Aimee Chan Cast in Anthony Wong’s TVB Drama

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New mother Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) debuted her first public appearance since giving birth to son Aiden in early December. As a celebrity guest for the grand opening of the luxury watch brand Longines in Tsim Sha Tsui, it was reported that Aimee was offered half a million HKD for her appearance. Wearing a loose white top and a black skirt, Aimee looked noticeably fuller and seemed to have lost most of her pregnancy weight. Aimee did not drink during the toasting ceremony.

Aimee revealed that she did not purposely try to lose weight and has been consistently breastfeeding Aiden. “It is very important to be healthy. I need to give my best nutrients to the baby.” Asked if she had been drinking fish soup to increase breast milk, Aimee nodded, “Yes, and I’ve been eating lot of red dates, dung chung cho and fish maw soup.”

Aimee is thankful for her husband, Moses Chan (陳豪), for cooking the soup for her every day. “When I wake up in the middle of the night to feed [Aiden], he will also be up with him. I really cherish the times we experience together.” She then added, “[Aiden] is like a musical singer. He always hit the highest note when he cries.”

Though a Chinese name has not been determined for Aiden, Aimee shared that Aiden’s full English name is “Aiden Joshua”, based on the biblical figure Joshua, Moses’ apprentice. “It is Christian, and the name means ‘to achieve the mission of Moses’,” said Aimee.

She also revealed her plans on holding a hundred-day banquet for Aiden, and will be actively promoting TVB drama Outbound Love <單戀雙城> when it airs in Hong Kong on Monday, January 20. She also confirmed that she will appear in an upcoming TVB drama starring Anthony Wong (黃秋生) in May 2014.

In related news, Moses Chan confirmed in a recent interview that he has renewed his TVB management contract.

Source: Oriental Sunday 

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  1. Kathy says:

    Moses sound sweet..

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  2. sandcherry says:

    Aimee Chan is so lucky that she will have a chance to work with Anthony Wong in TVB drama series in May. She can surely learn some good acting skills from this veteran.

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  3. Minmin00 says:

    Yay! Another drama to not look forward to

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    • elisabella replied:

      At least she is better than Priscilla Wong because she is beautiful. You can watch her good looking appearance instead her acting.

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  4. Cm says:

    And I was hoping that motherhood would keep her off our tv screens. No such luck!

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  5. Wow… the only HK movie star who doesn’t “EVER” have to change her hairstyle… She will be so predictable like every other performance.

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