict to TVB alone, a question I have been asking since Meteor Garden was released way way wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy back then is…


    And I don’t mean China F4 sort of quality, oh dear that was terrible but 4 dudes of idol level. Of course the original F4 could hardly act, not sure about the China, Japan or Korean counterparts but start with seriously… name 4. I can’t even name 1. Maybe Raymond Lam but he is already everywhere. I am feeling a bit bored. Moreover he is too old now.

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  10. Funn Lim says:

    I meant veterans in several series in a row.

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  11. Masaharu says:

    Funn, the ones I name are those who are more of an “idol” but still make it big. I’m dissatisfied about Rainie Yang winning the Best Actress award. She was cute, she got an interesting role, but I feel someone of Ady An calibre deserves it more. I’d name Taiwanese Ethan Ruan and Ady An as the good ones. I enjoyed Autumn Concerto’s cliched storyline and Vanness Wu’s sub-par acting mostly because of Ady An’s poignant acting.

    Crystal Liu and Fan Bing Bing are both from China, yes. Pretty girls, but I prefer the charisma and acting of Kitty Zhang.

    TVB has successfully turned Raymond Lam into a very popular idol in HK now. In a way it’s good because that means he will get approached by golden opportunities in movies – such as the Jet Li snake movie, but at the same time it will take time and a real breakthrough role to shed off the “idol” image. Ethan Ruan is an “idol” before he was offered the complex role in Monga and become the first Taiwan actor in 11 years to win a GH actor award; at only 28.

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