Andy Lau Trapped in Car in “The Storm”

All it takes for a veteran actor like Andy Lau (劉德華) was just one take to do a violent scene where he was trapped in a car, blood all over his face and shirt.

Filming has secretly begun for The Storm <風暴> in Hong Kong for nearly a month. Produced by Andy, the film also stars popular mainland Chinese actors, Hu Jun (胡軍) and Chen Yao (姚晨).

Action-Packed Show

In an elaborate scene 3 days ago that took place near the police station in North Point in Hong Kong, cars were smashed, fragments of glass were scattered everywhere and smoke was used to create special effects. The Storm looks to be action-packed, judging by what is filmed so far.

At the location, the first scene involved Hiro Hayama (葉山豪) holding a gun to  a hostage, portrayed by Bonnie Sin (冼色麗). Next up was Andy. With his face and shirt marked with blood, he climbed into the smashed vehicle. He looked to be in great pain and was calling out for help. Policemen, played by Vincent Sze (施祖男) and Kenny Wong (黃德斌) pried the door of the car open and rescued the injured Andy.

Andy took a look at the playback and was so satisfied with himself that he did not request for a second take.

Great Professionalism

Andy displayed a great amount of professionalism in front of a huge crowd which not only was made up of the large number of crew members, but also onlookers who were attracted to the great wreckage.

Andy was so immersed in his role that he seemed not to notice the crowd around him. Even when he was watching the playback of the scene, he was not at all distracted by the onlookers.

After making sure that his scene was well completed, Andy walked calmly and quickly into a nearby shopping mall, surrounded and protected by his fans, and removed all his gory makeup. Not only is Andy a conscientious actor, he is also a conscientious father.  Andy was fast to remove the blood on his face to rush home to spend time with his wife and 6-month-old daughter.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. I’m glad andy is getting work, but dude needs to work on that skinny ass face of his

    1. Oh exactly……..his face is starting to look like his ass…….

      1. EVERYONE ages so I don’t see what the big deal is. Also, who in the circle does not try to be and look as young as they can? But sadly, you cannot fight time or nature…

    2. being kind to type ‘uncle’, i would go for ‘gran’ or a ‘drug user’, sorry, but that’s what he looks like nowadays, he trying to be forever young kinda backfired, notice chow yuen fatt never do that

  2. Everytime i read news about Andy, i kinda felt bad for his wife. He’s always away frm her and their kid, and he only acknowlegded her after so many years. He should take some time off frm the entertainment industry and finally settle down as a stay at home dad. It’s not like he needs anymore money, if he cares about them, then he should better off be retired.

    1. True, but one good thing is that Andy truly has the passion for his job/career and is not only going for the money which is what many of the younger artists of today lack. I don’t find Andy working being the biggest deal since it is sort of like a father with a family working.But of course his job is not the typical 8-5pm workday. He may have a bit of money but he spends a lot and his wife does not work at all. Money can come but it goes VERY fast since artists don’t spend the way that we do. I have seen many artists that are way richer than Andy, however, they are now dead broke so you really don’t know what can happen tommorrow or in the future…

      1. I do agree that Andy should bring his wife and daughter out since everyone knows he is married with a child. Therefore, what more is there to hide?? But then again, maybe he just wants to protect them especially his daughter because she is still way too young.

  3. Andy you need to grow a mustache for me. Hahaha

    Bring your wife and daughter out. I’m sure they want to be out instead of hiding inside. I wanna see what his daughter looks like.

    1. he’s a snob, maybe you wouldn’t want to him or his family

    2. he’s a snob, maybe you wouldn’t want to see him or his family

  4. there is no such thing as having enough money but he should spend more time with his family and just work less

    1. I agree and I think he has cut back his workload because he used to work even more…

    2. No one knows how much time he alocate for his family maybe he knows how to balance his time well; pity this uncle also he is the only working ; the whole family depend on him ; if anything happens to him then his wife & daughter will have big problem.

      1. but gave her a lot of money already, properties, don’t think she has to work for the rest of her life

      2. Don’t be too sure about that since money goes fast if all you do is spend it and don’t work at all..

  5. “Policemen, played by Vincent Sze (施祖男) and Kenny Wong (黃德斌) pried the door of the car open …”

    Hmm … one is Maggie Shiu’s current boyfriend, the other her rumored ex-boyfriend. 🙂 And I just got to know that Maggie’s ex-boyfriend Jonathan Chik’s girlfriend is Rachel Kan. Wonder if TVB nominated her for Best Supporting in a bid to retain Chik. Haha. Don’t get me wrong though. I think Rachel is a great actress.

  6. don’t think he’s acting that good, he only has a boyish look (in the past), felt that he copied other actor’s acting moves in some of his movies, nothing original like wayne

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