Moses Chan, Adam Cheng, and Maggie Shiu in “War of the Heart”

Moses Chan Ho, Adam Cheng Siu Chau, Maggie Shiu Mei Kei, and Aimee Chan Yan Mei appeared at the costume fitting for new TVB series, War of the Heart <心戰>. Moses admitted that he felt anxious in co-starring with Adam Cheng for the first time.

Was Moses concerned that the Hong Kong stock market will decline due to Adam’s “Ding Hai Effect?” Moses said, “No, it’s because Adam is a master both in his acting and beyond.” (But you won TVB’s Best Actor Award in the past?) “Adam is the true Best Actor. When he steps forward, he already possesses that aura!”

Adam praised Moses’ versatility in his acting. Adam exclaimed, “Moses took all the awards!” Did Adam want to win the TVB Best Actor Award? “Not really, as I don’t want to fight with others for the award.” Reporters complimented Adam on his handsome image in the series. “It’s okay, but this is a fresh image for me.” Aimee Chan will portray Adam’s daughter in War of the Heart.

Jayne: Moses Chan is still TVB’s favorite #1 Brother. Really curious as to how this year’s TVB Anniversary will play out and whether Moses will win another Best Actor Award?

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  1. Wow! I feel like I haven’t seen Adam in quite awhile. He looks so much older than I remember.

  2. Since Ray’s GTL has very low ratings and CBML is widely accepted the awards will favour Moses

  3. I don’t think Moses will get the award. CBML might be well received, but, Moses’s performance was not praised.

    Anyway, it’s still early. We still have Rosy Business 2 and Gun Metal Grey.

  4. ^ Kidd, Chow Yun Fat praised Moses and Charmaine publicly to the media

  5. CBML may be well received but it is still crap. I will not comment on the other 2 until I see something. Gun Metal Grey? Cool name. Felix series right? Who knows TVB might give it to Felix.

  6. ^ Why must TVB give to someone not under TVB management? Michael Miu and Bowie Lam have better chance than Felix since they’re signed with TVB

  7. Vivien, Felix is a versatile actor and I’ve been a fan of his since the 5 Tigers era. I don’t see the FUSS of giving awards to artiste signed on per series contract. That shows the audience love their acting.

    Funn, fingers crossed too for Felix.

    1. Felix all the way. He is one of TVB’s greatest actors ever!

  8. CBML may be well received but it is still crap.


    I agree.. CMBL in the beginning was still worth a few cheap chuckles but now it’s gotten painful to watch.. The actors comedy reactions are becoming unbearably silly as the series progresses.. Moses is a pretty good actor and I like him but I don’t think he should get the award for this series. It would be more of an insult than a compliment in my opinion… Same goes for Charmaine.. this series just didn’t allow the actors to showcase their true potential.. I’d rather see Wayne and Sheren get the awards again.. but that’s just me..

  9. Agree that Moses shouldn’t win with CBML. That series is horrible from an acting standpoint-too exagerrated. Too bad GTL did not get good ratings because Ray did an excellent job there. It would have been a good series for him to get the award. So I hope it’s either Bowie or some of the other veteran actors. But I haven’t seen all of their performances yet. Looking forward to Wayne, Felix and Michael in their upcoming series.

  10. GLEE is an exaggerated depiction and that’s very well received. There are different ways to interpretation and the exaggeration does not annoy me.

    CBML’s cheezy script is what annoys me. they throw in random poems everywhere. when charmaine purposely pronounces “zi ji ren” (own people), i quickly locate the sharpest object and start to repeatedly poke my ear drums out! UGHH – unbearable.

  11. Yes GLEE is an exaggerated depiction but it has a good storyline and the actors are natural in their character portrayals, they make their characters believable and real.. it’s possible to believe that people like this actually exist in the real world

    but for CBML, the script is crap and the actors portrayals are crap.. it feels, to me, that the actors are playing exaggerated and OTT characters who are in turn trying to act funny… it just feels very fake and unnatural.. and yes, i agree, the poems and rhyming of every other sentence makes me wanna poke my ears out and yell at the screen..
    I really miss the TVB comedy series of old.. at least those had better story lines and less OTT exaggeration..

  12. Thank goodness that I’m not the only one who sees CBML as crap. God, the show ISN’T FUNNY. It’s stupid, ridiculous, and cheesy. I don’t understand why this drama is still getting such high ratings. I literally stopped watching after episode 5. TVB’s last hilarious sitcom was probably the original VOH.

  13. I think the comments here is totally out. I thought this comment column is for War of the heart.

  14. @Scarlett

    Excuse my ignorance but what’s VOH? I also dun get why CBML is getting such high ratings.. I guess HK people just have a different opinion on what constitutes as humour..

  15. I was likke yeahhhhh Adam Cheng is back then i saw the casting list “Aimee Chan”… -__- ROFL i hope her acting improves =)
    i also hope she will grow out her hair instead of cutting it short =/

    1. love Adam Cheng, what a great veteran actor. As for Aimee Chan… comment 🙂

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